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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Ao Vua, Bavi (Vietnam)

Nature at its best!

Bavi is a district in Ha Noi which is known for its National Park/s, green mountains, waterfalls and resorts. The trip was merely for Summit 2.1 class's field trip for them to practice their skills in English (but I thought I failed) and wasn't able to achieve the main goal. LOL! Anyhow, they had fun and oh well, let's see what they'd get for their essay next week. 


My Xao
was preparing for breakfast
what u get once u smoke "thuoc lao" haha

my idea of autumn
my favourite shot

who doesnt feel good with nature anw

Ao Vua's 3D stuff hehe
very common by the streets of Ha Noi (bbq)
with butter and oil (quite greasy) but it's ok once in a while


  1. Ang saya saya namn. I want to go on a field trip too Susana.

    1. hahahaha cgeeeee sama ka samin sana andito ka para sama ka salahat ng field trips namin LOL