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Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Things I Miss

October 9th, 2014 Thursday

Nothing much to do on a typical day in school with 3 slots teaching sleepyheads because the class starts too early. TT... Anyhow, we're almost there, once we get to the other  end  of the glowing, burning candle, we'd be fine. 

Panther's 290th song: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Photo of the Day: Nostalgia
this is what i miss in my town 

October 10th, 2014  Friday

As adults, "curfew" sounds like nails badly, and fiercely hitting your itchy feet, starving tummy, while ridiculously cuddling your ego saying, "hey, rules are rules"! Seriously?! Do I have to drag myself to the dorm before 930pm so as not to get reprimanded by securities at the main gate? Oh No!!! I'd say most of the time, rules are meant to be broken! So yeah, had some bbq with Jesper and Duy, headed to the karaoke and yelled at the mic for a few silly songs (twas fun) anyway. But heck yeah, had to go back to the campus before 1030pm or we would end up climbing up the walls of Dorm A. Hmnnn... how about trying it the next time I get bored? LOL

Panther's  291st song: God Only Knows by Biran Wilson

Photo of the Day: Street Selfie
Westlake (photo by Duong)

October 11th, 2014  Saturday

Huong and her friends invited me for an authentic Vietnamese breakfast which started at the narrow streets of the city centre, then dropped by Duong's place near Westlake for some meds. After a few minutes, we found ourselves shamelessly posing for street selfie by the lake of Ho Tay. That feeling when your jaw was shaking while waiting for the shutter to take the best shot, and yes the thought that "all eyes were on you", together with scary whispers telling you to just (f*sjfh) off and go back home. Haha!

After a few snaps, we drove to Ngu Xa street in Truc Bach for some fresh Vietnamese rolls and noddles. Once we got stuffed, we hit the theatre for "Annabelle" which turned out to be the most boring horror film I've ever spent a dime on. Oh well, no hard feelings because I just thought it was the company of the people who were with me which was more important. 

The afternoon ended with me forcing them to go to Huu Huan street for a good egg coffee. We waited for Jesper to come then the rest of the folks went home and Duong stayed with us for a few chitchats. Since, Duong had to do something also, Jesper and I decided to just walk around the lake, got some bottles of water and soda for drinks and ended up sitting at the gutter by the lake talking about random stuff while waiting for Ken to pick him up.

As soon as Ken arrived, I quickly got a cab and headed to My Dinh station for the last bus to Hoa Lac! 

Panther's 292nd song: Let It Be by Labrinth

Photo of the Day: Another Selfie Underwater
another thing i miss doing- can i do this right now? 

October 12th, 2014  Sunday

Had a wonderful time with the FPT Color Team at a grade school nearby the campus. The activity was for two hours, and yeah I bet the kids had fun and their Vietnamese teachers were glad to see us there. Couldn't do anything during the event though because the language was in Vietnamese. Anyhow, that was still a memorable experience for us...  (Jesper and I were like: Oh, what? What is it? ) HEHE!

In the evening, Huy, Jesper and I had bbq at the same place we used to go, but there was a fire from that electric post at the wall of the restaurant. So, we left because there was no power, and just went to the other shop. Then we went back to the dorm earlier and agreed on having a study-teaching night at Jesper's room. Huy and I went back to our rooms at 1230am. 

Panther's 293rd song: Lovers on the Sun by David Guetta feat Sam Martin

Photo of the Day: My Motivation
#tbt will do this again in a few days


October 13th, 2014  Monday

Had slots 4,5 but I was feeling dizzy and felt like floating in the air that I could only overhear my harsh voice while trying to teach them some stupid vocabulary and grammar, maybe. 

Your 294th song: Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

Photo of the Day: Human Labor
the last time i escape was???

October 14th, 2014 Tuesday

Should I blame it to the weather for me being sick for almost a week now? Arghh.. the worst thing that could happen is to get literally bedridden because of colds! What could I do anyway, this is where I am, and this is the life I've chosen (for the meantime). Can't wait to leave and embrace the better things in store for me outside of this box---a few months more and am starting the countdown already!

Panther's 295th song: A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay

Photo of the Day: Street Food
#tbt Sapa 3rd time 2013

October 15th, 2014 Wednesday

"Happy 74th birthday to my ever-loving, patient, and honest mom!" She's been putting up with her husband despite all the heartaches and their differences. I could say that I wouldn't be able to do the same to my future partner in life. In other words, "martyrs" like her do exist, and I believe that it's not bad at all. If there's real "love" then that's mom's unconditional feeling of taking care of everyone in the family to the extent of sacrificing her own physical health. 

God, please give mom more birthdays to come, save her from fears, anxiety and all evil things. I know how much You Lord love her that this Christmas I'd make sure that would be best ever, and of course with dad and the rest of the family. We Love You, Mama! 

Panther's  296th song:  Loyal by Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, TYGA

Photo of the Day: The Fishing Village

October 16th, 2014 Thursday

The last day of classes and yeah, ad I get a two-week vacation. Will be spending a week in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh Vietnam. I just hope the weather would be nice because I'm thinking about caving, and messing up some beaches around the area. Well, honestly what I wanna do is to go back home at this very moment---I miss my family, miss my baby Minh the lovely kitty, and of course I wanna see the new member of the family- the naughty female pup. 

P/S: My students bought ice cream and we had a good time...!

Panther's 297th song: Warriors by Imagine Dragons

Photo of the Day: Da Lat 


  1. The last time I escape was... OMG! I can't remember...must be centuries ago...sooo sad :-(
    I wish one day I can go to Vietnam Susana hahahha...pupunta tlga ako kaya samahan mo ko when that time comes