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Friday, 30 August 2013

Sloppy Russian Spirit

Sloppy Russian Spirit

Was incredibly stewed last night that I felt like a flying paper weight! Surely, I still knew what I yeah after the itty-bitty, grilled buffalo and vodka party, we headed back to the dormitory and doused our sober sympathies into goblets of fresh  drinks in Ally Coffee. Oh, no when was the last time I went "dead" tipsy?

 The thing is, I have never learned how to keep the right cards,  coz I drink occasionally. Well, my  kids were clever enough to get my "funny" bones dodge several bottles of that pale yet able-bodied Russian spirit with my sloppy "bitty bites".  "Wake up!", said my starving  "spare tire" glaring at the tick of dawn. But instead of grabbing some frozen fruits to stuff my tummy, I dampened myself with baby wipes to get rid of my stinky smell. Ahhhhh...that was aweful! 

Glad I wasn't knocked down with a hangover this morning. So, the camera kept rolling until I finished my class at 12n today. Now my backpack,battery grip, and passport are ready for Chu Lai! 

Can't Help but Sob

Until now I still keep asking Him why you? I love u...sooo much Gerlie! 

These were just one of those shots taken in Malaysia..and that was the last time I saw her sincere and lovely smiles before she passed away a few days ago. :( 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Why too Soon?

Why too Soon?

Real friends might leave us physically, spiritually, emotionally or eternally...but we always know that our hearts and souls meet halfway.

Mr. Exciter is heading down south in a week...I'm happy for him as he got his dreams came true. I will see him in two months, though. God keeps him safe and sound. 

Yesterday, my very good friend Gerlie passed away...I sobbed, asked God why too soon, why? But I know that He has a purpose why she left us...may she rest in peace. I love you and You're in my heart until the day we meet again. 

"When I am with you, I feel like home...everytime I talk to you I feel like nothing has changed and distance doesn't matter. I love you, Sussy." By the way, she was the one who called me "Sussy" way back university years. Those were the last words I heard from her three weeks ago before she left me. And the last time I met her in Kuala Lumpur was the best vacation I've ever had as we had our first, "henna" tattoo together. No words can describe how much she meant to me. 

I will dedicate each day reminiscing our sweet memories together and I will try my best to write beautiful words for her everyday-here in my Blogger. For me you're not too far away because I've had your name carefully scribbled on the hardest part of our friendship. Surely, baby Julia and Sasa will always love you my dear.  This isn't goodbye...we loveeeee you so much! 




Tuesday, 27 August 2013


We had "chicken" and "Harlem" dance on our last day in Summit 1. These kids are amazing in their own little "naughty" ways! This is what they really just play whatever "games" as they are fed up with the English lessons. Enjoy each snap! 

Good luck on your final exams! 


Whiff of the Bean Bags

Whiff of the Bean Bags

Glad my bartenders in Ally know how to pamper me with my own "coffee twenty". There's always a muddled  grin on their faces everytime I order this drink, as they still believe that it doesn't exist. Anyhow, whoever blends it for me, it just perfectly melds with my caffeinated  tastebuds. It's worth spending a dime  on these young adults' hidden talents of spoiling me with my "princess" illness.  

By the way, burning my butt in cafes has encouraged me to make my own blushy, flashy concoction in the future. It doesn't matter where,  as long as it's by the place where we can enjoy the warm whiff of the fireplace in summer while reminiscing the good old days, winding roads and the chuckles of the kids' scarlet cheeks in winter. This is simply an escape in which cherry blossoms are just around the corners of the scattered, florid bean bags on the occupied, overwhelmed, rugged canvas of despicable yet humble ambitions.  And each moment is captured by the invigorating, rolling films which give each sip an everlasting life of love and hope. 

One day...this declaration would surprise you  with incredible, restless spirits of success. Have faith, keep in mind that you are awesome in your own little ways! 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Lovely Thoughts

Lovely Thoughts

Got to read T. Harv Eker's  "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind", courtesy of the owner of Ally Coffee. Will end the evening with "Cafe 20, Khoai Le Phu, and the simple reminders by Mr. Exciter on "crashing" Ipad apps-how to restore them, and of course Eker's game of wealth. Hahaha...I'm back to my inner "declaration" of who I really want to be with God's will and grace. 


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Rainy Evening Blues

 Rainy Evening Blues

I wish someone can save me from the urge to leave this place. No, it's a nightmare to pretend that I am fine. Tell me why I am frustrated with something  I don't know what. They say, "I envy your life, I wish I could be you".  You guys have no idea what it's like to be an award-winning cameo actor. Deep inside me is struggling, weeping while chasing that "life" I have been dreaming of. In almost three years, I have just realized that Vietnam isn't for me.  Or am I just fed up with everything and everyone around? 

This feeling always hits me whenever I'm about to haggle for U.S. dollars  at the black market. It's a pain in the neck to earn money especially when you knew that your passion for teaching has gone...but what's more deadly is when you got a sweating, callous sole trying your best to get the best dollar rate.   Well, blame it to the rain then! 

Vanilla Puddles

Vanilla Puddles

From the glazy glass walls of Vpresso, I could see the heaven starting to pour as if his heart has been torn into pieces of itchy droplets of rain. The contrete gutters on the other hand, are busy counting their stuck reflections while jumping and teasing each other on the shallow puddles of "The Manor Villas", as the heavy dew gets colder and more fierce.

 Yeah, I am supposed to head downtown to get my phone fixed but with this weather, I don't think my stubborn, roseate sneakers  would dare get wet and muddy. Alright then, I guess it's not bad sitting with "Simple Plan" on the black, soft, leather settee gloating and whooping my favorite Vanilla Icera hoping the earth would quit sobbing before the sun sets.  

Uhmmm I've been in love with Sundays,  as this is the best time of the week to worship Him. It also gives me a chance to spoil myself with the "spice" of my all time "fair-haired vanilla  "mud".  Aren't my cravings simple yet spine-tingling? Oh please,  don't envy me coz I do these things alone. Haha!

Have a blessed Sunday...and may the Lord keep you as we welcome the week ahead! 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Vuon Bach Thao

Vuon Bach Thao at Midday! 

The  peaceful yet boring Botanical Garden in Ha Noi. Took some snap shots after church last Sunday coz I thought the leaves were already falling. Unfortunately, the place was as clean and clear as the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel in Westlake. Haha anw enjoy!


Friday, 23 August 2013

Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious

Dear S3, how could you be so cruel to me?
I need you more than anything else.
But you left me, though I didn't agree. 
No, you won't be gone forever-will you promise? 

Along with the sweetest music you give, 
You took away my Chris Tomlin, 
And the gracious serenades of Don Moen. 
Miracles, I believe as long as I live. 

Tomorrow,DucLinh mobile will interrogate you. 
Please be nice to everyone, especially Sue. 
As she loves you,more than her ideal boo! 
She can't close her eyes don't you know? 

Oh money,penny there it goes. 
Say bye to Uncle Ho's, 
Brittled,torquoise snob. 
Coz in exchange of S3's life, you'll be robbed! 


 Weird because this is how I simplify things. When I got home, my phone wouldn't start...sigh. Instead of ranting and weeping, I poured all my emotions through this poem. I'll have it checked at DucLinh mobile tomorrow!  Haha

Customer Service in Vietnam

Customer Service in Vietnam

If you were Vietnamese please tell me why those couple next to my table are watching a movie on their laptop without their headphones on? Are they trying to be "dangerous"? Honestly, they are simply annoying because Highlands coffee isn't a lemon tea store at the backstreets of the Old Quarter. 

And by the way, can someone explain why these bartenders are so dumb that they can't even take the right order? "Can I have Banh My and Hazelnut Jelly?", I asked.  Before I finished talking, she already nodded, "Yes, Yes..". So what did I expect, she got me the wrong coffee flavor without the jelly. Oh yeah I am sitting on the couch where droplets of water from the airconditioner hit directly to my table. Guess what, the barmaid placed the snifter of coffee to which the water drops from the ceiling. 


I'm darn tired of complaining, as this isn't the first time I indulged myself to the worst customer service in this country. 

This article isn't stereotyping...just saying. Hope one day, these establishments would learn how to improve their services. 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Blue Tableau

I'm not really into posting "blueprints" of my kids I prefer doodling every watercolor of my random memories.  But this time...I am not in the mood to write anything. So here are some shots my students took by themselves when I asked them to role-play their "ideal" family in the future.