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Sunday, 4 January 2015

2014 And its Memories

December 30th, 2014- Tuesday

Bible verse for this post: “But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches and glory by Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:19 (KJV-Bible by Tecarta)

Note: This blog is written mainly for mom… so I’ll be posting all her selfies here.

The storm ‘Seniang’ hit the southern Cebu last night December 29th with a signal number 2. It was my first time (well, after at least 10-12 years of not spending the holiday season with my parents) to sleep with a fierce wind in the middle of the night. Oh…that felt horrible, though.

Anyhow, the sun confidently showed up this morning, so I didn’t miss the chance of taking my mom’s photos. The waves were still mad though, yet I managed to have my mom ‘pose’ for the memories that we have in 2014, just in time before 2015 hands me in with its bright promises of more love, health and longer life, better job, more travels and financial blessings.
after three shots, she managed to get 'almost' the angle that i wanted her to do... LOL

i like it when she smiles like that...u know why? BECAUSE when i see her smiling, I feel relieved that she'll get stronger. 

one of my favourites

i still recall what she looks like when she gets mad at me hahaha

and sometimes when she's frustrated with her husband and my older brother --s-she does this most of the time

we love u no matter how stubborn u are.. God bless u Ma.

In 2015, I’d choose to forgive and make the most out of this exciting gift of life from God. I also couldn’t thank the Lord for the blessings I’ve had this year. Those tough months were nothing because of His Grace.

Thank you Lord for Panther who has stayed with me and Teddy since December 2013, also to Barbie and family who have never failed to bring me so much love and smiles, to Katrina my kapatid who, despite our distance has been there to pray for me, to Geleen who has been my cry and laugh buddy as well as my sister, too. Of course to Goldameir who has never given up on me especially as a prayer partner and a counselor, to Pamela who has inspired many people including me, to Suan Gon who always appreciates every emotion I have in my blog, to Junco who always shares her delicious meals with me, to Cecile who has showed me that life is worth living, to Laurent- a brilliant photographer, writer, traveler and friend, to Masahito Iguchi who has been there for me to listen to my never-ending frustrations, depressions etc.,  to Lovella who never tires to cheer me up in every way possible, and to my bro Rheymil who has found his call as a nurse to help those in need. God bless all of you!

Hmnn…and who would forget my immediate family? I pray that the Lord would protect them with His mighty arms and keep them safe each day. That they may not cease to give thanks and worship our Almighty Father. I declare, “No weapon formed against them shall prosper.”… that they may have a prosperous 2015 with the blessings of life and love.

For those whom I haven’t mentioned in my declarations yet, here are some of them with whom I’ve been thankful for, too. Please bless them with whatever their hearts desire so they can be a blessing to others in need.

ShoNique: She’s a blessing because she was born to love the youth and to inspire not only them but her family and friends for being a superb writer and a fighter.
T Brown- my sister in G+
Roxy May and Ms D- my sincere friends in G+, too
Zozo Eema- my soul sister who always reminds me how awesome life is
Larry- though he still believes that I’m a man, I know that he somehow includes me in his prayers
Jet and Duy- my weekend escape partners in Hoan Kiem
Kien- I know that he’s always concerned with how I guard my heart and plan my future dreams.

I’m sure there are still hundreds of people that I haven’t mentioned here…you know who you are and you’re also in my heart and prayers. 

Happy New Year 2015, everyone!!!


  1. aw... the mom's love. i feel for you. huhuhu... no matter how stubborn they are.
    have a blessed new year. thank you for the mention huhuhu. love you.

    1. ayan naka nakaw ako ng wifi haha teka tapusin ko ung draft ko then basahin ko ung mga latest posts mo haha luv u