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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Seasons Greetings

This Holiday season, I pray that all will be well, that we learn how to forgive and forget soon, that we be more sensitive to other people's feelings and or needs and that we may be a better listener to not only the negatives but also to each wonderful memory shared by random people so as to welcome the new year full of love and smiles. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New year! 

P/S: Won't be able to get back to my blogger until the 4th of January at least. 

December 9th, 2014- Tuesday

Panther's 350th song:  Homeward Bound: Simon and Garfunkel (1966)

Photo of the Day: We're Drunk 
sometimes i hate them..but usually nahhht! ;)) 


December 10th, 2014- Wednesday

Panther's 351st song: 1,000 Miles Away (Hoodoo Gurus, 1991)

Photo of the Day: Ready yet?
hmnn tryin my best 

December 11th, 2014- Thursday

I knew I'd always be willing to help anyone as long as he or she is sincere and honest. 

AND hope 'he' would realize his being a bit of a brat won't work on me... hehe. 

BTW some of the boys paid me a visit and it was fun! Thank goodness they saved my day.  

Panther's 352nd song: Good People by Jack Johnson

Photo of the Day: Sleepover? (No Not Really)
my students paid me a visit ;) 

December 12th, 2014 - Friday

Chilly Morning in Hoa Lac (The Dragon Building)

It's the last day of classes and I'm so ready to go home soon...though not sure if I really wanna come back- but literally I have to because I don't wanna terminate my contract. But heck yeah, those past few weeks have been very cruel to me that I just want to kick every face I see along the hallways of the dorm and the lecture hall. 

Though it's really cold today, I have to go to Ha Noi to pick up my work permit and to get some good coffee and a tumbler for Sofie. Hopefully I won't catch a bad cold HOHOHO! 

Panther's 353rd song: Tangled Up In Blue by Bob Dylan (1975)

Photo of the Day: The Dragon Building (FPT University) 
Hoa Lac campus

December 13th, 2014- Saturday

Heading to Saigon at 2 hours, I'd be able to meet some friends for at least a night before I fly back home. This must be the first Christmas I'd spend with mom after more than 10 years of being always away on holidays. See You Soon Mama and Minh!

Panther's 354th song: On the Road Again by Willie Nelson (1980)

Photo of the Day: Hoa Lac Campus


December 14th, 2014- Sunday

Panther's 355th song: Born to Be Wild by Steppen Wolf

Photo of the Day: The Library


December 15th, 2014- Monday

Panther's 356th song: Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

Photo of the day: Techonology
sad story huhu

December 16th, 2014- Tuesday

Panther's 357th song: Vacation by The Go-Go's

Photo of the day: See You Soon


December 17th, 2014- Wednesday

I'd be in my lil town this time next week... will miss everyone! See You in 18 days!

Panther's 358th song: Paper Planes by M.I.A

Photo of the Day: Life


December 18th, 2014- Thursday

Probably messing up around the neighbourhood, I meant oh no not that I wanna's just that I'm sure they'd bug me until I get my butt out of bed. 

Panther's 359th song: Travelling by Paper Lions

Photo of the Day: Oopss Bun Cha!
will definitely miss eating bun cha and tofu 


  1. Happy holiday... it's so beautiful moment with family hehe

    1. yesss and wishing u a great holiday ahead hugs

  2. Please visit Batam Indonesia for enjoy your holiday, Coz here is nice place and any more...

    1. wowwww yess thanks for the recommendation im sure i would visit indonesia soon hugs