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Friday, 31 January 2014


Let's Get Grumpy

Oh yes it's  Friday and the last time I went to a bar was in September 2013 with Pylot and two other kids for two shots of tequila. If I could still remember exactly, that was on my birthday the 4th and since my sister Pam was too busy she wasn't able to make it even for dinner. 

Anyway, today I just feel like OMG I wanna have Panther to talk to until morning with some random shots of laughs, and humor. And before going home, dropping by Starbucks coffee with my favorite Java Chip Frapp would suffice to relieve the smell of a bit of alcohol running insanely through my veins. The last time I was in Starbucks was two years ago? Can you imagine that? 

But...Hey you know what, I really wanna have that kooky, wacky, tireless giggles of being mean to those idiots around, and or visualizing what to do when I get grumpy and or when he's on his low. day, I know it's worth the wait noh? 

Your 30th song is:  Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift

This is crazy but I can feel that we can run away anytime and forget about what others would think and say. We are unique and unlike the "simple" ones, it's just you and I against this world full of bullsh*t! Sorry for the expression...just saying. 

Photo of the Day:
smelly teddy says good night :) 

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Our Nuts

We Only Have Each Other's Nuts

Do you remember those lines I went ahead a "bit"  in VM? Hahaha...anyhow this song says a lot about how you cheerfully let go of the things which hinder the beauty of your  "today". You're awesome, and you know that! 

The 29th song of the Year:  Let It Go by Idina Menzel


Photo of the Day: Keep Calm and...
Keep Calm And Smile :)

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Imagine We're in Haven

Ordinary's my three-week Tet vacation and I feel like a dumb beach bum who know nothing but enjoy the movies, sleep and eat and or sometimes hit Haruki. But oh not that I'm too lazy, in fact I've been too busy with Haven Season 3. 

Your 28th Song of the year: Hero by Enrique Iglesias

I know you're always there to dance with me even if I don't ask you...and I'll always be here for you and make you smile if you can't though not that perfect, I'll do it for you, really.

Hope I haven't stumbled into songs you don't wanna hear, ouch! By the way, I know that things won't be really easy for both of us but I'm sure we'll get there soon. Alright let's just think that we are in Haven and everything is surrounded by troubled people and yet we still make it to our favorite coffee shop laughing at idiots around. Yes, easier said than done...and oh every night I wish I could help you with your errands especially when you get home tired. I'm so sorry...can't do anything. Will always miss and think of you my luv. Hugs and Kisses from Teddy and Susan. 

Here is the link:

Photo of the day: Credits to Panther 
He got this for me...thanks that was so sweet of him. He knew how much I love the Clouds. 


Puddles of Happy Ending

When I was a kid, thought each country had its own sun or moon and because of that the weather varies. There was always a time when I had to sit under my favorite coconut tree by the hills in my little town watching the sunrise, and sat again in the afternoon to see it set, believing that I could count its fading beams just like what my right hand used to warily fiddle the rays of the sun in school. 

Well, I was really bad at drawing and swinging the crayons that sometimes all I wanted to do was to taste them hoping that each color had its own flavor. And the clouds, they were very good at telling me how happy or gloomy I were and it looked like they were always there to set me free and cuddle me with their hypnotizing lullaby until I fall asleep under the wavy shade of the coconut leaves. 

Now, I know why mom used to think that I was weird, and thought that I wouldn't be able to make it to the first grade as I didn't go to the kindergarten. Oh guess what, she was right I was different from other children because I was able to be on the top two in class. 

Growing up with only one friend, wasn't that bad at all because at least I could enjoy the toy guns, and the colorful cars as well as loving the tap on the head when he cheated in scrabble. And, yes those memories weren't complete without swimming in the puddles on the way home and forgetting my lunch box in school that made mom decide to wrap my lunch with banana leaves. Funny, but I always went home soaking wet with my books because every umbrella was gone after "me" holding it. Uhmmm little did they know that it was the fierce wind from that raging afternoon storm which took my mom's favorite, huge, black umbrella. 

So, how's my story related to those clouds that Panther had sent me? Tell you what, each snap's shape, shade and vibrance gives me too much to look forward to life. Am not talking about the future, but the promise of having a family tree scribbled in those clouds with the promise that one day, that lightning will strike to our own heartbeat and make us one. 

Did I give u a creep out of my tiny, non-sense "chronicle"? Hope not...

Thanks for the photos my dear Panther. I owe you one...a lot should I say. Enjoy the shots! 

P/S: You might think that those pics are the same as most of them were on the same they aren't because besides being taken on different days and time, each has its own beauty. It's up to you to see and appreciate its wonder. 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

We're Our Everything

Miss You

Gosh I'm hooked up with "Haven" and now two more episodes for Season 2 and ready for the third drift. Thanks to Panther for patiently sending those missing tides which Utorrent couldn't download. Well, before I get caught with too much excitement, let me put the grinds in a nutshell what I had done today. First, I should thank the Lord for giving me another life.

This morning on my way to the city, the bus driver speed up like insane  that one of the tires produced a dreary, creaking sound and the driver could barely hit the brake to check what happened. Seriously, all  I could think was, "Oh My Gosh, Am I Gonna Die Today?", and thought about Panther. My heart was beating really fast that I was short of breath until I got to Sushi Bar to pacify my Japanese cravings. 

After lunch, I quickly headed to the supermarket for some veggies and fruits. I was still faint-hearted to take the bus, yet managed to get back home safe. Thank goodness the day was good to me. 

To Panther:
You're always in my mind no matter what the weather is and wherever I go and whatever I do. Hugs and Kisses. Yes, I heart you, whether you like it or not. Haha. 

Here's your 27th song: You're my Everything by Corbin Bleu

---Yup this song says it all because when I can't smile, you do it for me. We are simply everything for each other. Hugs. 


Photo of the Day:

Monday, 27 January 2014

Hummingbird Heartbeat

The 26th Song:  Hummingbird Heartbeat by Katy Perry


Am a stupid girl for not being  afraid to show him how I feel. Sometimes, the bad memories of the past come back, and I keep asking why those people I loved ran away from me. Maybe because I'm an open book and too silly that I scared the hell out of them. But I should thank them for I found my soul mate who is willing to always take me out of my grumpy pants. His laugh is enough to make me smile again. 

Please knock on my dumb head if I came to the point of overdoing things...or if one day You'll wake up and realize that I'm not funny anymore just tell me.  Hugs and Kisses. Anyhow, you always make me feel like I'm losing my "virginity" the first time you talked to me and until now you make me bloom like a wild lily in an island full of dreams came true. Haha! OILY...

Photo of the Day: 
lunch time in the jungle :)

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hope All Is Well


How have you been? I do respect your personal space and privacy, but I hope you're fine. When I asked you whether you were OK or not, you just plainly said, "YES". Seriously, I wasn't convinced because even if we have just known each other for a few months, I can feel your moods. It hurts me though maybe because I am used to having you laugh and giggle with other kinds of mixed emotions. Anyhow, I also get the hang of the idea that everyone has his own high and low...but I still pray that you're perfectly alright. 

Sometimes, when I'm blue I'm scared to share with you, though I know that you're always there for me not because I fear that you've got errands to do, but because I thought my dramas aren't in perfect timing with your day. Well, you're not compelled to vent out with me all the time...I understand. I know you can handle things pretty well but I'm still here ready to listen and kick those nasty jack-asses who give you bad knew that. Be Safe Always. Hugs.

The 25th song: "Don't Stop Believing", Glee Cast. 

My apologies, I failed to get a photo of the day...I am not in the mood to do anything. 

BUT... the Panther took me out of my grumpy pants today and introduced  me to Mr. Yellow.

the problem child

Saturday, 25 January 2014

I Know You Can Show Me

Your 24th song: I Wanna Know What Love Is (Lemon Ice)

Sorry, I'm not feeling well brain cells are numb that no words come out of my mind. Be Safe Always. 

Here is the link of the song:

Photo of the day: Healthy Lifestyle

Friday, 24 January 2014

Only Hope

Your Song, My Song

Finished off all errands this afternoon, from FPT Cau Giay campus for some gifts, then before I lost my "intestinal fortitude" with the "slow-witted" bank teller in TPB, there and then, I dragged my hasty feet for a fringe trim in Morrocan Oil. By the time I clinched the deal for a coffee with my student, I had my hair done and was panting when I arrived at Big C Supermarket for some fruits and yogurt, good for a two-week holiday at the dorm with "Haven" seasons 1-4 courtesy of my luv. 

Hmnn... was having a horrible headache and my right eye had been pushing buttons of my veins which made my blood run cold, yet still managed to get home safe but by a cab. Oh, my gosh...promise I won't do it again. 

This must be the best Tet Holiday ever as I have more time for myself nuzzling Teddy as well as getting more laughs, hugs, kisses, VMs, chuckles and mollycoddles with Panther. 

The 23rd Song of 364 Days: 

Dunno if you like this, but this gives me life especially when I think of how you'd sing our song over and over again straight from your huggy, mushy heart. "Only Hope", by Mandy Moore is your 23rd song of the year. Missing and thinking of you each day... 

Photo of the Day is the Blue Sky from Panther: 

Lyrics from Our Conversations

Thank You

Whenever I'm down in the dumps I listen to one of the best songs you gave me. So not to forget them, I decided to save them here. I wasn't able to download all of them for some reasons though... these lyrics mean so much to me. Thanks!

1. Your Song:  Ellie Goulding
2. How About Us: Champaign
3. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life: Indeep
4. Lights: Ellie Goulding
5. You're The Inspiration: Chicago
6. If I Lose Myself:  One Republic
7. LoveSong: The Cure
8. Best Day of My Life: American Authors
9. Burn: Ellie Goulding
10. Happy: Pharrell Williams
11. Captain of Her Heart: Double
12. Time After Time: Bear McCreary Feat Raya Yarbrough
A Poem for Panther


No lyrics can fathom, how you make me smile.
No one understands how much we grip each other tight.
No material possessions can replace you, my love.
No dietes can color my life without you in my darkest nights.

You might be tired of my whinings,
You probably want to kick me when I'm silent.
You are ready to chase my nightmares.
You, at least put up with my grumpy pants.

I know you're always there for me,
I am sometimes, scared of being alone.
I won't, not anymore coz we're meant to be.
I bet, unlike them we have the sweetest, funny bone to tickle on.

Will you promise to stay with me whatever the weather is?
Will you say good night with cuddles, hugs and kisses?
Will you laugh on your voice messages when you see stupid boobies?
Will you cry with me when something is too delicious?

My nuts are yours, and your nuggets are mine.
My dried fish you wont stomach, but my white chocolate are fine.
Though, I thought your Strawberry Blaze was a "Glaze",
You're still perfect to me, ohh  jezz!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Little Things

You're Perfect To Me

Hey, last night I had a dream that you were "grossed out" of my being silly, cheesy and I asked you if you still wanted to talk to me but you didn't say anything. When I woke up, I thought it was just a dream...seriously, I thought of good things before my eyelids were shut off. So what happened to my subconscious? Anyhow, my heartbeat says that you're pure to me and I will always adore everything about you.  Everything, Panther! 

This song is very meaningful, though we haven't seen each other yet...but I know that you're the one I am destined to be with for the rest of my despicable life.  One Direction hits you once again with, "Little Things", for the 22nd song of the year --- I still recall how delighted you were with my voice on that video I sent you, and little did you know that your laugh in your voice messages simply put me under magic spell. Whenever I am blue, I go back to our old conversations and sniggle with your true-blue, high-minded and incomparable prĂ©cis.  I miss you. 

Photo of the Day Taken  Yesterday at the Coffee Bean, Ha Noi
Hot White Chocolate for Panther

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Passenger Seat

You and I, We Will Make It Till The End

Your 21st song is Stephen Speak's, "Passenger Seat". I dunno but this is just so beautiful because when I listen to this song I remember how you make me really happy and giggle with your laughs. You're always in my heart...hugs. My apologies if sometimes I get into my grumpy pants, thank goodness you could still put up with me.  "Mahal Kita"! 

And please forgive me if I get so cheesy...:) hope you're fine with that.  And to those assholes around you, screw them! Arrghh...if I could only kick their stinky heads out of your way, I would have started hunting all idiots on your way. 

Here's the song's link:

Photo of the day is Panther's "missing him" Cake...

I miss You, Panther.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bring Me To Life

Wake Me Up Inside

Not feeling well today, I wish I could tell you...but I don't want you to worry about me. But I promise I'd make myself better soon. 

Here's your 20th song of the year: Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life".



Photo of the day:  Credits-Panther
Cleo Sleeping Early Morning

Hugs to Myself


I feel blue today...though the sun shines bright as if it is whispering and lifting my spirits up, yet something is wrong with me...I don't have a clue what. This will pass soon, nothing serious...just let the tears flow freely like a river aged in time. Hugs to myself. 


Bo Bia Ngot Vendors

Ho Tay, Ha Noi

As soon the sun sneaks in the lake, Bo Bia Ngot vendors seem to quickly queue  and pop like mushroom on every gutter of the beavering streets of Ho Tay. I'm not sure what makes young couples esp girls smile like they are given the most expensive diamond ring by their boyfriends once they stop for some sweets. Well, one fine afternoon, I will give it a go. 

 Anyhow, I had tried another street food called "keo nha" once, but it was too "sugary" and I couldn't stomach it aside from being so sticky and tough. 

Here are the snaps!