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Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Start Button

Monday-August  18th, 2014

"Missing someone is the best feeling especially if the person you miss never ceases to make you feel that you're a huge part of his life." Lots of luv, hugs and kisses to our Panther from Teddy and Susan. :) 

Panther's 230th song: I Always Get Lucky With You by George Jones

Photo of the day: Today But For The Other Day
got me a new coffee press


Tuesday- August 19th, 2014

Oatmeal cookies, some cinnamon-sprinkled mixed fruits and a cup of coffee were too much for a reward from a 240-second plank for Day 27 of the 30-day plank challenge. I should be proud of myself because each time I press the start button my muscles start counting really slowly while my mind is telling me to ignore them. HAHAHA! 

Panther's 231st song: I Believe in You by Don Williams

Photo of the day: Might Be Useless
that plastic bag sealed my cam while picking up some grocery items 


Wednesday- August 20th, 2014

"Thank God, it's my last lesson for PC0923", I murmured with excitement. "Teacher, what are you going to do today?", asked Son looking curious at the same time "wimpy" in my future whereabouts. "Oh well, I'd go to Ha Noi as the weather looks nice though it's a bit drizzling, " I answered pulling up the shutter of the tiny glass window on the left corner of the teacher's table. 

As soon as I got my hazelnut freeze, mean raindrops started to fall like there weren't people walking without umbrellas. LOL! Anyhow, I couldn't care because I was wickedly taking a chunk out of the sweet and sour pork ribs on my plate. AND for now...I'd say: "Envy me for this precious time being by myself!" 

Panther's 232nd song: A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash

Photo of the Day: HE Wants a Ride
but dad isn't taking him 


Thursday- August 21st, 2014

Panther's 233rd song: You Are My Sunshine by Jimmie Davis

Photo of the Day: Wash it Away

my forte

Friday- August 22nd, 2014

It was by the grace of strength that I was able to stand on a jam-packed bus without any complaints, yet could still smile each time the driver hits the brake because I saw how people get carried away like a sea shell gently pushed by the morning waves to the rough seashore.  LOL

Panther's 234th song: At Last by Etta James

Photo of the Day: Ideal Brunch
each day is photo of the day 


Saturday- August 23rd, 2014

"Home alone... but am fine as this is one of the best days of my life." 

Panther's 235th song: A Time For Us by Andy Williams

Photo of the Day: The Incident
"Non La" a Vietnamese hat 

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