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Friday, 19 February 2016

A Morning Call

My 5th poem for him... soon will be on the hard copy.

A Morning Call

You turned my literally gloomy morning,
Into the best "idiom" of the day.
Pretty eyes on my screen whilst ringing,
Gave me love as soon as you started talking.

I laughed when you said, "Oh, my gosh!"
"Couldn't see your name on my call list last night."
I knew you were tied up, so don't rush.
Baby, you've done enough more than a knight.

You've taught me patience, trust and faith.
Each day, I learn how to truly appreciate,
The simple, yet sincere things you do for me.
Thank you, for you never fail to value me.

If I had a song to sing only for you today,
I'd softly whisper the lines, into your ears.
"Yes, just listen, and tell me how's your day."
Did you just say, "Cheers, gone are your fears!"

Notes: Positive thoughts turn gloomy days into the brightest sun shining behind the Nimbostratus.

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