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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Proud Asians

Here is a short poem for proud yet naive and shy Asians. Most likely, we're discriminated in some ways yet we stand up and make a difference.

"I thought you Asian girls were supposed to be smart." uttered Clint Eastwood(Wolt Kowalski), in the 2008 "Gran Torino". Every race is unique and beautiful on its own way, but it's natural for the human race in general to have their own negative or positive opinion about a particular race which can be politically, personally, and or culturally influenced. Whatever it is, I wanna say that we were created one of a kind, thus, we don't need to compare ourselves to others nor feel disgusted with how others appear except of course, if someone from a particular minority or race has done something awful to you. 

Nut Brown

Tan, brown, dark or whatever you call it.
This's who we are, strong, confident and petite. 
Our race, stands out, though sometimes,
We wish we were fairer like Danes!

"I'm yellow," she said. 
"She's too short," he giggled.
"Sunblock, is all you need," mom yelled.
"I wish I were blonde," a kid sighed.

One fine day, she stepped out her comfort zone,
And took the biggest leap to Harvard.
Now she's wandering around all alone,
Why oh Why, she can't sit by his side?

Breathe deeply lil girl, you'll be fine.
Chin up, and smile for the new day.
They'll love you, if you allow them, e?
Whatever happens, never ever whine!

Whether you're from Laos, Japan, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand and The Philippines, you're a part of this gift of life, and each one is important. 

Hugs n Kisses from us...all! 

P/S: The picture was taken in FPT Hoa Lac campus with some international students. From left to right we got: Laos, Japan, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand and yours truly- The Philippines. 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

No, You're Not Going Back to the North!

I just love how Ed Sheeran's words and strings make me feel for today, I'd like to give Panther some of his songs. 

October 17th, 2014 Friday

Panther's 298th song: One by Ed Sheeran

The words say it all, I'd marry the man who would sing me this song! Seriously...and the next song, too! LOL

Photo of the day: My Companion


October 18th, 2014 Saturday

Panther's 299th song: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Yes, I can love you like am only 23...aww this song makes my heart beats fast! It makes sense having both the beat and the lyrics collide into a heart which feels only for that one very special person. 

Photo of the Day: Stranded Yet Moving
just one of the 'not so busy' boats along Nhat Le Beach

October 19th, 2014 Sunday

Coffee in Highlands with Hai after getting some crayons in The Gardens. 

Hmnn though I hated that hotel I got to spend the night on, I just thought I was only there for shower...never mind if I couldn't sleep, anyway! 

Panther's 300th song: All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran

Photo of the Day: Typical Afternoon (Dong Hoi)


October 20th, 2014 Monday

The airport was incredibly crowded it felt suffocating that I almost lost my patience with the staff in Vietnam Airlines. People looked like they were lost in the Amazon, and didn't even know if they could still make it to their flights. Arghhh... 

Well, I arrived safely in Dong Hoi and yeah...I had a hard time getting a nice lunch and ended up at a cafeteria close to my hotel. Sad to say, I had a bad stomach after that, probably the fish and veggies weren't fresh.  Should I say that was a horrible impression to me on my first day in the place? But instead of thinking about not surviving, I just thought that dinner would be awesome and the next few days would be perfect. Heck yeah, dream came true... seafood was Kien's  treat though he was tired from work, he managed to pick me up for a wonderful dinner. I'm always thankful to him...!

Panther's 301st song: Photograph by Ed Sheeran

Photo of the Day: The Bridge At Midday


October 21st, 2014 Tuesday

The morning started at 10am  with some pancakes and a hot cup of Buon Ma Thout coffee from Tree Hugger. Walked  to Nhat Le  beach for some sun and random street shots. 

Dinner by the way was on Kien's  mom at their cozy dinner table. He waited for me to be back in the hotel from the beach. After getting stuffed with those delish  her mom prepared, we had some frog and beer with his friends. 

Panther's 302nd song: I'm a Mess by Ed Sheeran 

Photo of the Day: Tam Toa Church (Dong Hoi)


October 22nd, 2014 Wednesday

Had a great time caving to Phong Nha and Paradise caves with nice lunch by the river... the National Park was pretty nice, too. I was back in the hotel at 530pm,  quite sleepy and tired but instead of hitting the sack, I took a quick shower and got some glasses of cocktails in Tree Hugger.  My heart was happy---and am more convinced that you can take me anywhere and I'd be really glad as long as it's not Ha Noi. 

Panther's 303rd song: Don't by Ed Sheeran

Photo of the Day: Sail Yours


October 23rd, 2014 Thursday

 Hung Cuong  came over from his hometown to Dong Hoi to see me again after a year since the last time I had a sip of coffee with him. He's been one of those people here who is always happy to see me. Yeah we had some drinks at Coco cafe, then carefully parked the bike at a narrow gutter around the area for some Banh Loc, drove to the beach for some photos and tried to watch the sunset. As soon as the clouds hid the sun from us, we headed to Nhat Le  beach for some seafood. Ooopss, I always hate drinking beer, but yeah I had a bottle for him. Not bad!!! 

Panther's 304th song: Even my Dad Does Sometimes by Ed Sheeran

Photo of the Day:Incomplete Without Them


October 24th, 2014 Friday

After some waffles at Tree Hugger,spent my last day taking street photos in the morning. The only thing that  I was insecured about was all eyes were on me because I was with my pink tank top and denim shorts while walking under the scorching sun at midday. Well, maybe they thought I was insane showing some skin under the sun while everyone was so scared of the UV rays. LOL!

Oh guess what, I went back to Tree Hugger for some toasties and banana smoothie and "The Olive Sisters" which I finished reading for three hours. 

In two hours I was already in the hotel for my afternoon nap... woke up feeling great though it rained heavily. Despite the restless raindrops, I managed to have some weird fresh spring rolls in the hotel. Thought dinner was not so good, so as usual I walked to the cafe and got three glasses of cocktail while having a nice chitchat with Anna, the owner of the cafe. 

Panther's 305th song: Sing by Ed Sheeran

Photo of the Day: Kid at Heart 


October 25th, 2014 Saturday

I was awake at 6am and dragged myself to the shower though it was too early, I had to or I'd miss my flight. Honestly, I wish I could just forget it because I wasn't excited to go back to Ha Noi. Too bad, but every time I escape from this cold northern part of Vietnam, my mind carelessly ticks me off with a wicked whisper "No, You're Not Going Back to the North, Sue!" Arghh... anyhow, I was starving as soon as I got off the cab-so ended up with a tasteless "vongole" in Al Frescos! 

Well, it was so nice of the boys to invite me for some coffee before I came back to my dorm in Hoa Lac (which is also kinda unpleasant) I thought. 

Panther's 305th song: The Man by Ed Sheeran

Photo of the Day: The More Dangerous, The Better!
since they wont allow me to swim i got sun tan instead--but i just thought that if i had a surfboard, they might allow me LOL

October 26th, 2014 Sunday

Got up so late that I didn't make it to the Sunday worship in HIF. "I'm seriously grumpy right now- feed me or I'll give you a pain in the butt, Sue!", complained my tummy. Before going for food hunting, I made some coffee, so it would be ready once I'd be back with some "not so nice" lunchbox. 

Since I couldn't get a decent nap, I decided to sort some messy stuff and started working out again. I started with some shoulder exercise with my 3kg weights,  followed by a 5min and 20sec plank. Finished it with an 8km jog around Hoa Lac area. I was exhausted, yet felt great! 

And Oh, I should thank Jesper for the Bun Cha for dinner! "Sa uulitin!". But I hope people around us would stop teasing or asking us silly questions something like, "Is he your bf?" . I'd say that am used to these familiar faces asking me the same question whenever I'm with a man.  I'm just worried  about Jesper, he might get tired of those people asking and or he might feel uncomfortable with it. Nest time, if someone asks me the same question, I'd break his backbones!!! TT

Panther's 306th song: Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran

Photo of the Day: Will You CLimb Up or Ride with Your Surfboard to the Waves?

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Dong Hoi Vietnam

Editing photos is always a pain in the eyeballs, I for the meantime, here are some of my "too many" selfies at the beach the other day...and some snaps of Paradise Cave (Thien Duong)-the longest dry cave in Asia if I'm not mistaken. 

Dong Hoi is the capital city of Quang Binh province in the north central coast of Vietnam. I'd say that it's very rare to see road rage around the area, and the best thing about the place is the fresh seafood which can be found at the seasides of Nhat Le Beach. 

Enjoy the shots...will upload the rest tomorrow. Susan is signing off, she's exhausted I bet. 

dance dance dance

after too much pancakes, waffles, banh loc ... here's my tummy LOL

HCM trail
dunno his name LOL (japanese are good looking too haha)
i just realized that i love taking selfies after huge meals.. 
Cuong-my Saviour haha

sorry for the butt...i had to beg Cuong to take me head shots, instead he took too much of my behind LOL

at the park

not ready yet 

will pass for KFC fried chicken hihi
i love u ate Pam
ooppss this is for Jesper's haters.. (LMAO)

Anna's Cafe-my fav place anytime of the day
cleaning the river

he could sleep under the scorching sun at around 11am :( 
cant remember its name
Tree Hugger Cafe's Eng Club
on our way to Phong Nha caves