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Monday, 1 September 2014

September 1st

I can't believe how time swifts like  an amnesia dominating an innocent soul without even sparing a bit of its silly memories. 

this one alone is more than a blessing

Nahhh, by this time last year, I was on a trip to Da Nang and spent most of my time in the ancient city, Hoi An for the photo tour. That was one of the best trips I've had at the central part of the country not because I made new friends, but because it made me complete as a dreamer, a woman, and a conqueror. 

Why am I saying all these? Guess what, it's my 33rd birthday in a few days and I thank God for another year of success, longer life, health, awesome family and friends and of course Panther. This year has been very good to me by the grace of the Lord that He has never left me empty-handed and I declare more blessings to come in the next few years. 

If I had a wish for my birthday, that would be longer and healthier life to all my loved ones- mom,dad, my siblings and their families, special friends and Panther. May we  finish and win our own battles with our feet on the ground.  This is also an affirmation on this very day of the Lord as the new month comes in with joy, content, trust, forgiveness and healing as this is the day that the Lord has come, we will rejoice and celebrate. And that He spare us from fear, evil, and temptation. 

Life wouldn't always give us smooth trails, but am sure each brave step forward means a brighter future. Hang in there and keep the "faith" that everything will fall into its perfect place and time, in His Name. Amen. 

August 30th, Saturday

Panther's 250th song: Blessings by Laura Story

"The song itself is my prayer for you! I know it's been tough but you're always in my mind, wishes and prayers."

Photo of the Day: Warmth of Dusk
whether its orange or purple...


Sunday- August 31st, 2014

Panther's 251st song: Forgiveness by Matthew West

Photo of the Day: Been a Year...
taken this time last year

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