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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Yoga and Tea

Thursday- June 5th, 2014

Panther's 156th song: The Moment by Yiruma

"Hope you like Yiruma's piano as I believe that sometimes we don't need words, all we need is the melody of every note music can give us. Hugs and be safe always. You're in my prayers, too. Kisses to the campers from Teddy!"

Photo of the day: Fitness

Has been struggling with my inner self whether to work out or not as my body wants to sleep all day esp on Thursdays because I don't have classes. Yeah, last Thursday, I failed to exercise...and honestly was disappointed with my being and used to be an athlete. I could brag that I was someone who had self-discipline when it comes to health issues. Oh well, I simply failed but never thought of giving up. 


Friday- June 6th, 2014

Panther's 157th song:Destiny of Love by Yiruma

"All I want to say is that thanks for the prayers, am back to my being me and I promise to put away all negativity. My being cheerful isn't gone...not it's more beautiful, loving and hopeful. Hugs and kisses!"

Photo of the Day: Shadow of Yoga

Again, I'd tell you I've already lost 4kgs in 2 months... without exercise just proper low calorie diet especially in the evenings. No worries, I never starve my tummy because I've got serious gastritis since high school and the fact that am lactose-intolerant. Despite having a sensitive stomach, I still love coffee but not the instant cup of coffee. It doesn't matter if I spend a little bit more of my monthly allowance for "cups" of my favourite aroma. Now what? Would you ask me if I had the guts to get up early and run around the football field? Nah.. not even in my dreams! LOL


Saturday- June 7th 2014

Panther's 158th song: Love by Yiruma

"Hope you weekend is well, be safe and keep warm always. We miss you... hugs and kisses from us to you and the campers."

Photo of the day: Yoga and Tea

Oh well, today was the best day of my life since I came back from vacation. Nope... I didn't see any sexy, good-looking sheep in my dreams but gosh I won over my evil self and had a few laps around the football field for the first time under the drizzling morning. Oops was also lucky to see the deserted gym so I hit the weights and did some sit ups. You have no idea how heavenly that was to me. 

After breakfast in Ally with my fresh lemon juice, I went back to my room and took a 45-minute rest then had a quick shower, took the bus to the city centre. First goal was to set my mind and numb feet to "Fahasa" for some books but was unfortunate not to get to the right addresses I got online. Haha..lesson? "Never trust every info on the internet!" 

With all those disappointments, I headed to the Gardens shopping centre and picked up a pair of 3kg colorful weights and a yoga mat. Perhaps tomorrow after church, I'll get a pair of yoga outfit for a much better and comfortable morning exercise. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Be blessed...

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