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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Leave The Straight And Reverse


Don't you think sometimes, somehow life sucks? No matter how tip-top you get through everyday hard knocks, there are still at some point when you just want to leave the straight and reverse. Having a bad day for instance, definitely drags you down to the hell of piled domino pieces waiting for the swashbuckler to toss them to the glittering chandelier of luck! It only means that, if you are sharp enough to hit the other side of the blade, then you'll get through the day without getting pissed with everyone you creep up along the way. 

But yeah, let's accept it, reality is nothing but a matter of ridiculous circumstances which usually leave you to the most nasty series of having the worst day ever. Let's say, you were frustrated with your students, you ranted, and walked out of the classroom speechless... then on your way to the coffee shop, you were thinking of having Rum Coke to let-off your distress and only to find out that in a minute your blood runs cold because of the fried chicken wing the "butler" hands you in...and yes obviously you got the wrong order without them knowing how much you "loathe" chicken meat!

Well, tell you what, it doesn't end that easy and quickly. It is like switching into the wrong cable channel, forcing yourself to watch those unwanted, pathetic reality shows because of the feeling of having no choice but let it be until the "Heineken" commercial takes over. 

Ohhhh... atta life! 


  1. guess, it all takes a loaf of bread, bacon and egg! >.< hold on, momma!!

  2. hah tama ka nak ive been craving for bacon hihihi