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Friday, 29 November 2013

The Manor, Ha Noi Vietnam

The Escape 

Here are some shots of the surroundings where my favorite coffee shops are located...  this is The Manor, My Dinh Ha, Noi Vietnam.  Sorry I don't have the time to reduce the noise of the snaps.  Anyway, if you want some beer, movies, coffee, and shopping and restos from traditional to local up to the western dishes then the place is very accessible as it is very close to Keangnam, My Dinh Station, Platinum cinema and The Gardens shopping center. 

Highlands Coffee before the renovation. 

The Nippers' Stinky Heads

Moronic Discipline

Who am I supposed to blame for having such unruly "ankle-biters" in school? I meant, they aren't kids anymore, should I say "teenagers". In 2010, I had my first batch of students in the university, and I could say that they were not that "offensive' nor had "filthy mouths" unlike those I am teaching this year. Generation gap  has its obvious change overtime when it comes to behavior, beliefs, fashion, food and so on especially education. Most of them even talk to elders like they are just their age or they might think that swearing or calling someone a slut is awesome. No, not all of them of course, but I believe that they have gotten the wrong notion of learning another language for the mere idea of mastering the "stinky-headed" lingo to appear and sound "cool" in front of the crowd. These "nippers" have to be taught values education at home because it seems like they are very stubborn, too proud in the most idiotic, "dull-witted" way that you have to remind them a million times in a day of the house rules. They are impossible!!! And yes, someone said that he needed not "excuse" himself in public places because he was a "high class" guy.. did he mean he belongs to the elite group? Oh, please pardon him for his vocabulary which he thought was excellent enough to express his dumbfounded, vapid, doltish brain cells! 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Melting Icicle

The Hailstone Underneath Her Burning Passion

Life has been dragging me down in the past few weeks, yet I'm still on my feet... eager, passionate and thriving. Most of those friends close to my heart are miles away from me, so whenever they read my posts, they usually worry because those ABCs offered them a kinda negative, balky emotions. Yes, they're right, I have been slipping...down in the dumps. No worries, I always give myself a stubborn, yet gentle tap on the back reminding my ego to keep going assuring yours truly's lost soul that there is something much better on the other side of the melting "icicle".  

My smoking, white-hot, flaring fire belly is still on its peak of working on the  "content", my spirit has been longing for to feel from the tiniest bones of my dreams and yearnings. This makes me very excited at the same time, though, sometimes I get hit by unsparing, vengeful, depressions and frustrations. Well, I thank Him for not giving up on me. 

Hope you won't take "giving up" as one of your options to live because in the first place, a ceasefire or a surrender isn't always a sign of "living"! 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Ha Noi

The Four Seasons

I got some random shots mostly viewed from my ideal coffee shops around Ha Noi.  Most of the shots were taken on Sundays after church and the quality depends on the weather. Enjoy!

The well-known My Dinh Stadium in My Dinh Ha Noi, VN (early morning snap from the fast cab)

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Weird Shots


Uhmm... I could say that I am weird in some ways. For instance, I easily lose patience and burst out to anger, but after a few minutes I seem to get an amnesia that I couldn't remember what had happened. This maybe is unique to a very busy, strong-willed, independent woman like me. Once I get bored, I run to the city center just to get my cup of hot cappuccino, or my snifter of hazelnut coffee jelly... of course I always make sure that I get my 60D ready for random street shots. 

Today, I was craving for a hot Vietnamese noodles (bun oc) or "snail noodles", so after my 1030am class I hurried to the bus station and hell yeah I had my awesome lunch came true.  Then hit the bakers for a chocolate cake wishing +d denman of G+ a healthy year ahead.  Funny because I was very careful on my way back home just to make sure that the bumpy roads won't mess up with her name on the chocolate heart in the box. 

BTW spent an hour in the city center to make sure that I would be able to clock in my 230pm class...and these are all I got.  Enjoy the shots! 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Leave The Straight And Reverse


Don't you think sometimes, somehow life sucks? No matter how tip-top you get through everyday hard knocks, there are still at some point when you just want to leave the straight and reverse. Having a bad day for instance, definitely drags you down to the hell of piled domino pieces waiting for the swashbuckler to toss them to the glittering chandelier of luck! It only means that, if you are sharp enough to hit the other side of the blade, then you'll get through the day without getting pissed with everyone you creep up along the way. 

But yeah, let's accept it, reality is nothing but a matter of ridiculous circumstances which usually leave you to the most nasty series of having the worst day ever. Let's say, you were frustrated with your students, you ranted, and walked out of the classroom speechless... then on your way to the coffee shop, you were thinking of having Rum Coke to let-off your distress and only to find out that in a minute your blood runs cold because of the fried chicken wing the "butler" hands you in...and yes obviously you got the wrong order without them knowing how much you "loathe" chicken meat!

Well, tell you what, it doesn't end that easy and quickly. It is like switching into the wrong cable channel, forcing yourself to watch those unwanted, pathetic reality shows because of the feeling of having no choice but let it be until the "Heineken" commercial takes over. 

Ohhhh... atta life! 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Winter Scarves

Choose One

I have the habit of collecting scarves good enough for the weather in Ha Noi.  So, every time I travel domestic, I never forget to get one or two depends on the quality and price.  

Here you Are!
my personal fav as i find it sexy hehe

skintone.. very soft and goes with jeans or dres

this one was my son's gift from his first salary in his part time job

just some of them 

what i love about this is that i can use it as belt as well heheh 

very warm good for the winter days in the highlands..bought this in Sa Pa two years ago

Friday, 15 November 2013

Dance, Dance, Dance

Mien and Grilled Duck

Oh thank goodness Kien was up for "mien" and grilled duck! It was a chilly evening here in Hoa Lac campus and it was the best time for some hot and spicy treats.  I really admire this kid because he always has the time for my cravings and spoils me with long rides on his bike.  Uhmm and yeah I also invited my son Dong, and we got stuffed, our tummies were very happy like there was no tomorrow. Well, I won't be able to end the night without my Friday Rhum coke especially perfected by "Mi". In a few hours, I would be on the verge of enjoying my "Dance, Dance, Dance" from my one and only Haruki. 

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Reading Awakes My Soul

"South of the Border, West of the Sun"

I thought those two days I missed writing, was longer than those years of missing the best part of my life. The campus esprit has seemed to drag me away from Blogger, though I knew it wasn't healthy to my flurry veins which are passionate enough to write more and more. Well, should I reiterate that I have been lost... I meant I got too much emotions that I just wanna fence off to the extent of giving up those dreams within reach such as having my own little, happy family even if I am not seeing anyone as of the moment, read more of Haruki's masterpieces, drink more coffee, laugh more than I used to, and so on. But deep inside I am helpless, and stubborn at the same time refusing to swallow such things.  Honestly, this has consumed my inner being and I am trying to fight back even if some of them aren't worth fighting for because I knew that those aren't my battles.  

Uhmm... mostly, I take the shortest way to get things done and this made me worry less. For instance, I got four of Haruki's vintage at the book fair yesterday and I didn't regret spending my one week coffee allowance just for the thought that I would welcome back my addiction to reading.  By the way, I have just finished, "South of the Border, West of the Sun", as fast as two hours.  That was obviously telling me that I missed reading soooooooo  much.  

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Is "Virginity" a Big Deal?

Travelling Alone

For most travellers, they thought that one of the most exhilarating parts of each journey is meeting strangers along the way and most probably starting to share each other  their own gallivants since the time they started wandering around the globe. This is one of the best rewards for anyone who have been vagabonds in their self-recorded, precious time machines. On the other hand, it isn't always safe to go party crashing especially with "drifters" on the railroads, and those manly "fresh-off-the-boats" heading to the fishing village out of town, as well as the  tooth-aching, "johnny-come-lately" greenhorns who are trying to dance with you in cloud nine. These "gentlemen" are there for fun and if any woman is up for "pluck ups" or ventures, then they are lucky, but if a girl is smart enough not to even smell their baits, then they must be heading to another back alleys of the whistle-stop for their lustful, hell of worldly indulgence. 

To begin with, I have been a wanderer for quite sometime and I have observed that, most of those swains I had met along the way thought that with their tasteless praises, concerns, and the know-it-all kinda approach to a lady in the restaurant or in a photo tour would take them to a heavenly, one night stand. Somehow, some women are up to this, and I respect them for doing so.  What I wanted to emphasize was, I hope men would not look at every woman, the way they thought they would be especially girls who travel alone. I am also saying that, not all men do this but I hope one day I would meet someone "gent" enough to consider  that casual conversations on the cable car are better than jumping into the conclusion that at the end of the day, they would find themselves in a hotel room nearby. 

Yes, I was raised old school and I value myself being a real and pure woman that my future man would be proud of. "Virginity" might not be a big deal for a 32-year-old like me, and tell you what many men laughed at me for this...and they didn't even buy that confession. I got nothing to prove to any "joeys" out there but I still thank myself for being so faithful to my belief that the only thing I could give my future husband is my fair, pure and simple self as he deserves such nobility. 

Priceless Ambitions

Kissing Goodbye

Random thoughts from the plain Friday to a bedridden Saturday in the campus are about to be shared in a few.  Please excuse me if some of them are too silly, but most of them are quite personal reflections of what have been going on with my everyday ventures of love, work, career, family, and might be the results of odd brain-works of deceptions from the one I thought could be trusted with my feelings, and all of these have fired my spirit up  to give up everything I thought wouldn't do good to me emotionally. 

Negativity never has any space to the keenness of my bored intellect, but last Friday I decided to give up the ship for some reasons that "enough" has come to its end. First, I always believe that all women deserve respect from men regardless of their relationship status, distance, achievements, personal beliefs, physical appearance and social status. Well, let me put it this way...I have met a guy on my trip to the central part of Vietnam the first week of September this year. Honestly, I am I guess too gullible and should I say an open book and also innocent in almost all walks of life.  So yeah, this guy was charming, looked very wholesome, and he seemed like he was not an average man I had met along the way, someone who was salted away to perfection. I was very comfortable with him though I hadn't even with him for a day. In short, he became my inspiration, he made me believe that "soul mate" is for real. When he went back to Australia, we exchanged mails until we found out that it was easier in "Viber". 

Alright, don't blame me for being so stupid swallowing  the fact of false hopes that one day I would see him again and that I had his "prize" after all those casual conversations we have had since the day we met.  I know I shouldn't have, but somehow deep inside me, there are no regrets because I considered those as lessons that would take me to the other side of the bridge in which something good awaits to comfort my lost soul.  Being too sensitive doesn't always sound neat and first-rate but I am still struggling with this a way that I just give everything to the Lord especially when things don't go as I have expected.  

Friday was kinda lonely and plain to me, so after dinner I had my laptop on and decided to get a tall glass of "long island" to end the night because I was a bit down. Should I say that was the most horrible night ever because of the very simple message I sent "him" wishing him to enjoy his weekend for it was his birthday two days ago...I know he didn't have to reply to that but you know, would it take time for him to say, "thank you Susie, enjoy your weekend'! He has made me feel that I am no one to him and that I shouldn't continue keeping in touch with him. I made up my mind...I deactivated my viber because I didn't wanna talk to him anymore only to look pathetic and doltish. I just hate the fact that the way he talks to me makes me feel like I am not a woman who is worthy of "estimation"  especially from the one I considered a friend closest to my heart. Yes, I have been offended and instead of wondering whether he would reach out one day, I just left the puzzle pieces to time and I never fancy that one fine sunny midday, I would run into him and say HI. 

Well, maybe it wasn't his fault...but I have been ruffled and embittered, so starting today...I get my chin up, keep walking and leave his memories in the graves of his priceless ambitions. 

Friday, 8 November 2013

Long Island


Well, here I am carefree, feeling great sitting alone on a soft, stinky couch in the campus's only coffee shop with a tall glass of long island with the Band Perry.  Since, it is impossible to drag my feet to the city and go crazy in the club with shots of tequila, here I am chatting with my very good friend "Monkey" who named me "LiLi", prefers to get pink or blue nose, and who believed that I look better with a pink nose.  Haha this guy is amazing, we talk the whole day...he shares his one and only love "Selin" and I share my being mean to him. Such a nice guy I haven't met in person is always there to tell me how angelic I am in the most penny-pinching way. Uhmmm... he is exceptional because he is not only sincere, but also a modest and wholesome man I have run into "Hang Out."  Now I bet I am boozed up...ouch! 

I Wanna Run Away


This is it... I have decided to quit waiting,  am not being negative in a way, but I am just offended with the way he treats me. idea what he really wants! It feels like I'm carrying the heaviest, most fierce density  of the super typhoon "Yolanda" which has been trying to sweep away what our folks have kept from the previous storms. Oh gosh, should I say I would rather be in the middle of the foggy, windy, slippery streets in my little town waiting for a coconut tree to knock me in the forehead, telling me to give myself a chance to run for my life. All I could do right now is to let my tears flow like the raging stream in Mu Cang Chai...with the hope that one day I would get over the sore. 

Early morning in Mu Cang Chai... i wanted to hug him :(

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lakes, Waterfalls, Streams...

Water Collections

I have collected those mellow-dramatic flows of natural life I had enjoyed during my trips in Vietnam.