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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Back Off!!! You--->> Facebook Slave!

"Chi" (older sister) 

Imagine sitting in the coffee shop doing the "house rules" presentation for batch 9,and someone (a student) asks you to move to another table because his laptop is drained while your battery is about to die soon, too.  Funny because I reluctantly said, "NO".. isn't it obvious that I am doing something with my laptop and there he is hysterical because he was sure afraid he wouldn't be able to continue fooling around in "Facebook" in the next few minutes. He thought I was kidding, so his girl friend asked me to back off as they wanted my table and the worst thing that I should hate her for was when she called me, "chi" which means "older sister" in the Vietnamese language... oh yes I am at least 15 years their senior, OK FINE, but can't you see I am a teacher! Hahaha...and I am sure one of them would be in my class tomorrow morning. Little did they know that what I was doing was for their "hell" out of learning the preparatory English with "chi".  Hahahaha!!! See you tomorrow...


  1. Sira ulo pala un eh so rude! Walang respeto!

  2. hahahaha kaloka diba nak ayun diko nakita ung babae....ung guy lang student ko. di naman sia maganda hahhaa