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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

“The Preacher Who Lives in Flesh and Lies.”

“The Preacher Who Lives in Flesh and Lies.”

Our story started from a “bet”.
You were plainly fooling around,
Tried your best to compete,
With them, in which flesh they’ll wanted.

I was your queen, on our first date.
But treated me like a rubbish,
As soon as you got me with your bait.
I admit I was THE most foolish.

You denied your other women,
The same as how you made me hidden,
From the eyes of your female victims.
A womanizer, incomparable to pimps.

You preach in the church every Sunday.
Once you’re out of the church’s door,
Your flesh starts to look for a woman to lay,
How dare you aspire to be a pastor!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Myanmar (Burma) 2016

Yangon-Bagan Escape

 (Saturday night) June 18, 2016 

Checked in Esperado hotel and it cost me 79$ with oh well nice room, reasonable breakfast with Shwedagon Pagoda view. Min and Wai picked me up the next day (Sunday) and they helped me booked bus tickets to Bagan. They also took me to Shwedagon pagoda but first we had lunch and the boys bought me a traditional skirt. It was a lot of fun because I never thought I would meet CJ (my former Vietnamese student in Da Nang) in Myanmar after two years. I still remember the last time we saw each other two years ago; we were in the cafe in Dong Hoi and we promised to see each other someday somewhere perhaps Tokyo.  So, yesterday was amazing because both of us were surprised when we found ourselves in Yangon. 
In the evening I took the bus to Bagan from Yangon. We arrived in Bagan at 430am (Monday) and I just took a cab to Popa Mountain resort for 40,000ks. It was a 90-minute-drive. It was quite scary on the way because the road was pitch dark, the driver drove really fast, and looked like he was going to dump me anytime along the way while he made a few stops trying to convince me to take his sightseeing tour. Seriously, I had never been this brave. I know right? I usually travel alone... and I find it exciting but not that morning. 

Monday: (June 20, 2016) 
Yes, the driver safely took me to the resort and I checked-in. It costs me 75$ a night, and since I checked-in early morning there wasn't any breakfast included, so I had to pay $10 extra for a small Ala Carte. Anyway, staffs here are nice and somehow helpful. I took the sightseeing-taxi tour for 80,000ks. This is quite expensive but I understand because Mt. Popa is far from old Bagan. By the way, I booked tickets back to Yangon at 830am Tuesday. The sightseeing tour was fine except that I thought I've had enough of pagodas and temples from Vietnam to Siem Reap, anyway.

Tuesday: (June 21, 2016)
The mountain resort was kind of “nostalgic”, that on my last day, I just wanted to go back home. I had an early breakfast, made sure to take more photos of the view, the staff, and took the last sip of my coffee passionately. Honestly, I don’t like the resort’s breakfast because it’s way too expensive and too small for a huge tummy like mine, but it’s a perfect place to relax as there isn’t any wifi. Anyhow, the resort’s driver took me to the bus station and we left Bagan at 830am. I was sitting with a Burmese woman, and she didn’t fail to smile at me each time I tried to ask her if she wanted to turn on the A/C. On our first stop for lunch, I had time to check with Min and told him I was on my way back to Yangon. 
To make the story short, I arrived in Aung Mingalar Bus Station (Yangon) at 5PM. Since, I almost ran out of cash and didn’t have any idea which hotel to stay for a night; I went to the airport and got a room at Seasons International Airport Hotel for $60. Hmnn.. to me it was quite too much for the fair service and the breakfast. Then I met Wai, Min and CJ in Hledan centre for a short chitchat and to pick up some gifts. That was really nice of them, so thoughtful. Since they had to go back to work, I went to Myanmar plaza to kill the time and headed to the airport at 4PM.

Popa local market


Guess what, 500 dollars won’t be enough for three days if you’re not wise enough to bargain with the cabs, and if you go there for the purpose of “treating” yourself for a holiday. I would be back, but to Inle and Mandalay for more travel photos and cultural immersion.
taken at one of the pagodas in Bagan
Shwedagon pagoda

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Who Am I To You?

Who Am I To You?

Am I tired of praying and hoping that sometime today you'd tell me 
that you want me.

Or am I just being too demanding and insecure for I don't want 
to be a "spare tire" again?

Perhaps what I'm thinking now is right...that I'm not the only one, 
that you don't see me in your future. 

Or I might be wrong and just feeding my paranoia with the thoughts
that I'm too scared of a dreadful fall, once again.

I pray that one day, you'd realise my worth, and value our
relationship because I do.

No matter how busy you've been, if you're willing to spend a few
minutes with me for a serious talk, then I'd believe that you're the one.

I asked you whether you like someone else now apart from me... but you
totally ignored me when you could simply say, "Yes" or "No".

Why? Is it because it's true that instead of working on our relationship,
you're working on how to get rid of me?

Or you're working on how to get that "other" woman you fantasize and dump
me after the long wait.

Why do you have to prolong my agony, when you can just tell me now?

You read all my messages but you didn't even bother. I hope you won't
leave me this way, because that's too harsh for me.

I hope you'd say something "real" and "honest" so I won't wonder every second
of the day who am I really in your life.

Friday, 8 April 2016

My Mood Swings

My Mood Swings

I want to write, but no words come out of my mind.

I want to sing, but the lyrics seem to be blurry.

I want to teach, but students aren’t in the mood.

I want to travel, but I’m stuck in the classroom weary. 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Randomly Yes or No.

Randomly Yes or No.

"I said I wanted coffee, you said no because it was too late."
"I promised not to drink coffee anymore."
"I said I wanted cup cakes, you said no...then I gave you
a not so grumpy look."
And... you said: OK get one if you want."

-Sue and Elder M.

Elderly Parents

Elderly Parents

"The most painful reality is to live miles away from your elderly parents."
"If only you had a choice...where would you be?
 Away from from  them or the career opportunities or making lots of money?"
"Oh maybe it'd better to spend the last few years of their lives
laughing, arguing and loving each other."


The Drums Teacher

The Drums Teacher

"Believe me, someone special out there has been thinking about you,
 but he cant focus on you as he's busy teaching a kid the drums."


Cherish Him

Cherish Him

If your being stubborn challenges him more, then
you'd definitely found your muse.
If he likes your being straightforward, then
you're with the real man.
If your extra fats, make him cook for you more then
you've got the one.
If he prays for you every night, then he's
God's choice.


Five Years Ago

Five Years Ago

You were there five years ago with your drums and your guitar
and sometimes your piano.
I saw you as you walked down the stage with your eyes
wandering around somewhere.
I gazed at you leading the opening prayer looking innocent
with striped shirt red and blue.
You never noticed me perhaps because you were
in love with someone else.


Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Blue Antler

The Blue Antler

We held hands at 10pm last night.
You were too fragile and I was harsh.
We crossed the crowded street with might.
There were strange cabs, but we didn't rush.

You carried her with extra care.
She pretended not to notice.
She told her heart not to fear.
As you continuously walked with grace.

"Soon you'd leave this place", she said.
But you'd be back as you promised.
Now,more poems she will write for you.
Would you love them? Yes or no?

Days will come and we'd be miles apart.
You'd be surely busy, I'm sure about that.
Please spend  quality time with your mum.
Later, tell me how you've been with a wham!

Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Flight Back

The Flight Back

You thought you weren't sweet enough and you never cared.
You took the flight back with the ego I once dared.
Dared if you'd call me babe in Viber while picking up my meds.
At the airport, you took a snap of what I asked you to purchase.

At Holiday Gold, I couldn't keep myself from giggling.
Jen asked, "Are you talking to your beloved man?"
I smiled, and gently nodded with the sweetest way if grinning.
Wait, I gotta go to the lake to read a good one.

Have you seen the photos I took to remember how great this day is?
Oh, I have almost forgotten you're still on your way back home.
If I had a chance to hug you tight and blow you a kiss;
I'd definitely own you-you're mine and only mine in that dim room.

You said you're heading to the Old Quarter.
I know you've been  tired from the long haul.
Thank you because tonight's escape would definitely matter.
So here I am, in front of the temple waiting for your next call.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

How it Started

How it Started

It started as soon as I… extended my hand to his fond, soft palm, one lazy Thursday morning.
I couldn’t remember his name but he looked familiar…”Have I seen him before?”
Sometimes, I hate thinking about the fact that he showed up without a warning.
I wasn’t prepared, and the only thing that I recalled was the white cotton shirt he wore.

He left taking my contact number with him, whilst me asking, “Would he even bother?”
In a few days, he gave me a ring, asking my day…then it quickly became his habit.
Deep inside me, I was hesitant, scared that he’d add up to the scars in the past.
It wasn’t long ago that my heart was broken; I thought that French man was no other.

Thick, copper walls were built as stronger as the warm hazy days passed by.
I made sure my soul was sealed, and made it difficult for him to make a move.
There were days when I had to stand him up, as my mind refused to comply.
Now that I’m his, the only thing I can do to keep him is to pray for his unfailing love.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Where Art Thou?

My 7th poem for him....

Where Art Thou?

Who would call me tonight?
Who would ring me for three nights?
It sounds so clingy though.
But what can I do-I miss you.

So bad, but be glad you got my heart.
I'd wait so patiently til the weekend comes.
No worries, none can tear us apart.
Even an herd of  gossip lambs!

Dream about me at dawn will you?
Under the  dim streetlights of Bangkok.
Read my last message, will you?
As I keep the spices from yesterday's cook.

Your hoarse whispers I'm about to listen.
I heard you said, "How are you my dear?"
Oh, I'm by the window peepin'
Til I hear your sweet voice clearer.

Goodnight Babe!
God bless you always.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Late Night Dinner

My 6th poem for him:

Late Dinner Date

Last night was the sweetest date,
I've ever had with you.
Random stories, giggles and chitchats,
only us both know.
It seemed like seconds passed by,
so fast like a whirlwind.
Your hugs and cuddles for minutes are
so precious I didn'want to amend.

I'm blessed to be home where,
your heart longs for me.
The place where the scent of the
sweetest perfumes are found.
No, we're not in Paris nor Milan,
but our romance never goes ugly.
This is where our contented souls
are meant to bound.

You're not a man too sweet in words,
yet you've mended my broken soul.
And helped me bury my darkest past into,
the desert invisible even to a curious owl.

Friday, 19 February 2016

A Morning Call

My 5th poem for him... soon will be on the hard copy.

A Morning Call

You turned my literally gloomy morning,
Into the best "idiom" of the day.
Pretty eyes on my screen whilst ringing,
Gave me love as soon as you started talking.

I laughed when you said, "Oh, my gosh!"
"Couldn't see your name on my call list last night."
I knew you were tied up, so don't rush.
Baby, you've done enough more than a knight.

You've taught me patience, trust and faith.
Each day, I learn how to truly appreciate,
The simple, yet sincere things you do for me.
Thank you, for you never fail to value me.

If I had a song to sing only for you today,
I'd softly whisper the lines, into your ears.
"Yes, just listen, and tell me how's your day."
Did you just say, "Cheers, gone are your fears!"

Notes: Positive thoughts turn gloomy days into the brightest sun shining behind the Nimbostratus.


This is my 4th poem for him.


What if one day I'd wake up beside you for real?
Your face so close to me, as if something is to unveil.
What if one day, I'd wake up with only our memories?
Staring at our one and only "wefie" and your old messages.

Questions aren't clear enough for anyone to answer.
Only God knows what your heart desires.
Does it sincerely pray and fight for her or,
Still wandering around for sweeter pearls?

Pain, oh yes it must be a bit painful to think,
About what's the future behind this await.
You asked me once, "Will you wait for me?" with a wink.
I said, "Yes..." without anything to bet.

Prayers surely change things they say.
Would I stop kneeling to Him begging,
To be in your arms endlessly?
Oh, how I long to have our happiest ending.

Notes: Sometimes you have to be extremely patient to wait and keep the faith that the person you're into right now is the one God has sent you.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Meet Me Halfway

This is my 3rd poem for him.

Meet Me Halfway

I sincerely apologise for being selfish.
As to compromise is more than a wish,
From the hearts that are deeply in love,
Along with respect, trust, and all of the above!

Last night, you were on the other line.
Been hours since waiting patiently in line,
To utter the words, “I’ve got something to tell you.”
You assured, “alright tell me what I need to know.”

Babe, I’ve been so self-centred, and careless.
Pardon me if I’ve forgotten I’m no princess.
I’m a woman, with a great man;
A man who loves his Almighty One.

My prayers for us are fadeless;
Even stronger than the tempest.
The songs I’ve written only for you,
Would be kept until we both say, “I do.”

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

My “Goat’s” Notes

Here's to the second poem for him. 

My “Goat’s” Notes

She wrote about you once.
Would you give her another chance?
Your notes might spice up her words.
So, she won’t run out of thoughts.

Hey, she hated your saxophone once.
Yet, wants to give you a wicked glance,
As you gently presses its keys.
Whilst secretly telling you, “one more please!”

You cook; she munches like a gold fish.
She annoys you, you give her patience.
You sing; she childishly smiles.
And she demands quick replies.

Sometimes, she asks…
“Has he thought about me today?”
“How about last night’s tasks?”
“Did he finally, dream about me, anyway?”