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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Where Art Thou?

My 7th poem for him....

Where Art Thou?

Who would call me tonight?
Who would ring me for three nights?
It sounds so clingy though.
But what can I do-I miss you.

So bad, but be glad you got my heart.
I'd wait so patiently til the weekend comes.
No worries, none can tear us apart.
Even an herd of  gossip lambs!

Dream about me at dawn will you?
Under the  dim streetlights of Bangkok.
Read my last message, will you?
As I keep the spices from yesterday's cook.

Your hoarse whispers I'm about to listen.
I heard you said, "How are you my dear?"
Oh, I'm by the window peepin'
Til I hear your sweet voice clearer.

Goodnight Babe!
God bless you always.


  1. Now, gone all the songs... here comes the poems... lol...
    *_* SLF