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Friday, 8 November 2013

Long Island


Well, here I am carefree, feeling great sitting alone on a soft, stinky couch in the campus's only coffee shop with a tall glass of long island with the Band Perry.  Since, it is impossible to drag my feet to the city and go crazy in the club with shots of tequila, here I am chatting with my very good friend "Monkey" who named me "LiLi", prefers to get pink or blue nose, and who believed that I look better with a pink nose.  Haha this guy is amazing, we talk the whole day...he shares his one and only love "Selin" and I share my being mean to him. Such a nice guy I haven't met in person is always there to tell me how angelic I am in the most penny-pinching way. Uhmmm... he is exceptional because he is not only sincere, but also a modest and wholesome man I have run into "Hang Out."  Now I bet I am boozed up...ouch! 

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