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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Proud Asians

Here is a short poem for proud yet naive and shy Asians. Most likely, we're discriminated in some ways yet we stand up and make a difference.

"I thought you Asian girls were supposed to be smart." uttered Clint Eastwood(Wolt Kowalski), in the 2008 "Gran Torino". Every race is unique and beautiful on its own way, but it's natural for the human race in general to have their own negative or positive opinion about a particular race which can be politically, personally, and or culturally influenced. Whatever it is, I wanna say that we were created one of a kind, thus, we don't need to compare ourselves to others nor feel disgusted with how others appear except of course, if someone from a particular minority or race has done something awful to you. 

Nut Brown

Tan, brown, dark or whatever you call it.
This's who we are, strong, confident and petite. 
Our race, stands out, though sometimes,
We wish we were fairer like Danes!

"I'm yellow," she said. 
"She's too short," he giggled.
"Sunblock, is all you need," mom yelled.
"I wish I were blonde," a kid sighed.

One fine day, she stepped out her comfort zone,
And took the biggest leap to Harvard.
Now she's wandering around all alone,
Why oh Why, she can't sit by his side?

Breathe deeply lil girl, you'll be fine.
Chin up, and smile for the new day.
They'll love you, if you allow them, e?
Whatever happens, never ever whine!

Whether you're from Laos, Japan, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand and The Philippines, you're a part of this gift of life, and each one is important. 

Hugs n Kisses from us...all! 

P/S: The picture was taken in FPT Hoa Lac campus with some international students. From left to right we got: Laos, Japan, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand and yours truly- The Philippines. 

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