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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Life and a Knife

Friday- June 13th, 2014 

Photo of the day: Life

Panther's 164th song: Hold Me Tight by The Beatles

I used to think that life is nothing but choosing the right piece of it...and if you have a religion, I bet just like me you'd say, "cast all your fears on Him" while you're working on the life you would like. 


Saturday- June 14th, 2014

Panther's 165th song: All My Loving by The Beatles

"To our Panther, will always think of you and will always be in our prayers. Wuv you and the campers!" Have a wonderful week ahead and enjoy your escapade...and don't forget our sushi, OK? kkk...

Photo of the day: Knife

It's how you look at life...and this one? No, it's a not so sharp knife in which at any given moment, it could possibly unzip those hidden dreams and passion of a lifetime. 


Sunday- June 15th, 2014

Photo of the day: Teddy wuvs Panther 
Hugs to our one and only wuv, Panther!

Panther's 166th song: Something by Jim Sturgess


Monday- June 16th, 2014

Once you get tired counting sheep, you'd just find yourself stuck on the metal bunk bed which you haven't thought of giving your back a rare chance to feel the cold, rough, wooden box right above your closet full of tight and crumpled, old-fashioned dresses.  

Photo of the day: Selfie Sue

Panther's 167th song: Sister Christian/ Just Like a Paradise by the Rock of Ages


Photo of the day: Teddy
I miss Dad... mom leaves me alone on the desk with that weird, heavy stuff on my back... :((

Tuesday- June 17th, 2014

Panther's 168th song: Can't Fight This Feeling by Reo Speedwagon

"Yeah, whether you like or not, Teddy and Susan wanna send you huge hugs, sweet muffins and cupcakes, warm cup of coffee and lots of luv."

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