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Saturday, 2 August 2014


August 2nd, 2014 Saturday

a gift from a friend 2 years ago

Each item doesn't talk about me being a fashion follower...just some sort of being MYSELF when the rest of the world is getting crazier about what's on the latest magazines. 

2 weeks ago i ran into this.. 70% off wahaha not that bad for its comfort

for 5$ in a local mall in Saigon 4 mos ago

from a local shop (good quality) You won't expect the majority of the Vietnamese to buy clothes from their own shops...maybe they thought they look cheap LOL anyhow, to me???...nah who cares about which brand are you's ABOUT how you wear it!

Thailand 2012

The thing is, I'm a "fashion", most likely I'd pick up something "safe" as long as it gives me the comfort that I need especially while walking too fast. AND...since, I get a budget for a particular dress, I go into cheap ones as am not into branded clothing or might be on "sale", and I make sure that I can use them at work as well as casually or at the beach.

more than 2 years old (my all-time fav)

(open front) comfie enough

open back as well

But sometimes, I get to the point of not having anything to wear especially going to work. Sigh... yes most of these dresses are old that some of them are more than 5 years old yet still playing hide and seek in my closet. 
very soft and too casual HAHA

my first mango dress (2yo) LOL told ya not into expensive ones --this was on sale 50% off

had a chance to shop in the PHILS 2 yrs ago and this was one was also on SALE

Did I realize those shades of blue, red and pink and a garter on the waist on most of my dresses! HAHA thought I MUST change my taste in fashion. So should I go back to jeans, shirts and sneakers? OR should I keep my recent madness on loose chiffon tops and dresses? Let's see...

FORever 21 for 12$ in a small shop in the OLD Quarter HN (can't buy this in my country because it's way too expensive) 

a friend gave me a few mos ago

beach bummer

These are just some of those which have been trying to put up with me... sometimes they make me feel naked though! 

from a local mall in Saigon for 5$ hehe (4mos old?)

since 2006  :)) still fit me though

By the way, I've loved loose shirts, jeans and sneakers that I even wear them at work. Lately, I put on a bit of weight so I look silly when I wear some of them. Oh no...I've lost 5kg already worries I only need to loose 2 KGS to get back to my usual fit. 

see the laundry lost one of it's buttons but still wear it to school (first dress ever bought when i came to Ha Noi in 2011)

one of my students' said this looks like a sleeping dress... HAHA but it's comfortable I said. (Thailand 2012)


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