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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October 1st (Backpacker For Life)

Life is about how you create it, but not neglecting its director who is our Father in Heaven. 
i wanna be a backpacker for life :) 

Tell you what, I easily get ticked off at small things especially when they've got something to do with my personal stuff. "Am I selfish?", sighed. The thing is, we can't just expect people to behave according to what we want them to. For instance,  people who borrow something from you... when "they" need it, they keep "ringing" you like crazy but they don't have the initiative to return it on time. What's funnier is, when it's about time for you to get it, they're nowhere to be found and would just tell you, "Oh sorry am not around, it's with someone else's room, blah blah!". 

"When can they be more sensitive and considerate?" On the other hand,to what extent should I be pretty nice to people? I meant, seriously this is getting into my nerves! 

Wednesday- October 1st, 2014

God, it's another month again and I declare and affirm another days of patience, success, health, safety, financial capability to move forward to the next phase of life. Bless my family, friends and Panther, that they may have a much better quest of life with Your Grace. I also want to cast all my fears in You, oh God, and that You always remind me to be pure, honest and gentle especially to things that I can't control. I'm a winner, I'm more than a conqueror, I'm wonderfully and fearfully made, I'm young and beautiful, I'm healed, and a great teacher, giver and lover, In Jesus' Name, AMEN!

Panther's 282nd song: Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf

Photo of the Day: Old Stereo
this is what i found at my student's house :) (Tuyen Quang with Kien)

September 28th, 2014

"Honestly, I wanna be a backpacker for life! This isn't just awesome, but also darn gift of life." :)  Who wants be on my next escapade, then? 

Panther's 279th song: Tangle Up in Blue by Bob Dylan

Photo of the day: Fashionable, old-fashioned


September 29th, 2014

Panther's 280th song: Jet Airliner by Steve Miller Band

Photo of the Day: All We Need is Our SMILES
ran into them in Siem Reap tour to the fishing village...somehow i prefer travellers who don't only travel for pleasure but also helping and inspiring people on their way (Dutch travellers enjoying the rice in a bamboo) P/S. if you guys happen to see this post, i wanna say, it was great to know both of u ;) 


September 30th, 2014

The shots might be too old, but the memories are always young and new, and at the same time giving the writer and the readers the courage to leave their comfort zone and explore this beautiful world. 

Panther's 281st song: Midnight Rider by The Allman Brothers Band

Photo of the Day: Old is New
April 2014



  1. OMG! Life is just way too short to live in one place. -sleepylittefool

    1. korek kaya haa cge langgg keep moving and move on haha