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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Is It Winter, Yet?

Good Morning from the "Dragon" building which is  still  unfortunately under construction...

Teach them Not!

All I could hear is the creepy sound of the shovels from the busy workers as if they're running out of time. Am sure they will never realize how bland or chilly the weather is because they're too focused on themselves. 

It's a cold, gloomy morning here in Ha Noi, and I woke up feeling gross that I didn't have the excitement to start the day. I never have hard feelings for Mondays- until I realized that it's already Tuesday. Was it because of the thought that I have 6 slots today? 

Anyway, I'm here in the classroom alone, writing about what it feels like to send your students out for a while just to keep them awake while  Yiruma's "Hope" is on, in which at the same time makes me feel not so guilty for sitting at the brown, fine, wooden teacher's table unproductive. No, it was against my will to send them off for an outdoor activity because they might get colds. But what can I do? Or perhaps am just acting very "irresponsible" today...!

My apologies for being such a bit of a "crap" this early... believe me I got no intentions to give you any negativity as the week has just started.

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