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Friday, 29 August 2014

Weird Dreams

Recently, I've had this weird, subtle day spring dreams which might be the repercussions of my movie marathons. They say that dreams are nothing, thus, they don't determine how much luck we get in the next few seconds or days or weeks; they're simply our frustrations, fears, extreme emotions, desires, passions and or suppressed anger and so on.

The other night, I had my movie marathon which  started with "Fading Gigolo", followed by "Perfume the Story of a Murderer", "Anne Frank the Wiki Story", "The Book Thief", "The Grand Budapest Hotel", "The Boy in Striped Pajamas", then last night had a great time watching, "The Gran Torino" (for the second time), together with "The Perks of a Wallflower", "Midnight in Paris" and  "Miss PettiGrew Lives For A Day"

Went to bed at 5am only to find out that I'd be on a crazy world of "life" and "death". 

This is how it goes: "I was on a village party where I saw some of my neighbors from my little town, some relatives and of course strangers. Had no idea what the party was for, but all I could remember was that a pale lady in green shirt asked me to take care of a baby. Before I could hold him, his head hit the armchair and I was scared. "I'm sorry," I told her. I took the baby by the beach for fresh air. 

With my loving arms, I held the baby while sitting on the sea wall trying to make him sleep. Suddenly, he slipped out my arms and fell to the raging waves. Right there and then, I jumped into the waves, and was able to take him off the water, but to my surprise, he became a tiny "octopus" and it was dead. I ran to his mom and told her the sad truth... everyone couldn't believe what happened. My heart and muscles were numb that I wanted to cry but tears couldn't flow. I felt guilty and horrible...

I was still holding the dead octopus while standing still shameful for being irresponsible. "I killed him, Yes, I did!", I sobbed. The mom left and after a few minutes the octopus slowly turned into a very healthy baby in white and blue polka dot, cotton jumper. "He is alive! He is alive!", I shouted with joy and everyone was happy. 

I woke up feeling relieved because at least I know that there's  life even in my dreams! Yes, sometimes I thought of stupid things about what's gonna happen to me when I die or if someone I love passes away. These are I bet normal..."fears" can rule our dreams. But I make sure that it won't ruin my day once I'm awake. 


Note: The Photos were taken one rainy morning in November 2012 when I had my first few shots with my 60D and also my first ever village tour  at a wet market nearby the campus. #tbt 

They aren't the perfect snaps and most of them break the rules in basic photography but I still love them because they're mine. LOL #noedit #nofilter

Wednesday- August 27th, 2014

Panther's 239th song: Hall of Fame by The Script feat Will.i.Am

Photo of the Day: #tbt banana vendors
Lang Van Hoa vendors


Thursday- August 28th, 2014

Panther's 239th song: Feel This Moment by Pitbull Feat. Christina Aguilera

Photo of the Day: #tbt the merchant
the old village by the market


Friday-August 29th, 2014

Panther's 240th song: Train by Drive By

Photo of the Day: #tbt Granny
life is #good 

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