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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

12 Months of Love

The Twelve Angles of 2014

Countdown... in two hours it is 2014 here in Asia. I wholeheartedly embrace the good vibes this year brings me whether here in Ha Noi, or to my family back in Cebu and or to all my friends and loved ones all over the globe. I prepared a small table of Vietnamese sticky rice, chicken, caramel, wine, kiwi, chocolates and cheese. My heart is supposed to feel lonely for this very special evening but instead it beats so fast, and excited  for the year ahead. All I need is a night of silent prayer and thanksgiving to welcome the new chapters of my life. 

Since I don't have much for tonight, I came up with twelve different angles which represent each month's happiness and prosperity.  Here they blessed!


Bountiful  February

Lucky and Healthy March

Awesome April Wanderlusts

May of Success
 June of  Amazing Ventures

Crazy Photography July

Financial and Career Surprises AUGUST

 September (my month) Overwhelming Proposals

Mama's Another Healthy, OCTOBER

Sweetest NOVEMBER Cuddles

DECEMBER  of Never-Ending Giggles

Year of the Horse

 365 days of Promising 2014

This post is intended for all the wishes, cravings, never-ending prayers for joy, love, longer and healthier life, more travels and financial security in all walks of this little girl 's life who has never stopped venturing down the narrow roads, back-alleys, wet and tough gutters which left her memorable scars in the past year. For now, her escape is her blanket where she can silently sob just to ease the pain which hit her soul. 

Well, I decided to make it clearer and are the things I have been praying for the year of the horse.

To My Soul Mate---whoever he is, I promise to make him proud of me by the time our giggles and goosebumps meet. I don't know who you are, but I am sure you are just there wandering around, or might still be enjoying your bachelor's life with cocktails and maybe with some hot girls?

Oh by the way, I wanna tell you beforehand that I am a silly, crazy, hopeless romantic, very sensitive girl anyone could imagine. I also got itchy feet, so I hope you'd understand that as well, and yes I drink too much coffee, take many photos and I love it when I am at the back of an over-speeding motorbike driver so that's the reason why I chose Mateo as my all time travel companion here in Vietnam. And ohhh... I am one of the boys, too so expect me to be with men most of the time because I am not really into girly stuff and I prefer to do things in a manly way,  but don't worry I am straight, okie? 

Oopss before I forget, I write too much random emotions in my Blogger and I bet you, some of them are non-sense but this is also one of my sidesteps especially when I'm in deep water. And lastly, I would like you to surf and or scuba dive with me, let's also go crazy white water rafting and could you also fly away with me by the longest zip line in the world? But the most important thing I would like you to bear with is to laugh with me even if it is not funny anymore...this is childish though. Take care and I will LOVE YOU for who you are...just you and I against the world. 

My Family Back in the Philippines:
Sorry if you had me far away from you that it has been three years since I haven't spent the Christmas and New Year's eve with you. Please also understand that I am still single, you know it is so damn hard to trust any man so just like mom told me, I should choose a guy who would respect me as a person. I promise to always keep you in my prayers and be with you soon. 

To My Itchy Feet:
Well, you know that I can't say no to spending a fortune on you, so I bet you're the luckiest as I got more wanderlusts this year and the years to come. I hope you're happy hearing this. 

To My Patience:
They say that prayer changes things, and yes I always pray to the Lord that He gives me more patience and may He guards my heart from all ugly attitude and other forms of negativity that might come my way. 

My Career and Finances:
These I leave everything to God for He is the author of my life, He commands my destiny! Well, all of the above mentioned wishes and prayers are already given to Him because His plans are better than mine. So, I got nothing to do but act while my Director is working in His mysterious ways

I declare, I get more and more surprises this year in Jesus' Name. Amen



Vietnamese Kitchen

New Year 2014

I was very surprised with what I saw from my favorite Vietnamese kitchen this afternoon. I never thought it would be that much because they don't follow the western calendar. Anyhow, I was hands on with the huge, beautiful dirty kitchen this family had. It was awesome in a way that I had a chance to take photos as much as I could. 

Here are the snaps...

Better Get Off Her Way


Her life sounds very interesting, and she will make 2014 the most promising one by leaving those people who have made her so dumb and weak. She thought it is better to be alone than with people who never appreciate her in so many ways.  Well, she never wakes up to please others... and yet she has survived on her own. This girl is not a typical one who would screw up other people's lives...maybe she is just being so nice and sometimes she is misunderstood, uhmm  I bet she is used to it. What's new?! 

Sunday, 29 December 2013

One Day...

Fed Up

Missing the underwater so much...wanna go home now to go white water rafting, scuba diving, breathing the rush of the zip line and shout as loud as I can to ease the pain I am feeling right now. Mixed emotions are killing me... take me to where I am supposed to be. I am fed up with everything, I laugh,  I give advice and comfort people but deep inside I'm bleeding. This isn't just I miss you. I wished I didn't have to be far from you...from the family. 

The scariest thing I'm worried about is what if one day, I chose to give up? As much as I don't want to... I can't just stop but cry and let the  anger, brokenness, frustrations, depression flow until my eyes go dry. One day, these will day...

Saturday, 28 December 2013


Thanks Panther ;)

That feeling when you're on your own with a bottle of Russian sparkling wine with Maroon 5...dancing like there's no tomorrow, worrying nothing,this-is-freedom indeed! It has been a long time since I feel like I am sooo "literally" alone but not now because I have learned my lessons. "Take it easy", my love,  life goes on and on and on... until the right "chapter" comes along with a promise of never-ending love and content. 

Well, oh yeah my eyes are shutting down...that I can barely see the alphabet on my keyboard but I am sober enough to express how happy I have been. There's always no reason to be happy, it is just all about how you handle life when it is on its worst. Something like you can freely turn your speakers on to its maximum volume in the middle of the night and sing to its beat and tune until you're hoarse. Life has never knocked me down because I bet I am strong enough to appreciate the simplest things that make me whole again. Those tough times, well... I will get even with them someday, Hahaha! 

Friday, 27 December 2013

Pick-Up Lines 101

Class Activity:  Pick-up lines

As a part of a Vietnamese conservative culture, it is unlikely to get a particular pick-up line for any situation.  But I believe that norms and standards have changed overtime, I meant Asian teenagers are as liberated and open-minded as of those western adults. 

One cold morning, I came up with three situations good enough for unexpected lines students would wildly think of. 

1.  Pick-up line on your first date.
2. Mom caught you watching porn.
3. A "gay" at the gym trying to touch your private parts. 

Here are some photos, and you decide whether it is inappropriate to get this topic in school apart from the books students are using to improve their English skills. I didn't say that they are awesome for their opinions, but sure I 'respect' them for being honest and bold at least. This isn't either a way of encouraging the kids to learn most of the slang, I always make sure they're always reminded when and how and to what extent they can use those stinky words and expressions. 

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Cheap Accent

He's Nothing But A Bugger

Gosh, I wanna kick myself for being so bubble-headed with his bland compliments! What had I been thinking when I believed in everything he uttered? Yup he was nothing but one of those typical jerks who thought he could get any nice girl around for his Spanish accent. Urrgh alright I admit it... I fell for him and you would laugh at me for being so naive. Darn... well I don't wanna hear anything from him anymore. But you know what if he was really that smart and sophisticated, a man enough who knew how to respect a woman's feeling then he wouldn't say HI to me after one month of not having any communications.  And I have also observed that whenever I share something, he tries to ignore it... I can't stand his attitude, effin jackass! He thought that because I have been nice to him and sound pathetic, I am already gullible, dopey and brainless. 

Well, tell you what he isn't that good-looking but he thought so because I treated him like Channing Tatum. He wished... yeah that Christmas day would be the last time I would talk to this "donkey". I knew I am not hot, nor pretty but I am not desperate enough to sleep with an ambitious stranger like him who pretends to be cool in front of a teacher. I still value my dignity and I deserve someone better who would awe me as a person and not see me as nothing but an easy girl. 

This blog is a slap to his dumb poker face to that day he reads this post. Aww, I am still lucky I didn't fall on his trap...such a numb-skull he is.  

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Just Me and The Little Pink Panther

Preparing for the Christmas Eve

My prayers:

Lord, thank you for all the blessings that you've given to me especially health, life, family, friends and job. Sometimes, I am very ungrateful and stubborn but You haven't given up on me...and that's the only thing that keeps me going. I love you Jesus.  Please grant me peace, serenity and the love of my life as well as my friends anywhere in this world full of wonders and surprises.  

My wish?
---To spend the next Christmas with my family back in the Philippines. God keep them safe and sound. 

How did I spend my day before the Eve?

First, I had Al Fresco's chicken-wing barbecue, spaghetti bolognese and then I looked around the Garden's shopping center for some photos because I was so curious how Vietnamese celebrate Christmas, and I found out that they just love to window shop, take many photos with the glittering Christmas tree in the middle of the shopping mall, and young adults wear mini skirts without stockings even if it's cold. Then well, the same story... dropped by Highlands coffee for my Hazelnut jelly, spent at least an hour getting some laughs with the panther in HangOut...and then headed to the mini mart nearby for Sparkling wine, cheese and chocolates.  Lastly, kicked in the bakers for a "Panther" cake and some bread.  Later I will be spending my Christmas Eve with the boys next door, Minh and Duy...for some ga rang muoi and xoi to complete the sweets that I got. 

P/S:  Hugs to the Panther and to my brother Baby Duck!

Here are some shots! Enjoy...