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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Secret Self

"God works in mysterious ways, He loves and saves everyone. He will never give up on us because He is good all the time." 

NOTE: I chose Christian songs for my Panther as a part of my everyday prayers that he'd be blessed with wisdom to face his enemies with courage and confidence. I declare that he is a winner and no one can pull him down because God is with him, In Jesus' Name, Amen. 

Definitely I'm grateful for He is Faithful, for giving me my Panther, for the loving family and friends who are "on up and up" especially when my head's under water, and to all the blessings and answered prayers. Though it had been a tough week to me, my feet walked me to a place where I could worship Him with His people, and that was last Sunday when I had to bow down and repent for my being a bad girl in the past few weeks. But see, He never condemns and He puts a new song into my heart...all I need is His grace. Truly, sometimes all we want are the most loving prayers and compliments from those who are close to our hearts. Thus, we don't need to hear empty praises from others...He is enough. 

By the way, the photos shared were taken last Saturday...but each day since the 7th is a brand new sun that shines towards my singing secret self! 

Wednesday- August 7th, 2014

Panther's 219th song: Oceans by Hillsong United (Live at Relevant)

Photo of the Day: Lotus for My Luv (preferred not to edit this as a respect for its beauty)
along Yen River on the way back from the pagoda (taken:  AUG 09, 2014)


Thursday- August 8th, 2014

Panther's 220th song: Nothing Like Your Love by Hillsong United

Photo of the day: "all-embracing"
the lonely bridge (Yen River)


Friday- August 9th, 2014

Panther's 221st song: Rooftops by Jesus Culture

Photo of the Day: "asymmetry"
taken: AUG 09, 2014

Saturday- August 10th, 2014

Panther's 222nd song: Carry My Soul by Phil Wickham (Live at Relevant)

Photo of the Day: "summer twaddle"
taken: AUG 09, 2014


Sunday-August 11th, 2014

Yesterday seemed to be one of the most horrible days of my life in Ha Noi because of that rude, disrespectful, big mouth, unprofessional tour guide. But I made sure that I wouldn't start a new week demented and frustrated. So, instead of wasting my time dropping by the travel agency to complain, I just waited for the manager to reply to my complaint letter I sent last night. Then I went to HIF to be with people who sincerely pray for me and so to worship God. 

Thank goodness... I listened to the Holy Spirit and His wisdom to have faith that what had happened would have a solution. 

Oh well, I'd still have to write a blog about what happened that day and send it to Sinh Travels. 

Panther's 223rd song:All The Poor And Powerless by The Digital Age

Photo of the day: "hardihood"


Monday- August 12th, 2014

After slot 2, had to quickly pick up some stuff in the supermarket for Mama and for my little cutie pie Minh. I was exhausted, yet, I managed to have dinner with my son whom I haven't seen for a long time.  

When I got to my dorm, I couldn't help but to finish packing up so I could send them on Wednesday. There's one thing I've learned from isolating myself from the people around me here in VN, and that was to get closer to my family. Now, I prefer snail mails and boxes full of assorted packages such us body shower (LOL), sachets of shampoo, dog and cat food, scarves and other accessories as well as VS spray for Mama who just wants to smell herself with it as she never gets out far from the house because of her weak bones and muscles. 

My evening doesn't finish without bugging Panther in Viber no matter how busy he is. lucky because he never thought of ignoring me! (sending lots of love, hugs and kisses)

Panther's 224th song: 10000 Reasons (Bless The Lord) by Matt Redman

Photo of the Day: "infinity"

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