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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Late Night Dinner

My 6th poem for him:

Late Dinner Date

Last night was the sweetest date,
I've ever had with you.
Random stories, giggles and chitchats,
only us both know.
It seemed like seconds passed by,
so fast like a whirlwind.
Your hugs and cuddles for minutes are
so precious I didn'want to amend.

I'm blessed to be home where,
your heart longs for me.
The place where the scent of the
sweetest perfumes are found.
No, we're not in Paris nor Milan,
but our romance never goes ugly.
This is where our contented souls
are meant to bound.

You're not a man too sweet in words,
yet you've mended my broken soul.
And helped me bury my darkest past into,
the desert invisible even to a curious owl.

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