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Tuesday, 4 November 2014


October 27th, 2014 - Monday

Copied the Amityville from Duc Anh, and was really eager and excited to watch it but of course not alone! Hahaha....hmnnn  hey man--- YOU know who you are, and YOU promised to watch it together with me so am gonna wait. Yes you were right, "There was peace in the Middle East" that night, Wahaha!!! 

Panther's 307th song: Budapest by George Ezra

Photo of the Day: Brave and Bold


October 28th, 2014- Tuesday

Lunch was frustrating from the cafe in the campus... that was some kind of fried noodles (My Xao) but the orange noodles were extremely dry that I couldn't even swallow them. Well, the beef on it was fine, a bit tender but had too much fresh garlic in which I thought made my tummy mad. "This is really frustrating and I wanna cry, now...", I muttered. "I must go to Ha Noi, tomorrow!", I said.

Panther's 308th song: Magic by Coldplay

Photo of the Day: Young Adult's Shot

sorry for another selfie..this is just to keep one of my favourite kids' memory in my blog


October 29th, 2014 - Wednesday

"Can you gimme pancakes?", I asked the skinny, pale waitress on her  black polo shirt with the bold logo of the cafe's name over her brown apron.  "Oh sorry, but I'm afraid the kitchen is busy and they can't make you pan cakes!"... "Oh, have you ever asked the kitchen, yet?!", Sue getting pretty ticked off and impatient. "Why the heck these people assume too much? Or are they too lazy to ask the cook?", I said.  In short, I had that tasteless pan of sizzling Napoletan along with that pineapple flavoured drink. "Stop complaining, Sue, at least you're not in Hoa Lac now eating a bowl of very tough and cold sticky rice with pate and oily sunny side up eggs!", murmuring while forcing each bite to my tummy. 

Well, I thought I'd be able to save my day with a good cup of blended coffee, only to find out that Vpresso in Landmark 72 got the worst bartender who made me a cup of coffee icera iced instead of blended. AND yes, the tiramisu tasted like  a wet, sugary crumpled paper neglected by lost souls looking for a nice view by the pool of the building. 

Panther's 309th song: Trumpets by Jason Derulo

Photo of the Day: Gear Man

the most amazing Panda (Khang always makes sure that the gears I need are complete)


October 30th, 2014 - Thursday

---am also leaving this day to oblivion---  as I don't wanna add up more heartaches to my last week off before kicking some butts in the  Dragon Building in the next few days. 

Panther's 310th song: Hideaway by Kiesza

Photo of the Day: The Love of Waves

think i posted this on one of my posts but i cant resist re-posting it because i got this too much love for the waves


October 31st, 2014 - Friday

---leaving this  day to oblivion---

Panther's 311th song:  1989 by Taylor Swift

Photo of the Day: Come n Get Me


November 1st, 2014 -Saturday

Lunch was great because I was spoiled by Tokyo Dining with their tasty "pancake medley"!  Hmnnn and yeah, my feet dragged me to women's shoes and picked up two  pairs of cheap wedges for me and Phuong. That was awesome, though my stomach had been grumpy since 3 days ago, and even managed to meet Hai and Jesper for a beer (yeah I hate beer) but I tried a sip. I almost threw up in front of the boys (shhh they didn't have any idea) anyway. In the evening, Phuong drove me to Hoa Lac and we had some  appetizing roasted chicken  leftover  in her room. LOL!

----that was another dead night to me in Hoa Lac---

Panther's 312th song: Story of My Life by One Direction

Photo of the Day: The Captain


November 2nd, 2014- Sunday

Made it to church in the morning, had some Korean Bento in Parkson and dropped by PNJ for Phuong's bracelet. Was a lil depressed and angry for some reasons I can't put into writing as I've chosen to keep them  myself. Oh God, gimme more patience and wisdom to understand the flaws of people because I know that I'm not perfect either. 

Panther's 313th song:  Take Me To Church by Hozier

Photo of the Day: Siesta
if only the free-flowing lake turns upside down :)


November 3rd, 2014- Monday

"Gone Girl" was the longest, and the worst "non-sense" intellectual torture I've ever encountered HAHA!  Anyhow, I had great company which started with pizza, oven rice tonkatsu. Since, my stomach has been rejecting even the smell of pizza, I made sure I had something to satisfy my supposed to be "hibernating" insides for a week. 

The movie finished at 630am, and because I was a bit depressed and frustrated from the film, I had to save myself with a new Starbucks tumbler with a free tall Java Chip. "You're a lucky girl," chuckled a good-looking bartender. 

My last night off work didn't sound so nice because I had to iron quite a lot of clothes good for a week realizing that it was impossible for me to prepare for my lessons. So, I had to get up at 430am and all I could do was stare at the teacher's book. 

Panther's 314th song: Even My Dad Does Sometimes by Ed Sheeran

Photo of the Day: Life


November 4th, 2014 Tuesday

Oh well, the first 3 slots weren't that bad at all because they weren't only well-behaved but also bright. Definitely, that was an answered prayer because despite the fact that my soles were complaining this morning from my "not so appropriate" pair of cute, black heels, I made it to another 3 slots in the afternoon. Now, I'd say that I think I could handle too many classes five times a week unless I don't have deadlines on CMS! LOL Arghh... I've never been this tied up at work since I came back from my town a few months ago. 

Panther's 315th song: Nina by Ed sheeran

Photo of the Day: Passion


  1. Awww I suddenly miss the beach. At least nakakagala ka pa dn... I so envy you na tlga... Call me sleepylittlefool haha