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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sunday Thoughts

Where Are They?

There have been too much on my mind in the past few days. Sometimes, I wanna kick myself for being sincerely super duper nice to people. The thing is, it's either they'd misunderstand you or take advantage of your being a "YES" type. No, of course, am not blaming them for doing so because it's my fault. Is it because I always believe that if I treat people nicely, they'd at least consider me as a good friend (if there's such thing as a "real" friend) in which in reality, people just come and go. If there are people who want to stay, you can count them as, 'ready, set, go' or in short you're lucky if there are three out of a hundred of em.

Lesson learned: "Never ever, (not even on your  imagination) expect anythin from anyone if you don't wanna get hurt nor mad about the fact that life is a bit tricky for some reasons. Nothing compares being alone or doing things by yourself as it won't give you any false hopes.
Should I say I'm done with people? Maybe... I realized that better eliminate them in my life, shut the door, turn my phone on the silent mode and count the days when I'd finally get myself healed from being so gullible (at times) as well as being too helpful and trusting. Well, I also thought about what I've learned from others and that's to treat people well despite their being insensitive, selfish and or self-centred.

But this doesn't mean that I'd stop making "new" friends, this is just a part of winning my own battle on having "genuine" friends.
No worries, this isn't my first to experience this... I've been thru many of em! I'm sure I  can handle such "attitude" well.



  1. Where are my friends when I need them most? Gone You know you still got real friends here kaht na nawawala dn kami minsan hahahah -sleepylittlefool

    1. hahaah oo kahit nga anonymous kayo e haha uu naman haha il always have u guys and likewise