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Friday, 1 August 2014

The Girls of MY Life

you'r brighter than these 
                                         Photo of the day: The Spark
2014 July 28th, Monday

Panther's 209th song: Music of My Heart by N'Sync

"Promise to be safe always... kisses from us and hugs to your ladies!"

2014 July 29th, Tuesday

Photo of the Day: (A 'Mango' Treat) Black Casual Tank Top 

Panther's 210th song: Circle of Life by Elton John

"Hugs n Kisses to Panther from Susan and Teddy. Muffins and Tots for the Campers!'

2014 July 30th, Wednesday

Ellen is my older sister, my mom, my best friend and sometimes my worst enemy. We've been through a lot...we were once siblings, then she became my faithful nanny, until one day she had to be both my mom and dad. Our ventures as siblings have never been smooth but we always make up for those gloomy and grumpy days. 

I could say that she's been a blessing not only to me but also to those she encountered along the way. Now that she has her own Baba and Daddy, she never ceases to take care of her parents and the rest of the family in the Philippines. 

On her birthday, I thank the Lord for giving her more strength, success, and longer life as she paves the way to a better and greener world on her own. May you be blessed with wisdom and may the Holy Spirit guide you and the angels protect you in every way possible. I love you Ate Ellen! 

Panther's 211th song: You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

Photo of the day: Sweet Love

2014 July 31st, Thursday

Happy Birthday to my lovely, intelligent niece Annejoy. I miss you my dear, and I always pray that you be a wonderful daughter to your parents. Don't forget to pray for safety, healthier life and always thank the Lord for He is good. 

Panther's 212th song: You Gotta Want It by Roberta Gold

Photo of the day: Additional Collection for Spring 


2014 August 1st, Friday

My Prayers and Affirmation for August: 

This simple prayer goes to my elderly parents back in Cebu, my siblings and their families from the other parts of the world, Panther, Geleen, Sofie, Pamela, Barbie and her family, Gold, Cecile, and more friends whose names aren't here. 

I declare good health, beautiful surprises, more answered prayers, awesome financial blessings, longer life, safety under the shield of Jesus Christ, be a blessing to others guided by the Holy Spirit that there won't be any weapon formed against me and those names mentioned above shall prosper in His Name, and that we are winners not only in August but in the upcoming months and years in Jesus' Name, Amen. 

Panther's 213th song: Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

Photo of the day: Birthday Wishes to My Girls

Today is my souls sister Sofie's birthday! So, as a part of my yearly tradition as a thanksgiving for another year of her life as well as my older sister's birthday on the 30th of July followed by my niece's on the 31st, I picked up a medium-sized mocha cake from Tous Les Jours this afternoon. Now, am getting ready, waiting for them to blow their candles in Skype along with their wishes! May the Lord continue to bless them with health, life, and all their needs. I love you girls!

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