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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Spare Me A Positive Thought

@Starbucks Ayala, Center Cebu

December 20th, 2014 -Saturday

It was a long day yesterday that I wasn't able to go home...didn't have a choice but stay in the city centre. Now having some Toffee Nut Latte while waiting for Rheymil. 

Hmnn..since I arrived in my hometown, I've observed so many things both negative and positive. 

The People: Regardless of the gender, age and social status, they seem to be more open-minded and a lot busier that you can't even (I'm sure) have a quality chitchat with them. Some of them eat too much fast food (more than those years while I was still in Cebu). By the way, women particularly have made more effort to look better and at the same time wear shorter and more daring attire in public. I'm not saying that it's bad, just what my own naked eyes have realized, or maybe I'm too old for the 21st century to comprehend such habits because I still have this a lil bit of being "conservative" in a way that sometimes, somehow I break rules as long as I know my limitations. 

Cost of Living:  Everything in the town is expensive that I had a hard time looking for a nice, affordable tank top yesterday. It looks like people haven't thought of working harder and earn more instead of spending their little savings on things that they don't need, or perhaps take more time to do something which would help them invest in a small business rather than wasting time window-shopping (in which I'm also guilty of doing so).  These made me get more stress while strolling around the city---with so many questions in mind.

 Well, what am I gonna do? There's only one thing for sure- finish the contract in FPT and try my luck in other countries for a better pay as well as a more exciting experience. Then, what's next? Dunno yet...God knows where am I heading...but my only wish this Christmas and the year 2015 is to have good health for  my family, friends, and Panther. 

The Internet: Starbucks is supposed to have at least an hour free wifi for customers in return for their costly coffee and pastries, but heck NO. If only they don't have a good coffee, I wouldn't come here and pay more for a cup of latte in which I can have it cheaper in Vietnam. Since I don't know how to use Globe services, I spend at least a 100-peso card per day. OHHH NOOO!!!  Hmnn if you want a fast internet, try to check-in a hotel and there you'd forget that you're in the Philippines.  Too Expensive and Slow!!!

The Traffic: I thought I'd miss my domestic flight last Wednesday. I had to wait for a cab in Paseo De Roxas Makati for at least 45 minutes to an hour. It took me more than an hour to Terminal 4! Incredible traffic jam anywhere in Manila and the same as in Cebu. The pain of waiting and queuing drain your patience and give you too many pimples in just two days! 

P/S: Despite those negative thoughts, I still love staying here. HAHA...was it because I saw a guy with a perfect face yesterday at the Ayala taxi stand? Someone told me that I'd be able to see one in Vietnam. I said, "NO, never will I meet nor see such a perfect face especially in Vietnam!" She laughed and somehow agreed! HAHA...  I meant, the weather in December and summer, the food and the laid back life at home, my cat and mom. 

Panther's 361st song: All My Love For Christmas by Lonestar

Photo of the Day: (will upload later)

Friday, 19 December 2014

Bakasyonista 2014

December 19th, 2014- Friday

Panther's 360th song: All I Want For Christmas Is You

Photo of the Day: Missing My Musketeers
Hoa Lac goodbyes...see u soon somewhere in Brunei maybe? :) 

Got up early, took a very cold shower and yeah it's a bit chilly in the city right now as it's been raining since dawn.  Hmnnn first things first and that was Tofffe Nut Latte (venti) and of course got my new favourite place "Canvas Bistro Bar Gallery" in Ayala Terraces.  Life would be really better later after finishing that "OEC" thingy in POEA. Oh well, I must have this Oz brunch...hope this agrees on my taste. 

AND oh I'm kinda excited to meet my long lost younger sibling, Rheymil! See ya tomorrow bro...

Good Morning from Cebu City!


P/S: Missing The Three lovely Musketeers already... (Kiat, Lyana and Masahito)

Monday, 15 December 2014

Escaping with the Family

Highlands Coffee-The Manor

It's been hectic in the past few weeks that I almost forgot everything I wanted to do...I think I can't remember how it feels like to laugh with them, hug them tight and say "goodbye"? Noo... it's just our day today to be together and spend quality time with one another. 

Thank you: 

Phuong, Duong, Sarah, Doner, Linh, Tuan, Son Hai, Huong, Oanh and Chi...! 

Lots of love from me...Happy Holidays!


Now we're heading to the post office for my cards and to get some nice food... hehe


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Seasons Greetings

This Holiday season, I pray that all will be well, that we learn how to forgive and forget soon, that we be more sensitive to other people's feelings and or needs and that we may be a better listener to not only the negatives but also to each wonderful memory shared by random people so as to welcome the new year full of love and smiles. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New year! 

P/S: Won't be able to get back to my blogger until the 4th of January at least. 

December 9th, 2014- Tuesday

Panther's 350th song:  Homeward Bound: Simon and Garfunkel (1966)

Photo of the Day: We're Drunk 
sometimes i hate them..but usually nahhht! ;)) 


December 10th, 2014- Wednesday

Panther's 351st song: 1,000 Miles Away (Hoodoo Gurus, 1991)

Photo of the Day: Ready yet?
hmnn tryin my best 

December 11th, 2014- Thursday

I knew I'd always be willing to help anyone as long as he or she is sincere and honest. 

AND hope 'he' would realize his being a bit of a brat won't work on me... hehe. 

BTW some of the boys paid me a visit and it was fun! Thank goodness they saved my day.  

Panther's 352nd song: Good People by Jack Johnson

Photo of the Day: Sleepover? (No Not Really)
my students paid me a visit ;) 

December 12th, 2014 - Friday

Chilly Morning in Hoa Lac (The Dragon Building)

It's the last day of classes and I'm so ready to go home soon...though not sure if I really wanna come back- but literally I have to because I don't wanna terminate my contract. But heck yeah, those past few weeks have been very cruel to me that I just want to kick every face I see along the hallways of the dorm and the lecture hall. 

Though it's really cold today, I have to go to Ha Noi to pick up my work permit and to get some good coffee and a tumbler for Sofie. Hopefully I won't catch a bad cold HOHOHO! 

Panther's 353rd song: Tangled Up In Blue by Bob Dylan (1975)

Photo of the Day: The Dragon Building (FPT University) 
Hoa Lac campus

December 13th, 2014- Saturday

Heading to Saigon at 2 hours, I'd be able to meet some friends for at least a night before I fly back home. This must be the first Christmas I'd spend with mom after more than 10 years of being always away on holidays. See You Soon Mama and Minh!

Panther's 354th song: On the Road Again by Willie Nelson (1980)

Photo of the Day: Hoa Lac Campus


December 14th, 2014- Sunday

Panther's 355th song: Born to Be Wild by Steppen Wolf

Photo of the Day: The Library


December 15th, 2014- Monday

Panther's 356th song: Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

Photo of the day: Techonology
sad story huhu

December 16th, 2014- Tuesday

Panther's 357th song: Vacation by The Go-Go's

Photo of the day: See You Soon


December 17th, 2014- Wednesday

I'd be in my lil town this time next week... will miss everyone! See You in 18 days!

Panther's 358th song: Paper Planes by M.I.A

Photo of the Day: Life


December 18th, 2014- Thursday

Probably messing up around the neighbourhood, I meant oh no not that I wanna's just that I'm sure they'd bug me until I get my butt out of bed. 

Panther's 359th song: Travelling by Paper Lions

Photo of the Day: Oopss Bun Cha!
will definitely miss eating bun cha and tofu 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

December 2014 'Goodbyes'

It's alright to get hurt, bleed and be discriminated because in the end nothing compares a brave heart as pain makes you stronger without proving anyone how much of a "fighter" you've been.

All of the songs for Panther this week are from Jason Mraz's album, "Love is a Four Letter Word."  Listening to these makes me love you more and more... hugs n kisses!  

P/S: My favourite in the list is: The Woman I Love

Monday- December 1st, 2014

Panther's 342nd song: Living in the Moment

Photo of the Day: Holiday Seasons


Tuesday- December 2nd, 2014

Panther's 343rd song: The Woman I Love 

Photo of the Day: From Ha Noi with Love

il keep this card until i get to France :) 

Wednesday- December 3rd, 2014

Panther's 344th song: The World as I See It

Photo of the Day: Blistered Soles

Hung said, "Teacher it's hard to shop a top for you! I'm so tired and my feet ache! "

Thursday- December 4th, 2014

Panther's 345th song: Who's Thinking About You Now?

Photo of the Day:Bye Kiat and Lyana


Friday- December 5th, 2014

--KARMA-- How many people believe that all you have to do is watch and see!

It was my first time to cry out loud in public---I thought I just wanted to disappear and move on to wherever the thin air would take my "gushing" spirit full of anger and ire. No, I bet you, I've had enough of this place- and yes one thing I realized was that I should choose the right person to vent on with my frustrations because not everyone knows how to listen, and instead of making you feel better, they'd come to a conclusion that you're just being inconsiderate and too hateful!- THE most disgusting FEELING... but I believe that one day this person would have his or her day of such ghastly feelings.  

Anyway, I'm feeling better NOW at least Masa and Lyana brought me smiles last night with their sweet presents, and of course Kiet who was there to share some nice thoughts of the cold night. LOL!

Panther's 346th song: The Freedom Song

Photo of the Day: Ngo Huyen St.

along Ly Quoc Su St (Ha Noi-Old Quarter)

Saturday- December 6th, 2014

Had a two challenges for class Summit 2.1 today in the Old Quarter. My main was to help them behave properly in public making them pick up the differences among every footsteps they see by the lake in Hoan Kiem. They did a wonderful job and I'd say---- I didn't fail this time. HAHAHA

Panther's 347th song: 93 Million Miles

Photo of the Day: Saturday Morning

Summit 2.1 at Minh Thuy Restaurant at Ngo Huyen St (Master Chef Vietnam)

Sunday- December 7th, 2014

A day well-spent with Kiat  Masahito and Lyana. 

After church, I forced them to take the bus to Westlake and we ended up having some nice masala dishes at Foodshop 45 in Truc Bach. It would be the last time to hang out with them because I'm leaving next week and they're leaving at the end of the month. I'm sure they were quite exhausted..anyway we arrived at the dorm safe. Be safe always Kiat and Lyana...and Masahito see you soon next year. Huge hugs to all of us!

Panther's 348th song: Frank D. Fixer

Photo of the Day: Another Goodbye


Monday- December 8th, 2014

Panther's 349th song: 5/6

Photo of the Day: Nothing Special

I was out of my mind because I didn't see Martin the cat!  (Ngo Huyen St)

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Ha Noi-The Old Quarter Challenge

Sue was late for an hour as she didn't feel like moving her butt out of bed today after what happened the yesterday. 

Anyhow, they were given two challenges and only 4 didn't make it to the second one... (that was to get Sue a white or black top) with 200k VND. I felt sorry for those boys who tried their very best to drag their blistered soles to do the comparison shop around the streets of Hang Ga, Hang Bong, Hang Manh and perhaps Ly Quoc Su. 

So before we headed back to Hoa Lac, we had some ice cream while walking around Hoan Kiem Lake.  Here are some photos! 

Class: Summit 2.1 

he was a bit worried i would get mad at him for not forwarding the message to his classmates instead he translated those qs to them so some groups missed the last question of the first challenge hehe (Khoa)
Group One
Group Two
Group three
Group Four
the whole class (pic taken beside the Cathedral in the Old Quarter) Ly Quoc Su Street

Friday, 5 December 2014

Pizza Thursday

Oh well, winter has its own way of hiding lazy souls under their warm, fluffy blankets. So, obviously slot 1 wasn't as promising as I thought it had to be. Then one of them decided to drive to the city centre (Royal City Ha Noi) and so... we had some pizza and some coffee. We ended the day with some selfies before we headed to the dorm. It was FUN!

Here are some photos of the short escape and the place---perhaps too many selfies again but I'd say that this is the essence of being with the whole class.