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Friday, 27 March 2015

A Gift of Friendship

I met Dianne again today and I was glad she's getting the hang of her life in Ha Noi. It's her first time here, since she left HCM 2 years ago. She's still as bubbly as she's been since the first day I met her in ILDAEIL. A day isn't enough for a chitchat with her... I can't get enough of her  "downtempo"  pirouette  on the catwalk and even every time she utters a word, it feels like she's munching her favourite fruit cereal. No worries she knew it hahaha!  I'd say that she's a lovely person, beyond being charming and engaging especially when she starts to tell me her random stories of love and life. 

See you tomorrow Dianne!

Today she bought me a chocolate waffle and a chocolate coffee cupcake! Yayyy! 

Lunch: Sushi bar IPH, Xuan Thuy
Coffee: Starbucks, IPH Xuan Thuy (she had my favourite coffee chocolate cupcake) YUM! 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Ha Long Bay Vietnam (one-day tour)

The second time in Ha Long wasn't that bad at all as I was with great people. We left Hoa Kiem at 830am after having a free fresh American breakfast with a wonderful cup of coffee. By 1230pm, we were already at Ha Long port for lunch at the cruise while enjoying the bay's scenery. It wasn't raining but it was still gloomy that most of my photos were either blurry or dark. Hehe...

Anyhow, here are some of the few shots from Ha Long, Vietnam one-day tour 2015 with Svenjia, Masahito, and Taka.

NOTE: Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO heritage site.

this looks not right hahah

Taka and Masa hehe

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Han River, Han Market (Da Nang, VN)

Here are some photos I managed to edit on my last vacation last Tet holiday 2015.

You will see the crowded Han Market during the holiday, the sidewalk by the Han River, and the beavering people randomly enjoying the long holiday.

Da Nang is also called the city of Bridges along Han river in which the Dragon bridge shows off its colours at night. It was also the only Tet when there was no fireworks because the former mayor passed away, May he rest in Peace.