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Friday, 19 February 2016


This is my 4th poem for him.


What if one day I'd wake up beside you for real?
Your face so close to me, as if something is to unveil.
What if one day, I'd wake up with only our memories?
Staring at our one and only "wefie" and your old messages.

Questions aren't clear enough for anyone to answer.
Only God knows what your heart desires.
Does it sincerely pray and fight for her or,
Still wandering around for sweeter pearls?

Pain, oh yes it must be a bit painful to think,
About what's the future behind this await.
You asked me once, "Will you wait for me?" with a wink.
I said, "Yes..." without anything to bet.

Prayers surely change things they say.
Would I stop kneeling to Him begging,
To be in your arms endlessly?
Oh, how I long to have our happiest ending.

Notes: Sometimes you have to be extremely patient to wait and keep the faith that the person you're into right now is the one God has sent you.

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