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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Wonderfully Made

What I do in front of my mirror or in the shower every morning:  

It has been at least 5 years that I've been giving myself the power of "I am". This has kept me on the right track because I believe that words are powerful, thus, we should be careful with what we say. Thank goodness I found a church in my country which unselfishly taught me these affirmations.  

"I'm strong, I'm amazing, I'm beautiful, I'm young,I'm a warrior, I'm a great teacher, I'm patient, I'm successful, I'm blessed, I'm talented, I'm prosperous, I'm healthy, I'm fearfully and wonderfully made, I'm more attractive, I'm surrounded with God's favor, I can do everything thru Christ who gives me Strength!"

This prayer and declaration also go to Panther- He's strong, He's a winner, He's energetic, He's successful, He's very healthy, He's amazing, He's wealthy, He's a victorious warrior, He's more than a conqueror, He's surrounded with God's favor,and He can do everything through Christ who gives Him strength." In Jesus' Name, Amen.

We're crowned with favor and we're excited about our future! No weapon formed against me, my family, my friends, and Panther shall prosper, In His Name! 

Wednesday- August 13th, 2014

Panther's 225th song: Revelation Song by Phillips, Craig and Dean

Photo of the Day: Looks Gloomy Yet Windy

Thursday- August 14th, 2014

Panther's 226th song: Promise of a Lifetime by Kutless

Photo of the Day: Busy Day 
the Old Quarter


Friday- August 15th, 2014

Finally got the main post office in the Old quarter after almost 2 hours of keeping my shoulders and bones held the 9kg  box for mom. So, I thought I deserved a "treat"... went to the same place on the 5th floor by the lake. The day won't be complete without my tall hazelnut coffee freeze in Highlands... though the bartenders weren't so attentive, I thought waiting for a forgotten order was a rare chance for my shutter to get a life on a warm afternoon. 

At 430pm, I walked to Hang Manh street to get a hostel because my feet and back were numb that it was impossible for me to catch a bus back to my dorm. The Holidays Gold was full and I was referred to Charming which was oh, well, fine because it was clean and had friendly staff, too. 

In the evening, I gloated some cheap fast food at Gecko (tripadvisor winner) and was happy with my "Americana" mock-tail, spicy mackerel, fresh spring rolls and mango crepe with vanilla ice cream. "Life is good", I thought. Since I didn't have the energy to take some night photos, I slowly walked back to the hotel at the small, dark corner of the street but a spa caught my attention. My back and my neck pushed me to get inside for an Indian Back Massage for 300k vnd which I thought wasn't that bad.  This additional treat gave me a wonderful sleep! 

Panther's 227th song: Bless the Broken Road by Selah

Photo of the Day: Midday
midday blessings

Saturday- August 16th, 2014

Woke up at 9am and had Omelet, some fruits and Vietnamese milk coffee downstairs which made me think that my day would start well. While waiting for my platter, I picked up a yellow paperback, "The Backpacker" from the small bookshelf . I was able to read a few pages until I checked out the hostel. I've been looking for this "controversial" novel but haven't found any. 

At 1pm, I started to tirelessly scrutinize every bookstore in the area hoping I'd bump into John Harris' masterpiece, but it seemed like he hadn't been to any bookshelves in the Old Quarter. Was quite disappointed, yet kept walking and on the way, sipped an avocado smoothie with vanilla ice cream at a Vietnamese cafe along Trang Tien Street. Of course, my tummy wanted something to munch, and since the cafe's kitchen was closed, a young, bubbly, perky waiter on his bloody red striped top and apron, happily made me a tiny  American breakfast. 

The day was over and arrived at my dorm safely with "again" sore muscles from the weight of my backpack. 

Panther's 228th song: Hold My Heart by Tenth Avenue North

Photo of the Day: The Grey Cycle
the same place, the same street, the same culture, the same cafe...


Sunday-August 17th, 2014

"This a woman's life, pretty exciting and interesting," I murmured as I stretched my back  forcing it to get off bed. "Oh, it's almost 1pm,"  sighed. But before anything else, I made sure I'd plank first  so Day 25 for 210 seconds was done. 

"Make do with what you have, Sue," convincing myself to eat the wrinkled green bell peppers, pickles, and cherry tomatoes. A sprinkle of pink salt and olive oil made it taste fresh though...then opened a canned tuna flakes in vegetable oil and poured a teaspoon of lime. AND for coffee, I honestly don't like any 3-in-1 sachet because it has too much sugar, but didn't have  choice because it was there waiting to be in hot water. LOL! Hmnn... I mixed it with my soluble coffee grain and put a bit of honey. "Yayyy..I could be the happiest kid this morning!" I giggled. 

Though I wasn't able to go to church this morning, Joel Osteen gave me powerful sermons to ponder followed by my favourite Christian songs in Youtube.

Panther's 229th song: Draw Me Close by The Katinas

Photo of the Day: Pic-in-Pic
the other side of the glass 


  1. Wow! Vietnam is Vietnam. In color and in black-and-white.

  2. Have you watched "The Sapphires"?

    1. Jammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hahha OMG ah not yet hanapin ko nga yan sa Ytube haha salamat Jam

    2. Kalahati or 3/4 yata ng movie ay set sa Vietnam. Pero ang story ay tungkol sa mga aborigines ng Australia (so mga Aussie sila) kasama ang mga sundalong Kano syempre. Based on a true story. (The Sapphires)

  3. Gulat ka ano. Uy, Susan, mukhang masaya ka naman diyan sa Vietnam ah. At home na at home ka na. Maliban lang sa mga pasaway na Vietnamese. Mamili ka, sila o mga Krung Krung? Heneywey, andito ako para mag-imbestiga tungkol kay Panther. Harhar.

    1. hahah am watching The Sapphires haha wag ka magulo dian hahaha cge mag imbestiga ka nyahahahhaa oh well pasaway nga sila haha hmnnn wala ako pipiliin wahaha

    2. Jam napanood ko na hahaha maganda siaaaaaaaaaaaa OMG hahaha

    3. magnda siaaaaaaaaaa hahahhaa dali watch mo rin

  4. ambagal ng internet conneciton ko hahaha