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Monday, 30 September 2013

Send Me a Siren

I'm Not Used To It

Will he bother pick his nose for a howdy-do in the next few days? Or am I just trying to outwit the beast in me? Uhmmm I am not trying to breathe-in the most negative air to my veins, but honestly my tiny, clever brain cells can't help but get ticked off with the idea that I haven't heard from him for almost a week now. For men, this isn't too long to kill a woman waiting for her  pirate to dock as soon as the weary sun goes down.

 How much space does a "real" and sincere man need to realize a fragile colleen's worth? This isn't being overly sensitive to gender-related issues of whom should care the most, but I believe that men should know better as they were created physically and mentally strong, still, and  adamant though most of the time stubborn and proud. If I could only turn back the golden hour I met him in that stinky, humid, dusty fishing hinterland, I would stop the hourglass so to be with him up until dawn when the planets align with the Pyramids in the East! 

Before I decide to shut off, please tell me you also care and feel my drained heartbeat even for just a single hiccup your yawn makes. I miss you so bad...mean guy, and will always will. 


Sunday, 29 September 2013

You Almost Broke My Shutter

The Sunset in the Campus

"Oh, God please kick my spirit out of this stinky, hot, jampacked bus!", I murmured with regrets.  So, yes I went to church this morning, had "oyako don" with some friends in Sushibar and hit BooSua for a "Men's" blue shirt, jumped down to Yves Rocher for my favorite coconut moisturizing scent, filled in my basket at the Korean baker and ended up having that annoying customer service experience in Highlands Coffee (IPH-HN). 

As soon as I breathe in my little, messy flat, I immediately grabbed my shorts and my 60D to chase the naughty, super sun which was on its way to the west. I thought it was too early to catch up with its I had a sip of lemon tea in Ally then headed to the street in a few. On the way, I kept taking sort of my own "creative" shots which turned out to be the most boring when I saw them in my tablet. Well, anyway I ran as fast as I could but it seemed that the "king" of the dusk was too quick to hide itself in the shadow of the jungle. All I could feel was the slap of my droopy feet and numb soles when I reached the supposed to be "perfect" view for this afternoon's snaps. Darn, how could I be so clumsy and stupid....huhu! 

Lesson learned: Make sure to ride on the last journey of the golden hour as fast as you could! 

Here are the unedited shots...please bear with my weakness. I promise to work harder next time.



Travels and Appetites In Vietnam

I have just thought of sharing the best part of my travels in Vietnam from the the central, the West, East and the South. This country has been giving me too much of its beauty and patience. One of the most exciting part in my VN wanderlusts is the food, coffee,wine of various types, aside from the lessons in life it has offered me. Sometimes, before I close my eyes, I still remember how I gloated each seasoning from the traditional delish to the typical asian and of course the western kitchen. Life is simple yet awesome and I have too much to thank the Lord for these experiences. Well I could say that I sometimes regret for being lazy taking photos of all those countless tastes I had stuffed my face with. Anw, have some of my adorable appetites! I promise to share more when I get back to my being a vagabond.