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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Weird Shots


Uhmm... I could say that I am weird in some ways. For instance, I easily lose patience and burst out to anger, but after a few minutes I seem to get an amnesia that I couldn't remember what had happened. This maybe is unique to a very busy, strong-willed, independent woman like me. Once I get bored, I run to the city center just to get my cup of hot cappuccino, or my snifter of hazelnut coffee jelly... of course I always make sure that I get my 60D ready for random street shots. 

Today, I was craving for a hot Vietnamese noodles (bun oc) or "snail noodles", so after my 1030am class I hurried to the bus station and hell yeah I had my awesome lunch came true.  Then hit the bakers for a chocolate cake wishing +d denman of G+ a healthy year ahead.  Funny because I was very careful on my way back home just to make sure that the bumpy roads won't mess up with her name on the chocolate heart in the box. 

BTW spent an hour in the city center to make sure that I would be able to clock in my 230pm class...and these are all I got.  Enjoy the shots!