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Friday, 28 February 2014

On Your Shoulders

Careless Attendants

Getting ready for the south with too much on my plate for tonight from the paper  work to the additional stuff for my backpack. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a new tripod case so will do with the torn one just hoping the baggage handlers would understand the purple "fragile" sticker attached into it. I still remember that awful lady at the Vietnam Airlines check-in counter  a few months ago who, after binding the fragile note into my Benro, she just threw it into the conveyor really hard that I had to shout at her. I wasn't sure if that was being careless or by just simply showing off her idiocy. 

Anyhow, I thought am done with teaching that every time I think about what my students did to me yesterday, I got really mad. Well, it doesn't mean that I have come to the point of giving up on them. Somehow, I still care but oh God I need more patience and will look forward to having a great time with my family in a few weeks. I'm a bit scared though, because what if I wouldn't have the courage to come back? 

Look, I bet you...Panther is the only person who is always ready to pick me up and never ceases to remind me how beautiful life is. Alright then, I will try my best and I am sure that once the sun shows her gleeful beams again, a new day would embrace me with love, hope, success and dreams come true. Thank God...for my loved ones' life and for mine too that am still here...alive and kicking. 

Panther's 58th song: You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

"I love you as much as I love the sunrise up to the sunset that I won't get tired watching you from my dreams". 


Photo of the day: Old Sunrise Yet Still Shines 
missing you :(

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Blown Away

Sho made my day...thanks to this gifted writer for appreciating my work. I'm sure that your book will reach those lost souls on their journey to a happier existence.

This has been the busiest week of the year, but am thankful for all the blessings and surprises and will only give up when I'm done. In two days, another restless journey kicks in as I prepare my backpack for the joyride! Here  I am setting aside worries and stress with the hope of a brighter world to come. 

To Grandpa of Four:
Hey, I bet you had a long night doing some errands and sorting some stuff esp for the new babies. Oh I couldn't thank you more for sharing those adorable creations. Wish I could take them home with happy to see my baby Cleo's kids by the way. 

Hope you'll have a wonderful day full of enthusiasm and smiles. We love you lots...Hugs and Kisses from me and Teddy. 

57th song: I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden

Am a little crazy...but believe me I have found a home in you... Hugs!


Photo of the Day: Stuck Shining

an old pic..but is perfect for you...

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Afternoon Nap

New Ventures

The afternoon nap wasn't that good because I woke up having a slight fever, yet I still have to teach until 9pm. It dawned on me that those three weeks in a row gave me too much stress. Well, have to get better soon because next week CELTA will kick my butt out of any "reasonable" excuses not to be excited about it. Oh gosh...what do I think I have been doing? No, oh no I'm not torturing's just that I need this for the next few months of my new ventures. Do you wanna enjoy the ride with me? :) 

Hey Panther,

I just thought the dream was a bit funny...and I know that it was a silly one but on the other hand, wasn't that interesting? LOL!!! Hmnn...I'll be waiting for the loveliest laugh from you later today. Though I know that you're having a busier day today than the previous weeks,  all I want is for you to smile despite everything. Love Ya Lots from Teddy and Me. 

56th song: Take My Hand by Simple Plan

Will you take my hand tonight and find some place to go? 


Photo of the Day: Old Photo
sorry..not feeling well today...couldn't take any pics ;(

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Prettiest Worrywart

The Longest Day Ever!

Started the drizzling morning sneezing and coughing in front of my class at 730am. Well, had five slots and believe me I felt like insanely spinning in zero gravity! The HR triggered my hollow sleepyhead to burst into the prettiest worrywart and at the same time angry for they couldn't give me a clear feedback about my Visa. In the first place, it was their fault to have it validated on the wrong expiry date. Now, who is going to get drowned in a boiling pot of their stupidity and negligence? 

Then, there came Apollo who asked me to resend the Disclaimer again for the one that they sent me a few months ago was already outdated. What else? Oh yeah, this Pre-Course task from their institute is too long it makes my brain numb to death. 

To Panther:
Am so sorry for too much whining and negativity're awesome for being so good to give me pieces of advice. Thanks for making me smile despite having a nerve-wrecking day from being overwhelmed with the incurable idiocy around. Love You Lots! I know that you're also having a hectic day at work yet you still spare time to listen to my silly sentiments. Hugs and Kisses to you and Cleo from sweet, smelly Teddy.

Your 55th song is: Next Plane Home by Daniel Potter
"I miss mom and dad..I wanna go home but at the same time, I wanna fly to you now because you always make me feel like I'm home with you". 


Photo of the Day: Next Trips with You

Monday, 24 February 2014

The Gift of Love


"Sorry if I'm so brave to tell you how I feel...just wanna make most of my time when I can still speak so as to express how happy I am to have you in my life".

Got nothing to give you but my fond, piqued heartbeat each time I read our conversations. Here I am grateful from those sleepless nights when you were there to interpret my dreams, and most of all your "patience' on my being so drippy. I love you to the moon and back...Haha! 

Photo of the day: Diary
wondering how much each page gives me butterflies in my tummy LOL

Panther's 54th song: Safe and Sound by Capital Cities


In this world of cruelty and hypocrisy, "US" is enough... hugs!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Gotta Love Life

Praise and Worship

Sunday, isn't the only time to worship and praise the Lord but we have to cheerfully do it ever now and then because He is a great God. Though it is a rainy, chilly and gloomy morning, and had to be awoken by my sister's call, I still feel good and happy for all the blessings I've had from finances, to opportunities, friendship, family and my luv. 

Anyway, if I had one thing to tell Panther today, it had to be: "Hey, get back under the covers until the sun sets". Haha! I'm not sure if he doesn't get tired of my being too silly for telling him how much I care for him. Well, I strongly believe that he's a sincere man that he never fails to make me smile even during my PMS. LOL... love ya lots  from me and Teddy and Hugs to Cleo, too. 

Your 53rd song is: Count on Me by Bruno Mars

I know that I can always count on you...and come hell or high water, you're ready to stop what you're doing in the garage to listen to my sentiments. Miss you lots! 


Photo of the Day: Love On A Rainy Morning

Saturday, 22 February 2014

My Naked Soul

I know you will...

Still cuddle me on stormy nights.
Adore the size of my wrinkles.
Feel the warmth of my naked soul.
Listen to my naughty whispers.

I know you will...

Tickle me for a lovely snapshot.
Take me to our favorite cafe.
Teach me how to pedal.
Tell me the Buffalo stories.

You know I will...

Call you at midnight when I get a nightmare.
Make your black coffee on a warm midday.
Cherish those uplifting VMs and VCs.
Stay awake just to listen to your laughs.

You know I will...

Patiently wait for your "Wechat"  messages.
Hide you under my covers until the sun is up.
Always adore you as my one and only Panther.
Argue with you in my language, instead of kissing another man.

You and I...

We will Make it till the End.

Panther's 52nd song: Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

Hugs and Kisses from us! Love ya lots. 


Photo of the Day: Red Mittens

Friday, 21 February 2014



Almost passed out on my way back to the dorm as I was extremely tired. Had to get things done today as I'm excited to get my butt with the photos for a project. Anyhow, I was able to satisfy myself with two boxes of sweet, colorful macaroons. In a while, I'm going to munch them one by one until I couldn't hear any cry of regrets. Awee!

Tomorrow morning, I'll be somewhere to start something which has made my heart jump for eagerness to accomplish it by Monday, and at the same time that feeling of frenzy passion for this chance. Oh, God help me!

Friday Greetings for Panther:

Cleo calls you dad, Teddy loves it when he hears you say, Hugs and Kisses, and I always thank the Lord for your being there to save me from godforsaken days. You've been having hectic schedules on weekdays and more errands at weekends which make you really exhausted. I'm worried sick but I know you are firm and tough enough to them rack them up. We love you so much and will always think of you. Hugs and Kisses from Ha Noi!

51st song: One by Bee Gees


Photo of the Day: Sweet, Colorful, Mirthful Macaroons

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Easy As A Pie

Wicked World

Got up this morning floating nowhere, and couldn't explain that empty feeling asking what was my lost soul doing in that small corner when I knew that there was always a better place for me. Last night, I wanted to jump out of bed and hug my soul mate, and tell him how much he means to me that I wish to be a witch and get my voodoo doll so I could start pricking his stressors' empty brains so they would back off. 

Life is unfair in some ways, but I have been strong enough to face the reality. I wanna tell "life" that I am not in the mood to give up and never will. My ventures with Panther, Cleo and Teddy go on and on until we happily slap this wicked world with a  creaky "get lost"! 

Though it was another hectic day to me and surely for Panther, there's always this way of taking each other's butt out of our grumpy pants and laugh at those dumb boobies around. Am just so thankful for having us that we don't need to please anyone nor think of how we could live each day knowing that we are literally miles away. Well, we always have a will thus, ways are easy as a pie. I couldn't thank the Lord more for His gift of genuine love from my man. Love Ya lots from me and Teddy! 

Your 50th song is: One Thing by One Direction

Thank you because you always make me feel like I'm the most beautiful woman you've ever had. Hugs!


Photo of the Day: Wish

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Lipton Lemon Afternoon

Lock Yourself  In...

Not having an afternoon class, so here I am enjoying my hot Lipton lemon tea after a beef curry lunch from Ally. This is the best time to clear my mind from too much make up classes in the past eight days in a row. But tomorrow until next week, it will be hectic again until I pack up for Saigon.  Most probably, am excited and at the same time getting a bit of a student-laziness deep inside me as I'll be a sticking my nose again to forgotten English grammar in the next few days. 

Well, just looking forward to having the next incredible ventures in summer as I head back to my hometown. Thank God, I have Panther to send me movies to download so I'll have something to munch during the four boring Sundays for the whole month of March. 

Today, I pray that Panther will  have a not so hectic day at work thus, will end the day as a winner and get the success and praises he deserves.  Hugs and Kisses to our awesome man and Baby Cleo from me and Teddy. We love you more than jelly tots!

Your 49th song:  Be Yourself by AudioSlave
--This song is to remind you that you were born to shine and conquer life winning by being yourself. Hugs! 


Photo of the Day: Sweet Life
Life is sweeter with You...

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Found Everything

You're Always The First In My Prayers

Dear Panther,

Do you have a magic coin for the wishing well?
I want to know how far that one bucks can go.
Will it reach Vietnam by the time I ring the bell?
But I'm sure you, too believe in mojo, don't you?

You said, I make you smile,
Whatever mood you are in.
Little did you know that in a while,
My heart jumps for joy more than any hopeless,
 morons could imagine.

That's my Panther who shields me with the rosette,
Smell of the chilly  morning breeze from S.A. to S.E.A.!
Hugs and Kisses from you and Cleo I always wait,
As soon as I shut my frozen eyelids after  hours,
 of parades and whoopee.

Our fancy world might be damn hard,
For those struggling "simples" to keep afloat.
Not for our willing hearts traipsing on the bungee cords,
From Cape Town's Table Mountains to Ha Long Bay's jolly boat.

Dreams came true...

Well, isn't it great to feel how we make each other smile and giggle? You're always there to tickle me, too even if I always send you my silly instagram filtered selfies. And the best thing about us is we never care about what others say and think... including Cleo and Teddy. Love Ya Lots! 

Your 48th song is: Always Be Your Girl by Celine Dion

Photo of the Day: Thinking About You


Monday, 17 February 2014

Because I Love You by Yiruma

Love ya Lots More Than Jelly Tots

Many business establishments here are very unprofessional in a way that they keep stressing you out with a full payment weeks before the due and ask too much of penalty when in the first place it wasn't in the agreement. Once you are able to pay them it would take them years to confirm whether they have gotten the bank transfer yet or not. Am I sick and tired of this country yet? 

Definitely, I have just been trying to stay a bit for at least a few months but once I'm done, I wouldn't regret leaving this hell. My friends have been dreaming of coming here to work and see life from this venture but little did they know that I'm just flexible enough to show them that I'm happy here. 

Well, enough of that crap...let me just hug my Panther and baby Cleo right now. Love you both from me and Teddy. Wish you were here so we could be the perfect villains in our annoying yet cute love story that idiots around have been trying to write about. Be safe always and remember that you're awesome, successful, good-looking and charming. 

Panther's 47th song: Because I Love You by Yiruma (Piano)


Photo of the day: Blue Clouds by Panther

Sunday, 16 February 2014

A Day with Cleo

Lazy Sunday

Had a great time fishing with Tu, but I couldn't help him because it was too cold so I just watched him with his quest with the two medium-sized fish. After an hour, we prepared all the ingredients for fried chicken, tofu and tomatoes by the fireplace as we had to cook in the dirty kitchen.  That took us too much time to get things done, yet we felt like it was an achievement as we learned patience, hard work and creativity.  The two boys managed to make fried chicken, fired banh chung, and tofu with tomatoes. Unfortunately, we couldn't rustle up the fresh fish because it was too late and the three of us were starving to death.  

We arrived at the dorm safe and cold so Tu and I gloated a cup of cold Vietnamese milk coffee before we headed up to my room for a two-hour session with Trevor Noah. It was tricky for him to understand the clip because it was a stand-up comedy. So, I taught him how to get himself ready with proper cultural literacy so to at least catch up 1% of the English humor.  I bet he will learn faster compared to other kids because he has enough courage and determination.

Anyhow, I really missed Panther and I was worried sick because he was having a tough weekend which started to hit him last Friday. He's a brave, smart and successful man with a heart of gold. I'm proud of him the way he takes care of his loved ones including me and Cleo.

Please be safe, and I always think about you... I will kill anyone who gives you too much wrinkles. Haha. Love ya lots, Panther from Teddy and Susan. 

Your 46th song is: Nocturne by Secret Garden

See you in our dreamland! Mwahhhh...


Photo of the day: My Baby
Thanks for not failing to send me her photos! Hugs

Saturday, 15 February 2014

My Hero

The very moment I hit the Play button, I thought about you. Seriously, you always make me feel safe through your laughs, sweet words, and especially the way you whisper  me with your hugs and kisses. No one has ever given me the comfort I need whatever my emotions are. Thank you...and by simply listening to this song, and our song, I'd be able to sleep very tight each night. Love Ya and Miss Ya lots from Teddy and Susan. 

Your 45th song:  Song For A Stormy Night by Secret Garden


Well, had to rush to the bank this chilly  morning which started from that very slow bank teller in Techcombank who looked like Sherlock Holmes scrutinizing every stroke of each letter of my first name. Then followed by VP bank's crap service whose attendant didn't understand the word, "sell". Alright, had to keep calm and ran into the Maritime bank for Apollo's domestic transfer.  

I never had the urge to go back to the dorm hungry, so I dropped by at Al Frescos for a club sandwich and got lucky for another sticker though my bill was below 200k VND. Then arrived home just in time to get a cup of my favorite Vietnamese milk coffee to go in Ally and quickly kicked in the Exam Dept for the 1300 Midterm test. I was dead tired that led me to get a big bowl of fried noodles and another cup of coffee for dinner. OMG...! Am I ready to watch Thor yet? Hahaha...

Photo of the day: Girly Thing
I almost forgot those days when I had to wear formal clothes and those crap accessories! Dammit! 

Friday, 14 February 2014

The 3rd Post of The Day


Dead tired today and missing you so ya lots! I know it has been a long, tough day to you but I always believe that you're smart enough to finish them with a pride. Hugs and Kisses. Please Be Safe Always my luv. 

Panther's 44th Song

Thank you for everything Panther. No, really I dunno how can I thank you for the tee-hee, smile, inspiration, giggles and chuckles, sweet songs and most importantly that confidence I have in you. I used to think that all men are cruel and dishonest until I found you... your sincere and powerful words, the blue skies, Cleo, the plates of lunch you share and even the bottles of champagne and red wine as well as those snifters of your favorite beer. And to top of it all, those nuggets and Strawberry Blaze together with your uplifting belly laughs in every conversation.  I Love You!

Hugs and Kisses from Teddy, too.

Panther's 44th song: Thank You by Dido


Photo of the Day: You and I
thanks for making me feel like your princess hihi

Silly Occasions


As soon as I entered the classroom, students' long faces startled me a bit. Might be because of too much make up classes, or maybe the thought about this crap Valentine's Day that when I asked them  if they felt alone, they sadly said, "YES" with the flattest tone.    

Has anyone of you realized that such events and occasions are merely designed by clever businesses to sell their pretty penny trap while playing with our emotions? For instance, November 11th is Korean's Pepero Day...and those choco-coated sticks explain that impassive 11/11 celebration. South Korea, Japan, and China have also their White Day in March which is the counterpart of today's Cupid Day as the most hobbling excuse for their products to get on the soapbox for "half-baked" women out there as it is believed to be the time to honor men's love and compassion. 

Sadly, the Mainstream Media has been having a joyride, and feasting with the gullible masses' ignorance during Rose's Day, Hug Day, that even Halloween is being "celebrated". There's nothing wrong with having fun, regardless of the religion, tradition, culture and perspectives on life as long as we won't get trapped with the idea that there's always a "MUST" to give and get something in return from our lovers to the extent of sacrificing a week dinner to save up for a box of expensive chocolates, and or a luxury fine dining which costs the other party an arm and a leg. 

Tell you what, at the end of the day, once the event is done, feelings go with it. It means that after the 14th of February, "sapped" couples go back to the same insane arguments, jealousy, mistrust and flimsy pretenses. Do you wanna know the saddest truth of those exaggerated "functions"? Well, simple...the dramatic rise of crime and violence for the purpose of pleasing their sweethearts for the thought that the more materially-centered the relationship is, the longer it lasts. Isn't that simply imbecilic just like that teenager somewhere in the north of Vietnam who stabbed his grandmother for him to be able to buy a teddy bear for his girl friend on St. Valentine's?

But of course there are exceptions when it comes to such self-indulgence. In my opinion there are also reasonable and worthy occasions which deserve our attention and respect depends on each other's preference. 

1. Women's Day
2. Children's Day
3. New Year's Day
4. Christmas 
5. Thanksgiving
6. Teachers' Day
7. All Souls Day - for the purpose of at least commemorating our deceased ancestors and relatives as long we understand that Halloween parties have got nothing to do with remembering them
8. Other Festivities whether religious, seasonal, historical and or cultural are considered one of the exceptions.

In short, if you really care about your one and only, show him his importance not only today but every beat of your excitement... feel his breath, emotions, frustrations, depressions and sail with his dreams despite the rough oceans on the way. Never demand and expect too much from your partner. Instead,  learn to trust, forgive but not tolerate, compromise, and don't let your ego and your selfishness break your other half.  Please do him a favor  not to bug him especially during his solitary moments and personal space. Love as long as you can, laugh together like idiots, cook your favorite meal together, mix your own cocktail from salt and lemon, support him on his quest of dealing with his dumb colleagues, and or get a wacky pose in front of his camera. 


----cuddle, and kiss more and more---

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Gladys Knight and The Pips


Had I known the day wasn't so friendly to me, I wouldn't have left my students pathetic and tugged my butt out to the city center. That was the first time I felt like a wasted drainage system by the huge, lonely villas of the suburbs that even the sound of a hoarse Yellow Warbler gets into my  nerves. 

Now I have to tell you the whole story? Never mind, you don't deserve hearing such stupidity of others whose jobs are the most dumb on earth. In short, that hopeless Western Union NY screwed up so I wasn't able to claim my money. For the sake of making up for the wasted time, I decided to drop by TPB for a deposit but only to get my busted, garbled backbones more bleary from that twitchy bank teller that she didn't know what she was doing. 

Such a long, grungy day for me huh?! LOL

Anyway, after having a Hazelnut Frapp on that dreary, chilly errand, I was lucky to get my Panther a pink stamp. Glad he is always there to catch me especially when I turn out to be "Little Miss Grumpy". Love ya lots, really!  Sorry, wish I could kick those sick idiots around you. 

Your 43rd song is: Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me by Gladys Knight and The Pips

No one has ever made me feel the most beautiful and awesome, until I met you! Hugs and Kisses from Teddy and Susan.


Photo of the day: Panther

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lock Me in Your Heart

An Open Book

Four slots down from frantic six, not bad! 

Sometimes, I do believe that I'm one of the most blissful persons on earth. First, I have Panther who never forgets to stretch my mouth to the sweetest, biggest smile ever to the extent of making me laugh out loud like there's no tomorrow. 

Second, I usually get what I want in Ally coffee just like this morning when the co-owner of the cafe made My Xao especially for me in a discounted price. Third, Barbie and Ken are around to update the latest beat of Ken's new masterpiece. 

Fourth, my close friends like Lovinni, Gold, Pam, Sofie and or Geleen among others are there to pray for me. Fifth, my baby Cleo who looks at me as if she is missing me each day and that tells me how innocently angelic I am in my own strange ways. 

Panther's 42nd song is: Lock Me In Your Heart by Mandy Moore

Hey, you're the best thing that happened to kidding! 


I always believe in miracles as magic goes with it to the the most overwhelming yet enchanting chapter of my life.   Sooner or later, Teddy and I would get to caress and cuddle Panther, Cleo and Misty. Wondering how it feels like? Well, wait and see...

Photo of the day: The Book

Hugs and Kisses from Susan and Teddy! 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Smart Move


Writing and scribbling while waiting for my students to finish their group do you like that? Anyhow, I just remember a silly incident this morning when someone sarcastically reminded me to follow the course plan and he expected me "maybe" to apologize. Well, these people should know that I don't wake up kissing others ass. They might think that I'm too rude..well Yes I am for they taught me how to act  this way. 

Tell you what, I've experienced the same thing, too not once but many times but instead, I kept my mouth shut and didn't confront anyone because anyway, I wouldn't win against their stinky heads. But I realized that when they make a mistake, they never admit nor make up for it maybe because they don't want people to think that they're dumb enough like hungry elephants munching the last bite of their lives. 

Oh by the way, I missed my gorgeous, sweet baby Cleo as her dad has been very busy at work that he hasn't sent me her photos for a few days. Well, today his adorable, good-looking dad took the time to take some innocent shots and sent me so I am posting them here. 

The 41st song: Diamonds by Rihanna

Miss you Panther, we will make it till the end! Hugs and Kisses...


Photos of the day: My Baby

Monday, 10 February 2014

Flinty Girl

Drip Coffee

Tough girl huh?! Oh, I knew it wasn't that hard today as I only had four slots which means, six hours and my day was over. My kids gave me the longest faces ever when I showed them the speaking and listening tests schedule...oops my apologies. I'm leaving for Saigon on March 1st and I'm quite excited. 

Anyhow, I miss my Panther sooooo  much! Hey, you smart, sexy gorgeous guy...keep smiling alright? 

Your 40th song: Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Seriously, you always make me feel like am the most beautiful creation on earth. Thank ya lots! 


Photo of the Day: Afternoon Coffee

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Bunny Hug

Be Safe Always

Not feeling well today maybe because I had a horrible stomachache last night that I had to throw up everything I had for dinner. Oh well, now I am at least doing well with my errands. Am I ready for the first day of school tomorrow? Naaaahh! What am I gonna do today? It's 320 pm and am thinking of finishing Defiance Season 1. 

Your 39th song is: Love Me Tender by Nora Jones feat. Adam Levy 

Photo of the day: Hugs 
giving You the tightest Hug from Teddy and Susan
Missing you badly...aaaaaaaaaaa Panther! 

Saturday, 8 February 2014


I'm Happy and Content

Was in bed all day..dunno but I was a bit tired, I meant maybe I am used to not thinking about anything but let the things flow freely coz I'm tired of thinking anyway. This is supposed to be the last happy day before the classes start on Monday. Well, I've been trying to convince myself that I'll be off this deserted nightmare in a few weeks for my ventures in the south. Good luck on me...

Missing my Panther so much...hey soul mate, I got something to tell you. People never believe that one day there would be a man crazy enough to be with me for a lifetime. Why? Is it because they don't find me gorgeous and hot? Whatever, now what I care about is how you make my day worth laughing and living. Missing you my luv. Hope you're having a wonderful day! Hugs and Kisses from me and Teddy. 

Your 38th song is: Patience by Guns N' Roses

Missing and thinking about you everyday...


Photo of the day: Notes 

Friday, 7 February 2014

The Border

Photo of the day: Where's  that South of the Border, West of the Sun?

Now, seriously tell me where that south of the border and west of the sun is, in your own creative, vivid, wild imagination. I have my own and just in case you're curious, you know where to inbox me. Hugs! Missing you...

The 37th song is: Now and Forever by Richard Marx


Today was a long day dealing with idiots around the back-alleys, gutters and highways of Ha Noi. But somehow, I was able to fleetly perk with the "zero hours" at the Philippine consulate this morning. In short, the lesser the burden, the easier to pack up for Saigon in a few weeks. Excited much???

Haruki Murakami Novels

Read, Learn, Love

His way of expressing himself through his main characters in his novels is off the beaten track and fluky unlike other typical writers who are in fact no "talents" at all sort to say. For instance, Paolo Coelho's masterpieces are wonderful as well but after digging into five of his books, I felt like all of them had almost the same predictable plot and synopsis. Anyhow, I still admire this Brazilian lyricist and novelist as his works give the readers salutary, worthy thoughts to ponder about life, love, religion and relationships. 

As far as I could remember, the first Murakami fiction I read was "Norwegian Wood" which tackles about how Naoko, a beautiful young woman faced life with Turo, a serious young college student in Tokyo after the tragic death of their best friend. The ending was breath-taking and I could say that by the time I finished the "libretto", I got the urge of exploring more of this humble Japanese writer's works both fiction and non-fiction. 

So, I decided to collect some of his books and I'm sure I got the top five of my favorites.

5. Underground: this is a true story behind an act of terrorism as the Tokyo gas attack turned many lives into the most miserable state of human being
4. Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The end of The World: love how the characters blend in and survived through their nicknames according to their occupation and or general description
3. Dance, Dance, Dance : talks about a 34 year-old writer who seemed to have connected with the old "Dolphin Hotel" where KiKi, the first class call girl took him
2. South of the Border, West of the Sun: this one in my own point of view gives us the lesson of true love and companionship.
1. Norwegian Wood: as the story goes, there was a magnificent blending of music in the 60s and romance...

Here are the shots: (left the Hard-Boiled Wonderland in the Philippines so I can't provide any photo)

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Smelly Teddy

Photo of the day: Recycled Paper Cup

I so love coffee and got this first cup for Panther, from the Coffee Bean on a windy, sunny afternoon in Westlake, so I brought it home and designed it with some sort of pink, tiny hearts from my phone book. Now, it is refreshing and uplifting to see his name on the pen holder. This inspires me to write more and more with those chintzy, jazzy, showy inks. 

Used to be only You and I but now we have smelly Teddy. Hehe

yup got a new paper holder
The 36th song:The Love of My Life by George Benson and Roberta Flack


Miss you each ya lots, too! Thank goodness am feeling better...appreciate all the lively conversations though you're busy. Be safe always, hugs and kisses from Teddy. 

My Favorite Pics

The Crowd

Some of my favorite  shots from the cafe adventure two days ago in Ho Tay, Westlake. Enjoy! 

Location: Son Tay, Ha Noi (Lunch with student's grandparents)

Location: Westlake Ha Noi (The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf)

Bo Bia Ngot

hot pot with duck eggs

fresh tofu

the grandparents

caramel macchiato for Frikkie

the vendor by the temple

she loved to be taken photos of 

making Bo Bia Ngot 

almost sunset

my spring entry 2014