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Monday, 2 September 2013

Hoi An Under Its Street Lamps

Hoi An Under Its Street Lamps

So what was the first thing I did after lunch? At 2pm I paid Cuong's mom a visit and again, it felt like home after two years since the last time she gave me the tightest hug. Then an hour after, the French photographer in Hoi An showed me the ropes about my sunrise workshop for tomorrow. Boat riding was fun enough with Cuong and it was sort of a simple way of appreciating the brighter side of soon as we freed the lamps on the calm river. Again, I have been telling you that I would never end my day without gloating my favorite Traditional Vietnamese grilled meat and some noodles-well I had "cau lau" today. We parted one another through some snapshots of the place under the gleeful street lamps around the  corners. 


1. chicken curry
   2. street market in Hoi An
  3. grilled mashed sweet potato with coconut meat
        4. it's me and the owner of the boat..was about to free the lamps
        5. that's Cuong with the lamps
   5. them please Cuong
  6. a small girl selling lamps on the Walking Street opposite the Japanese bridge
  7. That's Ludo...a photographer in our university
  8. yes..she has been waiting for someone to get a lamp
   9. Cuong again while waiting for the pencil work to be done
   10. that is the finished product we had been waiting present for Khang on his bday! 
   11. this is better than the titanic haha