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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Spare Me A Positive Thought

@Starbucks Ayala, Center Cebu

December 20th, 2014 -Saturday

It was a long day yesterday that I wasn't able to go home...didn't have a choice but stay in the city centre. Now having some Toffee Nut Latte while waiting for Rheymil. 

Hmnn..since I arrived in my hometown, I've observed so many things both negative and positive. 

The People: Regardless of the gender, age and social status, they seem to be more open-minded and a lot busier that you can't even (I'm sure) have a quality chitchat with them. Some of them eat too much fast food (more than those years while I was still in Cebu). By the way, women particularly have made more effort to look better and at the same time wear shorter and more daring attire in public. I'm not saying that it's bad, just what my own naked eyes have realized, or maybe I'm too old for the 21st century to comprehend such habits because I still have this a lil bit of being "conservative" in a way that sometimes, somehow I break rules as long as I know my limitations. 

Cost of Living:  Everything in the town is expensive that I had a hard time looking for a nice, affordable tank top yesterday. It looks like people haven't thought of working harder and earn more instead of spending their little savings on things that they don't need, or perhaps take more time to do something which would help them invest in a small business rather than wasting time window-shopping (in which I'm also guilty of doing so).  These made me get more stress while strolling around the city---with so many questions in mind.

 Well, what am I gonna do? There's only one thing for sure- finish the contract in FPT and try my luck in other countries for a better pay as well as a more exciting experience. Then, what's next? Dunno yet...God knows where am I heading...but my only wish this Christmas and the year 2015 is to have good health for  my family, friends, and Panther. 

The Internet: Starbucks is supposed to have at least an hour free wifi for customers in return for their costly coffee and pastries, but heck NO. If only they don't have a good coffee, I wouldn't come here and pay more for a cup of latte in which I can have it cheaper in Vietnam. Since I don't know how to use Globe services, I spend at least a 100-peso card per day. OHHH NOOO!!!  Hmnn if you want a fast internet, try to check-in a hotel and there you'd forget that you're in the Philippines.  Too Expensive and Slow!!!

The Traffic: I thought I'd miss my domestic flight last Wednesday. I had to wait for a cab in Paseo De Roxas Makati for at least 45 minutes to an hour. It took me more than an hour to Terminal 4! Incredible traffic jam anywhere in Manila and the same as in Cebu. The pain of waiting and queuing drain your patience and give you too many pimples in just two days! 

P/S: Despite those negative thoughts, I still love staying here. HAHA...was it because I saw a guy with a perfect face yesterday at the Ayala taxi stand? Someone told me that I'd be able to see one in Vietnam. I said, "NO, never will I meet nor see such a perfect face especially in Vietnam!" She laughed and somehow agreed! HAHA...  I meant, the weather in December and summer, the food and the laid back life at home, my cat and mom. 

Panther's 361st song: All My Love For Christmas by Lonestar

Photo of the Day: (will upload later)