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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Melting Icicle

The Hailstone Underneath Her Burning Passion

Life has been dragging me down in the past few weeks, yet I'm still on my feet... eager, passionate and thriving. Most of those friends close to my heart are miles away from me, so whenever they read my posts, they usually worry because those ABCs offered them a kinda negative, balky emotions. Yes, they're right, I have been slipping...down in the dumps. No worries, I always give myself a stubborn, yet gentle tap on the back reminding my ego to keep going assuring yours truly's lost soul that there is something much better on the other side of the melting "icicle".  

My smoking, white-hot, flaring fire belly is still on its peak of working on the  "content", my spirit has been longing for to feel from the tiniest bones of my dreams and yearnings. This makes me very excited at the same time, though, sometimes I get hit by unsparing, vengeful, depressions and frustrations. Well, I thank Him for not giving up on me. 

Hope you won't take "giving up" as one of your options to live because in the first place, a ceasefire or a surrender isn't always a sign of "living"! 

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