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Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Flight Back

The Flight Back

You thought you weren't sweet enough and you never cared.
You took the flight back with the ego I once dared.
Dared if you'd call me babe in Viber while picking up my meds.
At the airport, you took a snap of what I asked you to purchase.

At Holiday Gold, I couldn't keep myself from giggling.
Jen asked, "Are you talking to your beloved man?"
I smiled, and gently nodded with the sweetest way if grinning.
Wait, I gotta go to the lake to read a good one.

Have you seen the photos I took to remember how great this day is?
Oh, I have almost forgotten you're still on your way back home.
If I had a chance to hug you tight and blow you a kiss;
I'd definitely own you-you're mine and only mine in that dim room.

You said you're heading to the Old Quarter.
I know you've been  tired from the long haul.
Thank you because tonight's escape would definitely matter.
So here I am, in front of the temple waiting for your next call.

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