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Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Complete Stranger

Lessons Yet to be Learnt

So you think I like you that much? Hmnn... drop those "bubbles" dude. Though am not gorgeous, am not desperate yet to go crazy about strangers like you. Sorry if am way too fair and warm to you... maybe because it's in my blood-be nice, easy and thoughtful to everyone. I also get mad but only to the ones who are too conceited and esp those who assume too much to the extent of misunderstanding my being "nice and thoughtful".

"No worries I'll try to be a 'muckraker' next time-actually starting today. If you see me and you're ignored then that's it-no big deal. Well, just think this way- "you're not important in my life" and for sure you're feeling the same way, too!

I'd say: "It was nice to meet you!" -yes you (someone I used to know) ...


  1. Nice post... Keep happy blogging...

    1. thankssssssssssssssssssss again ur comment makes my Monday! be safe always