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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Who Am I To You?

Who Am I To You?

Am I tired of praying and hoping that sometime today you'd tell me 
that you want me.

Or am I just being too demanding and insecure for I don't want 
to be a "spare tire" again?

Perhaps what I'm thinking now is right...that I'm not the only one, 
that you don't see me in your future. 

Or I might be wrong and just feeding my paranoia with the thoughts
that I'm too scared of a dreadful fall, once again.

I pray that one day, you'd realise my worth, and value our
relationship because I do.

No matter how busy you've been, if you're willing to spend a few
minutes with me for a serious talk, then I'd believe that you're the one.

I asked you whether you like someone else now apart from me... but you
totally ignored me when you could simply say, "Yes" or "No".

Why? Is it because it's true that instead of working on our relationship,
you're working on how to get rid of me?

Or you're working on how to get that "other" woman you fantasize and dump
me after the long wait.

Why do you have to prolong my agony, when you can just tell me now?

You read all my messages but you didn't even bother. I hope you won't
leave me this way, because that's too harsh for me.

I hope you'd say something "real" and "honest" so I won't wonder every second
of the day who am I really in your life.