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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

“The Preacher Who Lives in Flesh and Lies.”

“The Preacher Who Lives in Flesh and Lies.”

Our story started from a “bet”.
You were plainly fooling around,
Tried your best to compete,
With them, in which flesh they’ll wanted.

I was your queen, on our first date.
But treated me like a rubbish,
As soon as you got me with your bait.
I admit I was THE most foolish.

You denied your other women,
The same as how you made me hidden,
From the eyes of your female victims.
A womanizer, incomparable to pimps.

You preach in the church every Sunday.
Once you’re out of the church’s door,
Your flesh starts to look for a woman to lay,
How dare you aspire to be a pastor!