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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Village Life

January 23rd, 2015- Friday

Location: Hoa Lac, Son Tay, Ha Tay Vietnam

Time: 5pm-9pm

Who WERE there by the way:

Visitors: Svenjia, Rabi, Chan, Sue

Hosts: Dinh, Cuong, Tuan Anh ---Thanks Much, we had a Wonderful chitchat with you guys! 

What did we do at Dinh's place then? Oh hold on, Cuong and Tuan Anh (K10) were also there to help us prepare some veggies for dinner as well as a relaxing stroll in Hoa Lac market for some vodka, fruits and more veggies. 

Thought we were the luckiest visitors in town because when we came back from the wet market, Cuong had already finished making some boiled veggies and some other dishes. All we had to do was to peel the pineapple in our own perfect way. AND guess what, WE MADE we deserved some delish dinner and a few shots of Nestea-Vodka. LOL! 

Enjoy the photos!
Svenja's turn to murder Mr. Pineapple! :)) 
Rabi's turn.. haha
Sorry for the #red eyes..this is the reason why I chose this color edit hehe.
my bad to bring that telephoto huhu had i known. it would be so hard to take nice shots #sillyme
Our tofu
Awww Svenja..huhu
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Not so sure what he was doing--hmnn perhaps he was washing a bland dragon fruit! hihi
Cuong: "Your tofu e?" haha

a local was happy to be with Svenjia...
they turned their backs on me hahah
flared Vodka Ha Noi wahaha
#candid? LOL
"co len Dinh"
Make a wish Chan! Nyahaha

Cuong...hehe almost ready with our tofu!


  1. Love the photos. Looks like you had a very good time. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh pineapple and have it often. You made my mouth water.

    1. awwww aaaa pineapples here are very cheap and sweet hihi... thanks for visiting...hugs n kisses