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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Bitter Stranger

Wednesday- May 28th, 2014

Photo of the Day: Innocence 

Panther's 145th song: Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin

"Yup, that's it...oh please chin up and don't let anyone or anything get into you. Do you know who deserves the best of this world? It's you...because you are you! "

"Live Life to the extent that your feet want more and more walks."

Thursday- May 29th, 2014

Photo of the day: The Best Things are yet to Come

Your 146th song: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong 

"Please gimme the loudest laugh before I go to bed tonight." Hugs and kisses from Teddy and Susan. 

The week has almost passed by like a motionless, bitter stranger on his backpack walking along the railroads of Long Bien, Ha Noi. But heck yeah, the world is full of wonders waiting for us to embrace them. So, get up because... Friday is by the door asking you out for a cup of warm tea  along the gutters of Notre Dame Cathedral in Ben Nghe Saigon. 



Tuesday, 27 May 2014

What D'ya Think?

Monday- May 26th, 2014

Lazzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyy, hazzyyyyy, Crazzzzyyy Mondayyyyyy! 

Panther's 143rd song: One of the Boys by Katy Perry 

Photo of the day: Two Years Ago


Tuesday- May 27th, 2014

I was hopping mad at my female student who talked back when I nicely asked her to leave her laptop for while and finish the activity. Well...I thought I still had enough patience, OK fine I didn't argue no matter how rude she has been to me since the first day of school. She's someone who wears headset while am having discussions, a girl who never listens to my instructions, a typical stubborn, spoiled brat who thought she could control everyone. Oh yeah, what did she do today which made me YELL like an frustrated tigress? While I was talking to the two boys who wanted to learn the lesson,with her headset and her friend were making too much noise. THERE I was...completely lost my mind! 

Alright many of them didn't do the activity not because they didn't know how but because they didn't like doing it. I made a deal giving them the grace period to do it...still it seemed like they didn't hear me. Uh Oh I was ignored!!!

So I ticked them absent for two slots. 

They're university students and if they're RUDE to teachers, they mustn't be tolerated...they need mentors and counselors for them not only to shape up, but also to encourage them to study harder. 

Tuesday- May 27th, 2014

Panther's 144th song: We Found Love by Rihanna

"Hope all is well with you...hugs been worried!"

Photo of the Day: Memories 

Sunday, 25 May 2014


If last Friday I had an amnesia, oh now it's getting worse. So, all I can give you are songs and photos. My Apologies...can you help me go back to being me?  

Saturday-May 24th, 2014

Panther's  141st song: Angel by The Corrs

"I so miss those days when we didn't have to worry about what time that was, and how stressed we were...has something changed? I hope nothing... coz I still wanna laugh out loud!"

Photo of the Day: here's the spooky, crazy me LOL


Sunday, May 25th, 2014

Panther's  142nd song: Irresistible by The Corrs

"I also miss those songs you send me...where are those? Can you get me one one of these days?" Hugs and Kisses from us to you and the campers. 

Photo of the Day: A Kiss 

Those Warm Nights

Sunday- May 25th 2014

When was the last time you heard someone, called you "mom" and said, "I miss you, do you miss me, too?" Oh a few hours ago, my son sent me a message saying he wanted to see me... sounded cool because we haven't seen each other for a long time. 

I still remember my high school teacher who sincerely said, "I wouldn't get married anymore because I have enough children." Well, to my dismay I promised myself not to become a teacher... never ever. But I bet you, fate can be controlled somehow but God a has better plans for each of us (if you believe in God). At first, you would hate it and you start asking Him why... silly questions which definitely don't make sense, something like, "Am I a bad girl? Why didn't you answer my prayers?", and you begin to hate the Lord because you thought He was being deaf and unfair. 

Do we have options or choices? Yes, we do have but we have to make sure that if we don't listen to the wisdom that He has given us, we would be deceived and most likely will end up pathetic and regretful. Been there...

Anyway, I haven't seen myself to be teaching all my life and maybe in two years, I'd retire and chase my passion. long as I'm able, dreams will come true with also of course the help of God. 

By the way, while browsing my archive I saw a snap which says it all... my happiness, my life as an educator, as a sister and as a mom. I still remember those warm nights when my kids come to my tiny room with boxes of snacks and fruits, guitars on their backs, cakes, and the lovely faces which were ready to share some good jokes to kill the most boring night in the dormitory. Now, I just dream that we could go back to those days when someone just knocks at my door asking my permission if they could get a short chitchat and or play the guitar for an hour or two. 

Here's a photo of me and my (daughter)/student fooling around like kids.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Will Be Back Soon

Dear Blogger,

Sorry I got an amnesia and I couldn't remember anything. Please bear with me until I get better... hugs!

Wednesday- May 21st, 2014

Your 138th song: Till I Die by Chris Brown

Photo of the Day:


Thursday- May 22nd, 2014

Your 139th song: Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown 

Photo of the Day: The Gardener


Friday-May 23rd, 2014

Your 140th song: Sweet Love by Chris Brown

Photo of the Day: STH recycled 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Photo of the Day

Sunday- May 18th, 2014

It was sort of a PMS day with that horrible monthly irritation...and thought it was a part of growing older. Ouch, really?! Again, I wasn't able to go to church because I wasn't feeling well. In the rainy and stormy afternoon, there was a power cut off for a few hours and it was a nightmare because I couldn't go down to eat. I had to make do with the almost expired chocolate powder and a cup of crunchy muesli I bought two weeks ago. In the end, I survived despite the hungry tummy.

Your 135th song is: The Book of Love by The Magnetic Fields

Hey you Panther,

My apologies for being a crybaby haha...ouch promise I won't do it again, not again no matter how rough the day is. Miss you lots, sending lots of love from me and Teddy and hugs n kisses to the campers. 

Photo of the Day: Don't You Ever Hide Your Lovely Face


Monday- May 19th, 2014

Woke up with a heavy head and a diarrhea as a result of not having a good meal yesterday. I still had to go school at 4pm and was a bit sad because of some very personal reasons. My tears were about to flow down the leather couch of the library where I was seated. I didn't feel better until midnight...not until I finished praying and made sure I cast all my burdens to the Lord. 

Your 136th song: Jesus Takes the Wheel by Carrie Underwood

"You thought I won't believe you praying... that was the best day ever when you sincerely humbled yourself for my safety."  Hugsss

Photo of the Day: The Stranger


Tuesday- May 20th, 2014

Life is tough, but once a new sun  sneaks on my glass windows, life must go on and there is always a must to smile and be positive for the rest of the day. 

Today, isn't a bad day and will never happiness depends on how I control my emotions and how I treat life starting at this very moment. No way, I'd take it seriously again...I can't promise I'll never cry though, but at least am learning as days kindly and quickly pass by. 

Yeah, I got my students some light "scolding"...hoping that they'd learn something and realize that nothing is difficult if they'd only try harder to be more patient and excited on the things that might challenge them. Hix...rough but will go ahead and finish one more slot. 

Your 137th song is: Less Talk More Action by John Maus

"Can we try to talk more and more action at the same time, too? " Lots of loveeeeeeeee  from safe always our dear Panther. Hugssss

Photo of the Day:Beyond Imagination

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Magical Boredom

Got up mad because the maintenance came to clean the a/c. Of course, I had to force myself to clean up when they left. Arghh...that was a not so good morning to me. Now, my boredom strikes again that I feel like I don't wanna do the same things over and over again, don't wanna see the same stuff around my room and even the people I meet along the hallways, including having coffee in the cafe in our campus. This isn't a good sign...


Dear Panther,

Hope you're havin a wonderful here at the traditional, white metal bench in front of the study hall enjoying the cool wind which blows my dry skin. Love the sound of how it gently gets into my quite hot tempered imagination tonight. Oh by the way, dunno what those insects are...but I bet they're too tiny yet they get my attention with their loud, creaking sound from the yellow branches of those trees in the garden. Awesome isn't it? Ah no, it makes me lonely because sitting alone makes me think about you....more and more. Hugs n kisses to you and the campers. Lots of luv from me,too.

Your 134th song is: Let's Stay Together by Al Green 

Photo of the day: Boredom

Friday, 16 May 2014

Rear View

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Had I known I didn't have class, I could've slept all day. LOL! Anyhow, I realized that God has His purpose for me to spend more time with Him, and perhaps there's something He wants me to do. AND, oh I have started proofreading the translations already and this sounds good to me. 

Panther's 132nd song: The Look of Love by Dusty Springfield

"My luv was exhausted from work today....awww wish I was there to cuddle him and attend to his dinner."  Keep the faith my dear, things will surely get better and better...hugs and kisses to the campers from Teddy.

Photo of the Day: Rear View 


Friday, May 16th, 2014

At least, I was happy with my class though I knew that I still have to improve on a lot of things. Anyhow, things will get better as long you strive to be an achiever not for your own good but for others. 

Your 133rd song is: You Really Got Me by the Kinks 

"Missing Panther so much as well as the campers, can't wait on that day when I molly-cuddle the whole family. Lots of luv from us!"

Photo of the Day: Tomb Raider

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wednesday Crap

You think I'd be happy with having one slot on Wednesdays? Oh Uh not really because it starts at 4pm until 530pm which is annoying because I spend all day doing nothing on this hot weather. LOL..

Well, I was a bit pissed off because the previous teacher didn't dismiss my class on time and I had to wait outside sweating like crazy for 20 minutes. time she won't have any excuses I'll drag her our of the room by 4pm. 

Panther's 131st song:  Here and Now by Luther Vandross

"Glad you've been more fierce and strong enough to fight for what is right....remember you're unique and awesome!" Hugssss and Kisses from me and Teddy. Lots of luv...

Photo of the Day: Huge Enough

One Night in Ho Guom

Here are some shots one evening in the Old Quarter...

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Her First Sweets

May 11, Sunday

Was supposed to be in HIF, but I was really flat that all I could do was to cuddle my Teddy and wish I could hug my mom as it was Mother's Day. Anyway, I called her the other day and she was happy...

Your 128th song: If You Were Here Tonight by Alexander O'neal

"I badly missed Panther, too..but I knew he had something really important to attend to. He has been more tied up lately, yet he manages to give me his time. Hugs and Kisses to you and the campers from Teddy and more chocolate muffins from me."

Photo of the Day: Lovinni's First Dinner in Vietnam

May 12th, Monday

First Day at School

Yeah, I only had to teach for one slot which was 1.5hrs and deep inside me I felt like getting fed up with the job. Anyhow, am still counting all my blessings and have included this as one of them. Thank God for the Holy Spirit, for guiding me, and for giving my family, Panther and all my loved ones good health, love, strength and wisdom. 

Your 129th song: Sweet Love by Anita Baker

"Will always be here no matter what...stay foot and remember that there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Lots of luv from Susan and tight hugs from Teddy and kisses from us to the campers!"

Photo of the Day: Her First Sweets in Vietnam

May 13th, Tuesday

First day with Summit 2 Students (three slots T.T. )

I could feel that my students were darn exhausted attending 3 slots of general English and I thought it was definitely a torture and or information overload on their part. Definitely, after CELTA teaching was a lot easier but still, I couldn't do anything when students get really tired after 2 slots. Arghhhh

Oh, had dinner in Ally with Duc Anh and Toan because the police raided the Bun shops in front of our university. Dammit! 

Your 130th song: You're the Best Thing by Style Council

Photo of the day: Her First Evening Stroll with the Locals (btw the girl in the pic isn't Lovinni  LOL!)

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Cebu South, Philippines

Here's to my April vacation at my little town in the south of Cebu, Philippines. I was surprised with the changes the town has brought me after a few years. Enjoy the raw photos...