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Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Cab and My Favourite Cocktail

Saturday- September 20th, 2014

Probably THE most amazing, stirring night in my four years here in Vietnam. I meant, I found people who are just perfect to be with, those who understand my being "inappropriate" sometimes, those who never judge me for "being" me, once strangers and turned into sincere friends. What could I ask more? Thank goodness, I should say am still one of the luckiest wanderers in town who thought that life must be a bitter-sweet birthday cake- all you have to do is to get a dramatically lit candles on it, blow them, make a wish and believe that the following day it would come true and enjoy the rest of the fancy flavoured baked wheat. 

Thanks to Kim, Heo and Jesper! You guys are awesome!!!

Panther's 271st song: Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day

I personally love the month of September, no valid reasons and no explanation, I just feel alive knowing that it's still September. Anyhow, the song is a good one and am sharing this to Panther and to my friends. Hugs!

Photo of the Day: Couples By The Lake
not perfect but still love this one (taken last Saturday while walking around the lake with my cotton candy)


Sunday- September 21st, 2014

Yeah, I had this feeling of not going back to the dorm, but what could I do? After church, I headed back to Hoan Kiem, had a Korean lunch which was "fine" as I was still feeling dumb from the previous night's cocktail. Hmnn... then hurried to My Dinh station to catch a bus to Hoa Lac. "I wish I had a yellow cab and a driver on "demented" Sundays like today," I muttered. "How about taking a taxi to the campus?" asking myself whilst contemplating on how much energy I could waste standing with my lousy and droopy soles for an hour on the extremely teeming box full of desperate souls. 

Well, I told you, "making" a wish is somehow helpful because Thang saw me at the station so we ended up taking a cab to Hoa Lac with his friends. "What a relief!", I giggled. 

Panther's 272nd song: See The Light by Green Day

"Each time I discover new places, culture or even a song, I always think about sharing it with you. Am glad you're just there to tolerate my being Susan, at the same time reminding me about life. You're always be Teddy and Susan's Panther! Hugs and Kisses to the campers, too."

Photo of the Day: WORTH Waiting
taken the previous night while waiting for the night (never mind whose feet are those)


Monday- September 22nd, 2014

"Am I back to reality yet?" LOL yes... sigh. Anyhow, I thank the Lord for giving me another day full of nonsense. Hehehe.

Panther's 273rd song: If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickelback

"I'd spend my last day with you just to laugh, gloat your homemade lasagna, cuddle the campers and Teddy, take more photos and take them with our dream for the never-ending future. Luv you, lots!" Be safe Always!

Photo of the Day: Better Learn How To Roll
Have you thought of "rolling" your way? :)) (VNmese way of doing it)


Tuesday- September 23rd, 2014

Getting up at 630am for work is a pain in the butt unless am on a trip. Have you ever been on a class full of  cold learners on their drowsy eyeballs? Haha.. alright am laughing but heck yeah it's not easy trying to talk to myself about grammar and vocabulary whilst seeing them falling off their wooden seats! Should I say they'r lucky I give them a chance to get some free air in the middle of slot one? Yeah... in short, "WE" hate SLOT 1! 

BTW, I had free lunch at Al Fresco's for being a valued customer. It was the best stuffed chicken coriander ever. Thank God, my day was saved.

Panther's 274th song: No Hurry by Zac Brown Band

"Can you do yourself a favour? Please take time to breathe fresh air and take more photos of the campers perhaps, or just watch how the stalks of those unwanted flowers grow in your garden." Hugs!!!

Photo of the Day:Cab For Thought 
the details of the shadows say it all (one night in the Old Quarter)


Wednesday- September 24th, 2014

"When will I get students who are at least good enough for their level?", I sighed. The thing is this block, I've been wondering how the heavens these young adults pass the previous level when they don't even know what "ant" is. Perhaps, they need "realia", I meant seriously! 

Panther's 275th song: Take a Little Ride by Jason Aldean

"Get up, grab your car keys and fool around the city, turn your stereo on as loud as you could, scream your heart out and feel good with your favourite song." Do take care of yourself, always our dear Panther. 

Photo of the Day: Joma Cafe
Joma is my convenient way of crossing the streets in Hoan Kiem (my comfort zone)


Thursday- September 25th, 2014

Thought Highlands Coffee had to upgrade their blender because my coffee freeze was kinda rough that all I could feel was ice. "I didn't come here to chew ice," I smiled. No more hard feelings about my order because it dawned on me that it was my choice to get there. Haizz...

AND oh, had fun at the party with my kids at school, and then ended up having Jesper with Duong and his friends on the 4th floor of Dorm A for some shots of Tao Meo. 

Panther's 276th song: Loving You is Fun by Easton Corbin

"You thought so???" Hehehe.. hugs n kisses! 

Photo of the Day: Just a Map 
no I said not Joma but its Map (Hmnnn...)


Friday- September 26th, 2014

"Stuck again at the campus, Susan?", asking myself while taking a "selfie" for Instagram. Hehe... until Giang called so we walked around the campus for a few minutes, and finally helped him mess up with his local sandwich for sale. It was not a bad idea learning how to peel a cucumber on the layman's way. Haha! 

Panther's 277th song: 5-1-5-0 by Dierks Bentley

"I know that am always in your thoughts and I couldn't thank you more for doing so. Missing you much...get well soon!"

Photo of the Day: From Landmark 72 (9F)
take it or leave it (what's the use of  the camera settings when i got my own  :) )

Saturday- September 27th, 2014

It's another weekend, I meant a typical Saturday when my brain cells are dead and numb. No way, I would survive the campus knowing that the place has consumed my patience already. "I'm outta here," I screamed from the floor where I quite comfortably sleep with those thick, weird, colourful winter blankets. LOL! Well, I'm not complaining about this but sometimes, I'd say that something must be wrong with my choice-not realizing that "human nature" would one day hit my itchy feet as hard as it could until I feel helpless. 

--------  -------  ------  ----- ------ ------ 
Now I know why "coincidence" had become a word to say that the world is too small and it's too easy to run into an acquaintance. Yeah, it was Bjorn at make it short he shared his travels,and I learned a lot from him, too. Then we decided to get a nice Vietnamese dinner and Avalon was the last stop before I headed back to Holidays Gold. 

Panther's 278th song: You Gonna Fly by Keith Urban

"Isn't this song wonderful? Hope you'd be able to read some of my posts as I know that you've been so tied up at work." Hugssssssssssssss!!!

Photo of the Day: Avalon
sometimes u don't have to look at the screen nor care about the ISO or focus (clicked the shutter randomly)



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