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Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Me, Now and...

Leaving my fate to the heaven,
For there's nothing I can change.
Now, this life is an oblivion.
No one knows which page,
Should I stop dreamin'.

Somehow, this is silly,
To read between the lines,
Those days, I've waited solely,
Will you tell me once,
That I'm your only lady?

I said, I'd leave it to fate,
As it doesn't have to be fake.
What are you thinking, by the way?
Should I say, let's have a separate way?
Well, OK I'd wait for the next dawn to break!

You and I are indefinite beings,
In this world full of hesitations,
And selfishness and paranoia.
Come be brave and say, "I got ya!"
So my mind would  confidently say, YEAH!

For those hearts are broken but full of hopes!


  1. We're not broken just bend ;-)
    I know how you feel :-(

    1. nakakalokaaa ba hay naku ewan diko nga na share yan sa g+ e hehe