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Friday, 29 November 2013

The Nippers' Stinky Heads

Moronic Discipline

Who am I supposed to blame for having such unruly "ankle-biters" in school? I meant, they aren't kids anymore, should I say "teenagers". In 2010, I had my first batch of students in the university, and I could say that they were not that "offensive' nor had "filthy mouths" unlike those I am teaching this year. Generation gap  has its obvious change overtime when it comes to behavior, beliefs, fashion, food and so on especially education. Most of them even talk to elders like they are just their age or they might think that swearing or calling someone a slut is awesome. No, not all of them of course, but I believe that they have gotten the wrong notion of learning another language for the mere idea of mastering the "stinky-headed" lingo to appear and sound "cool" in front of the crowd. These "nippers" have to be taught values education at home because it seems like they are very stubborn, too proud in the most idiotic, "dull-witted" way that you have to remind them a million times in a day of the house rules. They are impossible!!! And yes, someone said that he needed not "excuse" himself in public places because he was a "high class" guy.. did he mean he belongs to the elite group? Oh, please pardon him for his vocabulary which he thought was excellent enough to express his dumbfounded, vapid, doltish brain cells! 

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