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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A Few Days Left

Saturday- April 26, 2014

Got nothing to do but stay home and make some tasteless meals for the whole family. Oh no, it isn't my fault if they hate veggies. Arghhh...I will never be bale to impress them with my vegetarian dishes. Sigh.

For Panther...

Your 113th song: Beautiful in My Eyes by Kadison Joshua

Photo of the day: The Old Notes


Sunday-April 27, 2014

It was my first time to feel like a bum, after a few weeks working on the legal documents for my older sister. Anyway, am so happy for her because at last she will have her dream house in months. She's been a loving and wonderful sibling to all of us, and been a grateful child to our parents. It only means that she deserves the best of every blessing. God bless her more and more. 

Your 114th song: Beautiful by Bosson

"I always imagine you seeing me in the worst situation and yet you're there to hug me tight." Hugs and kisses from me and Teddy! 

Photo of the day: Bibingka specialty from Cebu


Monday- April 28, 2014

I ran into my aunt at the wet market and she couldn't recognize who I was...LOL! Anyhow, after a few seconds she was able to sing my name and as a gift I'd buy her a new dress together with mom's new sandals and dad's boxers.  

My Luv,

Here's Your 115th song: I Can Wait Forever by Simple Plan

Photo of the Day: The Light


Tuesday- April 29, 2014

Location: The CoffeeBean and Tea Leaf SM City Cebu.

My Treats: Whole Wheat Banana Muffin and Small Hot Caramel Macchiato

Yesterday, I struggled for the price of the domestic flights I got from the local agent nearby. Had I known I'd come to the city today, I wouldn't have gotten overcharged. Anyway, am fine so I wouldn't spend too much time on some other stuff but rather take my time shopping for new clothes and shoes FOR the elderly.  


Dear Panther,

All I could say is Teddy and I miss you so much...see you in wechat soon. Sending lots of love from Cebu to the campers and their ever loving dad. AND Susan is sending a cup of caramel macchiato and whole wheat banana muffin to her Panther. Will you promise to Stay safe and wear the most beautiful smile for the week ahead?

Your 116th song: Can't Keep My Hands Off You by Simple Plan

"OMG I just found this song and am sure it would be impossible for me to keep my hands off you!"  LOL! Lots of luv and kisses from us....mwah!

Photo of the Day: Join Me please...

Monday, 28 April 2014

112th Song

Friday April 25, 2014
Location: Starbucks SM City Cebu

Beverage: Tall Espresso Frapp

Now, am at SM Starbucks and I was a lucky customer to get a free Tall beverage of my choice...LOL just wait Java Chip Frapp I'll get you for free.  

Will head to the South terminal in a few minutes...just relaxing a bit here.

Dear Panther,

Last night, you made me really happy so I made something for you. Haha! Hope you wouldn't hate me for that little handmade LOL! Luv ya! Hugs and Kisses from Teddy to the Campers. still praying Darcy will stay... :(

Your 112th song: When I'm Missing You by A1

"I always wish you're by my side...hugs!"

Friday, 25 April 2014

She's Blessed

Thursday April 24, 2014

I wasn't so successful processing my OEC because I didn't have the Work I ended up the nearby internet cafe to send the HR an urgent email for the scanned work permit. This is insane because I live four hours from the city center and I can't just go back the next day. God, help...well I feel good because the cafe is playing Christian songs. Awww this saves my Day!

God is really good because when I got back to POEA, there were hundreds of OFWs queuing, and guess what the assessor didn't let me queue again. Well, that wasn't the only surprise I had, while busy looking for the right document basket, I ran into my long lost very good sister and friend, Goldameir, OMG! Alright lemme get you straight...we finished at 12noon and we headed to SM for lunch. 

Since, I couldn't get back to Oslob anymore because it was way late, I went back to Lovinni's mom and slept over for the second night. Thank God they had been really nice to me and treated me more than a family. 


Hey Panther, you know what I've already prepared a little scrap book for you and the campers. Thanks for always being there whenever I need you. Love u lots from me and Teddy! Be safe always love! Hugs and Kisses to the Campers...

Your 111th song is: Like a Rose by A1

"This is how you always treat me...thank goodness I've believed I've already found my crazy half and soul from you! "

Photo of the Day: Here I Am

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Harsh Isn't It?

Tuesday-April 22, 2014

Those weeks have been very harsh to me...from the horrible internet connection, to being physically unwell until two days ago when I felt like I could breathe better than the past few hectic and boring mid days. All I need is a stable connection because I have something very important to translate, and my way of communicating while am in my town is thru mails and skype. But it seems like technology hasn't been so nice to me since I left Cambodia. 

Missing Panther like Crazy

Woaaa...I have the feeling of missing almost half of my life since March because of the very unstable means of communication. Luv, we miss you much and Teddy is sending lots of hugs and kisses from Cebu. Love ya lots, too from Susan.

Your 109th song: Sing by Ed Sheeran

Photo of the Day: Luv You

Wednesday- April 23, 2014

Here I am again in this city where am surrounded by modern sky scrapers and luxurious shopping malls. One of them is the Ayala center, one of the most well-known malls where cafes, and all imported shops are here. BUT behind its being peaceful and expensive, YOU wont expect to get an at least stable internet connection. This is what I miss about Vietnam where free, fast and stable wifi is anywhere. 

Mind you, I purchased an internet card from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for 195 pesos or almost 10$ but I haven't been able to connect until now. Am still using the on/off free Ayala Mall wifi. Should I return the card? Dammit! 

Hey Luv,

I know that I'll also miss my family so much once I go back to Vietnam, but my heart is telling me to fly back soon so I could finish my personal stuff there without having a pain in the neck. By the way, thanks again for including me in your mighty prayers...HUGS and Kisses and lots of luv from me and Teddy! Mwah...

Panther's 110th song: Top of the World by The Carpenters

Awwww luv, I know how it feels to laugh out loud with you...miss you lots from Cebu! 

Photo of the Day: The History

Monday, 21 April 2014

Errands Almost Done

Sunday-April 20,2014

Thank goodness errands almost done...honestly these have been driving me insane but i realized that I've also learned a lot from those tasks. As usual, it was a very lazy Sunday that all I could do was to wish I were in Viber and or Wechat with Panther, Barbie, Lovinni and Geleen.


Dear Panther,

Thanks really for your sincere prayers, I couldn't ask God for more for having you because you're always there for me no matter how tied up you are at work and personally. My apologies for not having a wifi connection here...I could've stalked you more. LOL! Hugs and Kisses from me and Teddy, and lots of love, too.

107th song: Ours by Taylor Swift

"We will never care, yeah? Hihihi..awww miss you lots!"


Monday-April 21,014

Finally, I was able to settle safe one of the most important documents for the property today. Though it took me all day to run to and fro to finish everything, it was a real success. In two days, I'll take care of my personal stuff in the city and prepare to be back to my second home, Vietnam.

108th song: Today Was a Fairytale by Taylor Swift

"Ive been always cheesy, I know right? But I wanna say that, THAT ONE DAY will come when I could hug you really tight and make me feel that everything will be alright." Luv ya lots!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Lenten Season

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Miyerkules Santo-you're supposed to go fasting at least starting today because of the observance of the Lenten season. Alright then, stick to veggies and fish until Easter Sunday. 

Hope all is well...Teddy and I miss you LOL! Be safe always! 

103rd song: Home by Daughtry

Photo of the day: The Hill view of the Old Church

Thursday-April 17,2014

---In the afternoon, I ran away to the hills with my camera to release my anger after the argument with mom this morning.

Holy Thursday- Since I left the Catholic church in 2006, am a bit keen on those visiting servants of the local Catholic churches called, "Apostoles", to bless each house and of course you're supposed to leave an offering on the altar. Well, I got nothing against the religion because I was born and raised in a devout family of Catholics. This isn't a big deal and as much as I really wanna say something on the way they do it, I just want to give them the "respect" that they deserve because at least they're serving the Lord. 


104th song:  (Waiting for) Superman by Daughtry
Photo of the Day: Our Escape

Friday-April 18,2014

Good Friday- I had an argument  yesterday with my mom, so today I'm talking to anyone because am not in the mood. I thought, it's a bad day and I just want to run away the same thing I did yesterday. Anyhow, I managed to save my day and yet I was able to take evening photos with the small creatures by the seashore because I failed to shoot the starts for they were covered with clouds. 

105th song: Photograph by Nickelback
Photo of the Day: The Very Calm part of the sea at NIGHT

Saturday-April 19, 2014

Black Saturday- Woke up early to finish the talk with the owners of the property we are going to buy...and thank goodness everything is fine now. On Monday, we're going to settle to documents so I could also do my errands before I go back to  Ha Noi.

106th song: Savin Me by Nickelback
Photo of the day:  The Crab at NIGHT

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Panther Tuesday

Monday- April 14, 2014

It rained all day and I wouldn't wonder why I had a very good excuse not to go out besides the fact that I wasn't feeling really well. I've been thinking a lot lately maybe because I got something physical and quite personal in which am a bit worried about. But no worries, I'll be fine...God is great all the time. "No weapon formed against me, Panther, my family and friends shall prosper in Jesus' Name!"

Yowww Panther,

Hope you had a wonderful start of the week...I declare safety and lots of love and smile for the week ahead. Hugs from Teddy and Susan.

We're om our 101st song: You Are The One by Toni Gonzaga

Note: photo of the day will be uploaded in the next few days HUHU shame on me...

 Tuesday- April 15, 2014

Today, I was kinda productive because I sorted some very old stuff from my suitcase I left a few years ago. Guess what I've found... some very special,  old notes from friends, memories of Starbucks from the collectors items to the letters from my close friends  scribbled in those tissue papers. Amazing...I was also able to get some "antique" cassette tapes, Korean Cds in which I wouldn't admit that I used to like K-Pop, and of course my favourite classics. Since I couldn't take them to Vietnam, I decided to take some photos get them uploaded once am back in Ha Noi. 

By the way, the weather is still gloomy and it's already dark at 4pm...huhuhu makes me really feel sad, too. :(


"Hey, it's officially missing Panther and the campers Tuesday!"  Arrghhhhhhhh...hugs and kisses from us. Woaa be safe always..don't forget coffee and your beautiful smile. Miss your laughs OMG seriously. 

Your 102nd  song: Sweet  Child O' Mine by Guns N Roses

"I know you always make me feel really special and THE prettiest...thank you sooo much!" Luv ya lots....mwaahhhh! 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Impossible Wifi Connection

It has been impossible to upload large files to my blogger because of my internet connection at the neighbourhood. Now, I'm in the local cafe in the city centre four hours from my little town and the wifi is free for two hours only.'s not worth spening a penny in cafes for wifi connection. 

Saturday-April 12, 2014

Panther's 99th song is: Too Hot by Alanis Morissette

"Always keep you chin up and remember that you're awesome." 

We miss you so much and am so happy to have talked to you today though my wifi sucks and you're there waiting. OMGosh so sorry aaaaaaaaaaaaa...  hugs and kisses from me and Teddy. Luv ya lots, too!

Photo of the Day: First Coffee and I wasn't Happy
in this cafe--the free two-hour wifi is ridiculously SLOW! yet u have to pay for the very expensive beverage and breakfast

Sunday-April 13, 2014

Panther's 100th song is: One by Alanis Morissette

Am going crazy because of the wifi connection...anyhow am so glad you're feelin better now. Luv ya lots from Teddy and Susan. Mwah be safe always!

Photo of the Day: stiff bacon

BTW, my left hand was holding a piece of those stiff bacon while my right hand is on the keyboard and my brain is getting numb because of Bo's Cafe's very slow two-hour "free" wifi connection. OMG! 
From Bo's coffee--too expensive for those TOO stiff and tough bacon LOL

Friday, 11 April 2014

It's Friday

 Yaayyy it's Friday and it's almost a week since I've been here...aww this is awesome and thought am running out of blood because of the monster mosquitoes in the neighborhood. Anyhow, getting ready for the translation and will finish soon. 


Hey Panther,

Teddy misses you so much my luv, awwwww hope all is well and will be uploading photos soon. Hugs and Kisses!

Your 98th song is: Higher by Creed

"Take me higher, please!" LOL hugs

Photo of the day: Little by Little

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sprained Back

I'm feeling uneasy because I got so much errands to finish and these are one of the reasons why I haven't started much on the translations as my internet connection is impossible here in my hometown, either.  Anyhow, I would be fine and will finish the most important one at a time as long as everything is on track. In the next few days, I have to go to the city centre for my OEC then to get the final draft of the translation. Oh, God help and now I'm having a back pain because of something silly I just did this afternoon. Well, btw as to the weather here in Cebu it's hot..huhu...and there are too many mosquitoes in the neighborhood. 

Hey Panther,

Thanks for the videos of the campers you'll be uploading ...I miss them so much because I haven't seen them for a few days. HUHU Please be safe always and remember to drive safer and don't forget coffee, too. Hugs and Kisses from Teddy and muffins from Susan.

Your 97th song is: Lights by Ellie Goulding

"You're the lights that keep me on track whenever am down and grumpy." Hehehe...

Lots of love,

Teddy and Susan

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

High School Diary

Last night, to my surprise, I saw my high school diary and at first I didn't recognize that it was mine. After reading a few pages, I thought the handwriting was too familiar. So, I went back to the first crumpled page, and yes it was mine-a very old, notebook in which everything was almost all about how mom scolded me for being so lazy. She then told me when she came back home that she felt bad when she read those scribbles because of what she did. She also said, "Now you can tell me anything...the pain that I gave you back then." Of course, am not gonna do that because despite the hard feelings I had a long time ago, it was already in the past and it taught me how to be stronger and more independent. Anyhow, am fine and yes I kept it... it just feels great to see those conversations with my diary now that am 33 years old. LOL


Hey Panther,

Glad to hear that you're always safe and sound. I know that you can handle things pretty well and those are one of the things that make you the most awesome person I've ever met. You're a wonderful person and a gift to your loved ones. Hugs and Kisses from Teddy and muffins from Susan. 

Your 96th song is: Life is Wonderful by Jason Mraz

"Yes, you always make me feel how wonderful life is despite having a roller coater ride.. LOL"

Shame on me I can't update the photos not until next week after the holidays and once I'm able to finish my errands. 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Little Town

 April 08, 2014/Tuesday

It was the same ordinary day at the little town...and being away from technology is a great thing  because you won't get stressed out with email notifications and some other online related stuff.  If my brother-in-law didn't call early, I wouldn't wake up until 9am. Anyhow, I just hope that  errands and other stuff especially the translation would be done soon before I go back to Ha Noi. Somehow, I miss my  crib in the dormitory maybe because mosquitoes in the neighborhood never spare me a little blood. Haha! 

Dear Panther,

Hope all is well with you and the campers...and praying that you're always safe and remember to drive safer. We miss you...hugs and kisses from me and Teddy. 

Your 95th Song:  I Turn To You by Christina Aguilera   

 My apologies if I havent updated the photos yet...", anyhow, you know that I could always turn to you no matter what. Thank you so much. Hugssss! 

Monday, 7 April 2014

Warm Monday

Yeah, I woke up at 9am Manila time, and as usual I could overhear mom complaining why I was still asleep that late. "She must be tired from the flight yesterday", my aunt said. No, am not sure..really I wanna go to the beach this afternoon and take some photos and share how laid back life is supposed to be in this countryside. Let's see what my shutter can do when I get to the old church later and see the afternoon sun by the beach where I used to play with my high school friends during lunch. 

There wasn't really a wonderful memory in that place, except the cold breeze  which gets into my veins everytime I passed by the public cemetery on my way home with all those scary ghost stories the villagers had been told about. Hmnn tell you what, I won't go there alone later, LOL will be with my 8 year-old niece. 

Note: will update the photos once I get proper internet connection...

Panther's 94th song is: Whistle by Florida

Hey Panther!

Oh well, this is my second day here and the breeze is really warm but anyhow I grew up here so it's easy to cope with the sound of the angry waves at dawn. The only thing that has changed in this town is the very noisy vehicles and the congested huge houses owned by whites. Arghhhh..I'll have mine, too in a few weeks. LOL 

We miss you so much and will always think of you. Luv ya lots! Hugs and Kisses from Teddy.

And btw am gonna kick some people's ass once they make you really tired today. Always remember to drive safer my luv. Mwah!

Welcome Home

April 06, 2014

The flight from Siem Reap was pretty rough because it was delayed for almost 2 hours. We took Manila at 330am Manila time, and immediately rushed to the check-in counter for my 6am domestic flight. It was a very long day because I hadn't slept since yesterday. Well, thank God Teddy and I safely arrived in my little town at 1pm. I was really exhausted and yet managed to take an afternoon nap for two hours. 

Did my family miss me after two years of not seeing them? Yes, I thought so as I could see it in their longing eyes. Again, thank God safe home despite the turbulence on the way to Manila. 

We're on our 93rd song: Chasing the Sun by The Wanted

"You always make me feel safe and you always make me feel that you're just here right beside me."

I miss bugging you each day and now that wifi connection is almost impossible here in my little town, I feel really sad and I just wanna cry because I won't be able to talk to you in Wechat everyday. For now, all I could do is to send you mails everyday, and or bug you with regular sms and update you with my blogs. It doesn't matter if I have to run to an internet shop in the afternoon just to keep you posted. You know what, last night, I wrote a draft of my Monday blog on my niece's grade school paper. Haha! 

Luv you lots! Hugs and kisses from me and Teddy! I'll upload soem photos maybe tomorrow. 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bakong Village

Bakong village is an hour and a half by jeep from the centre of Siem Reap. People are nice, honest and soulful and they welcome visitors with a very warm "Hi" especially those fragile smiles of the kids on the way. The community is small and peaceful and the main livelihood is farming rice, veggies, lotus flowers and selling at the local wet market. 

I also found out that children stop school at grade four because parents can't afford to send their children to primary schools. The guide said that there weren't any volunteers in the village because it was far and as much as they wanted to get English teachers for instance, no one was willing or perhaps it was hard for them to find any. 

While I was on the jeep on the way to another village, I saw kids with their very old, dirty uniforms and yet they didn't look like the rich children out there who were full of regrets, frustrations and disappointments. They seemed to be very contented with what they have that they could still wear the happiest and most genuine SMILES anyone could imagine. I thought of going back and see what I could do. 

I know that this isn't the only place that needs help, there are too many in this "corrupt" world and blame the poor for their being poor. Well, I still believe that love conquers all and if you happen to READ this POST, hopefully you're one of the miracles for this community full of beautiful souls. 

Here are the photos. But please pardon me if I had to post some which aren't really good to see. Anyhow, God bless all of you and let's try to reach out and be a gift to them one day. 

this will be your palm tree sugar

lemongrass for a few cents 

i bet we need English teachers here

the local wet market

stop complaining for not having pizza :(

not sure but i think this is some kinda fermented fish

smoked fish

dried fish

she must be at school not here :(

a temple in the middle of the forest

she loved to be captured

he was kinda now u complain u don't have clothes? think!

a pre-school... YES this is where they learn

The Best Medicine

"It doesn't matter whether you've been to different continents or not, what matters is how you grow after every journey and snap shot."

Getting ready for the Philippines in a few hours and...the best thing about this trip was, it taught me how to become stronger and more independent financially, emotionally and most of all keeping in touch with my loved ones no matter how hectic days are especially when you don't have a personal phone number. Well, thanks to the internet, I could still keep my friends and family members in viber, skype and mails and of course my Panther in Wechat. 

That feeling when you don't wanna leave Siem Reap because people are just so nice, as well as the very rich culture this city has given me. I couldn't thank God for more for the opportunity to meet this souls especially when I went to Bakong village where children had to wear very old uniforms at school, and they normally stop learning at grade four which is heart-breaking. I asked if someone might be NGOs had reached the place, they said NO...Not Yet. I hope one day, I could help...I'll be posting the photos later with the hope that someone who has a heart of gold could help reach the kids in this community. 

In addition, the very delicious and nutritious lunch was served by a local family in Kompong Khleang an hour by jeep from Bakong village.This village literally floats during rainy seasons so they make sure the pillars of their houses are more than 3 meters high or even higher. Will be posting an article on these villages as well the pictures on my next post. 


To my Panther,

I'm leaving for the Philippines later and won't be able to reach until Monday...hopefully I could get an internet connection nearby my little town because mom doesn't have any. LOL. I love you so much and Teddy says he misses you, too. Hope you're having a wonderful and safe weekend..........MWah! 

Your 92nd song:  Easy to Love You by Shayne Ward

"You always tell me how beautiful and perfect I am. This makes keeps me younger, happier and feeling prettier each day."  I wanna tell you how amazing and wonderful you are, Panther. Hugsss and Kisses from Teddy again. 

Photo of the Day:  Me for You LOL

Foot Massage

Date: April 04, 2014 Friday

One of the most exciting experiences I've had was to go cycling in Bakong village a countryside in Siem Reap. People were naive, soulful, honest and friendly. After Bakong, we hopped on the jeep and had lunch in a local family in Kompong Khleang a floating village an hour from Bakong.

We got back to the city centre at 520pm and  since I had been really tired and my muscles seemed to have been stiff, I decided to get a foot massage for an hour and that was another great feeling before I leave for the Phillpines tomorrow night.

Hugs to Panther....and oh I just wanna say that you deserve a tower of your favourite beer, hugs, cuddles, kisses and muffins after a long week at work. Luv you lots from me and hugs tight from Teddy. Sorry the wifi connection was unstable and couldn't publish this post on time. 

We're on our 91st song for the 4th of April: Someone to Love by Shayne Ward

"This song reminds me how lucky I am to have you."

Picture of the day: the Bridge
miss u

Friday, 4 April 2014

Sunrise by the Angkor Wat

Managed to get up at 5am for the sunrise Angkor Wat tour. Oh, I was very surprised when I didn't even have the space to take very good photos with the hopeful, gleeful sunrise because there were too many people. Anyhow, you know me..I wouldn't pass up anything that makes my heart beats fast esp the sunrise, so I waited and was able to take some wonderful ones. Yes, I was happy with my shots so I'm posting them edits, no crops...raw, straight from my SLR. 

Here are the shots and I could say that the swollen soles were happy with the tour, too. LOL

the ceiling

my tour guide hehe