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Friday, 6 February 2015

Lonely Men

One thing for sure, people today are either bipolar or lonely. Many of them troll online or even at many tourist destinations around the globe. How can you maintain a "personal space" from these people, especially men? 

Well, if you're female, and a social network savvy, you'd know right there and then who's sincere and who's just there to get someone who can stand their everyday frustrations, and loneliness. They're the ones who would call you "dear", "honey", and other silly endearments in which only couples use (applicable to opposite sex only). I meant they even give you "hugs and kisses" messages as well as "I love you's", and you'd think they meant it. Heck NO!  

They'd tell you how "awesome", "sexy", "smart" you are, and even tell you that you're their inspiration, that you changed their life, that "his" life has never been the same since "he" met you! It's ridiculous, but well reality bites and it poisons your being you that you'd end up cursing them. But what can you do then? NOTHING... next time just be more careful. 

Yup, they like you because you make them feel better, and this also applies to those men sun tanning at the white sands. they wanted you because they don't want to be alone. Well, if virtual friends can flirt as much as they can, these men at the beach can do more. If you're a woman esp ASIAN, be careful because they would just start a chitchat and most likely would drive you crazy with their sweet tongues. Then you'd just wake up at a small room beside and A-Hole who would F-up the next day. I'm proud to say that I'm smart enough not to fall for their bait whether virtual or in person. 

I'm not questioning those liberated women who are up to these kinds of activities. This is my say on my personal preference when it comes to starting a romantic relationship with a man.  In short, WOMEN SHOULDN'T TRUST ANY MAN!

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